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Welcome To Crossroads!
My name is Omar Garcia and I am the Life Groups pastor here. and I want you to know that whether you believe in Jesus or you’re skeptical about faith, or you’re somewhere in between, you are welcome here.
We are a church that is passionate about people taking their next step in their faith journey. So, we would love to invite you to Next Step with Chuck at 12:30 in the Londen Institute on Sunday April 7th at 12:30 p.m where you can meet Pastor Chuck, hear his story, and find out how to take your next steps in your faith journey!
But right now we are going to continue worshipping God through taking Communion…
"I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord In the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.
*Transition statement from Worship*
You can have a seat! We are going to continue worshipping God by giving to Him financially. We want you to know that when you give here at Crossroads, you are investing in the next generation and you are providing a place for them to grow in their faith. These past couple of weeks our Crossroads Christian High School students partnered with our Global Outreach team and went to Kenya, New York, Mexico, LA and right here in Corona to serve those in need.
They had the opportunity to clean, sand, and paint classrooms for our school in Kenya, they built a house for a family in need in Mexico, they gave out food and hygiene items to the homeless in New York, and they packed 15,000 meals for kids around the world through the LA food bank. These teams also taught kids and adults about the love of Jesus through Vacation Bible School and musical performances.
As they served others, many of them experienced Jesus in profound ways themselves. In fact, two of the students on the Kenya team decided to get baptized while in Kenya!
I love that my kids get to grow up in a church that will challenge them to go into all the world and show people the love of Jesus! Thank you for giving financially and investing in the next generation. It is making a difference all around the world.
*Pray for the Offering*
Live Announcement
Well we are 3 weeks into our 40 day fast from something, for something, and for "our one life". 
On Palm Sunday, we'll break our fast together with our 2nd Annual Food Fest! We'll have ## of the tastiest foods you can imagine from popular vendors on our campus during all services on Palm Sunday! So if you're having a hard time choosing just ONE place to break your fast, wear your stretchy pants and come here on Palm Sunday!
Then just days after Palm Sunday, we'll begin our Easter services! We have 8 SERVICES TO CHOOSE FROM, and we know Sunday morning will be the most popular for guests joining us for the first time, so we encourage you to come out on WEDNESDAY NIGHT! We'll have fun Easter activities at all of our services, but on Wednesday Night ONLY, the Easter Bunny will drop marshmallows and other goodies from a hot air balloon on our lawn! So, my kids have already decided- Wednesday Night is the service for us! 
Next week, we'll have Easter yard signs and door hanger invites for you to pick up so you can easily invite your peeps to join your family for an Easter Service at Crossroads! 
Because we know it's difficult to choose between so many services, we wanted to help you narrow it down a bit. So, we went to Google to see if Wednesday or Sunday was a better option using the the Florida Man Social Media Challenge. 
Our Wednesday Night Service is on April 17, so let's see what was happening in Florida then: (PHOTO) "Tampa homeless man finds fat bank account"- that's pretty cool, right?
Ok, how about Easter Sunday, April 21 (PHOTO): "Florida man arrested after stealing neighbor's underwear"- yeah I'm gonna say Wednesday is the better choice! 
But right now, you guys go ahead and stand up, say hi to someone around you and ask them if they plan to come on Wednesday or Sunday! (EASTER GRAPHIC UP)
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