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All Flesh Will See Him

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Luke 3:1-6

December 12, 1999

Intro- Luke wanted to establish an important fact. Jesus is a real, historical, flesh and blood person. Over the ages Satan has flooded the world with mythical characters to try an take glory away from Christ. At Easter it’s the bunny, at Christmas it’s Santa Claus. During this Christmas season the world will focus

on many things other than Jesus. Many fall prey to the worlds thinking. Like the church that has a sign inviting people to come and shop for “xmas” gifts. Santa Claus is out to replace Jesus.

Webster - Santa- the personification of the spirit of Christmas.

I. At a specific, literal time in history God sent a Savior and a messenger to proclaim His coming. Gal.4:4-5

A. Historical figures - recorded in history is how you separate fact from fiction.

1. World leaders. Tiberius, son of Augustus born Nov.16th 42 BC

Pilate, Josephus spoke of but more recently the “Pilate stone” in Caesarea.

Herod killed James imprisoned Peter, died by being “eaten of worms”.

Philip, son of Herod the Great.

2. Religious leaders. Annas and Caiaphas 3yrs later play a part in His crucifixion.

B. John also was a fulfilment of prophecy. Is.40:3-5, Jn.1:14 as was Christ. (27 at this time)

C. Why is this so important that God inspired Luke to record it? We know it’s factual not a fairy tale.

1. Myths and fairy tales are not bad in themselves.

2. It’s always bad to mix them. In college ungodly professors tossed Jesus in with the myths.

Don’t confuse children. Don’t demote the glory of God with make belief characters.

Many children can give you the imaginary address of Santa, but don’t know Jesus is the reason for the season

II. We need to be made ready if we are to see Jesus. Satan hinders.

A False or wrong information. Like (Santa Claus is real)

B. Things - commercialism, etc.

C. Sin - pride, arrogance, coveting, etc. John’s message was to repent.

D. Do you see Jesus this Christmas or is your life cluttered with things and sin?

III. Then “all flesh will see the Salvation of God.

A. Satan will always come with distractions.2Cor.4:3-4

B. Jesus is God’s revealed plan of salvation. Do you see Him as your Savior?

1. Ever wonder why so little is said about the early life of Jesus.

Because He didn’t come to be cuddled, He came to be crucified!

2. Some day everyone will see Him, but they won’t be kneeling by a crib they will be looking at the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Faithful and True, the Word of God. Rev.19:11-16, Zech 14:4, 12:10

Con - Christmas is about One Person - Jesus. God coming in human form to reveal and provide a way of salvation for the human race. Historically it happened. Jesus was born just like the Bible said. The question is, have you by faith believed.

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