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No Strings Attached

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Matthew 5:43-48

August 29th 1999

Intro - More often than we would like to admit, we do things with “strings attached” . We do something for someone else because there is something in it for us. Far to often we show love to someone because we expect to get love back or we pray for someone because we like them. Jesus teaches us a very different approach in our text today.

I. He tells us to love the unlovable.

A. Even the unsaved love those who love them.

1. There love is based on what they will get in return. Luke 14:12-14

2. How do you determine who you help or who you invite to your house?

B. We see the “strings attached” love every day.

1. In marriage - “I’ll do this if you do that”. 1Cor.7:3-4

2. In church - I’ll be your friend if you agree with me. The clickish mentality.

a. Group A meets in the new building because B and C did want it anyway.

b. Group B meets at the altar because they are more righteous than A & C else

c. Group C meets in the office because they’re just more business like.

d. Group D meets in the kitchen because they do all the work anyway

3. And they all pat each other on the back and remind each other how indispensable we are.!!

4. They never reach outside they’re circle. How many church members have you taken out to lunch?

II. Jesus tells you to love your enemy.

A. This is not just a be kind to others kind of love, but keep your distance.

B. It means you give what is yours to benefit them. Vs. 45 - rain and sun on both.

1. Don’t save your favors just for your friends.

2. This proves who you belong to - “sons of God” 1 John 3:10

C. True love grows out of grace and is activated by prayer. Pray for those who persecute you.

III. Jesus tells us to love the disagreeable.

A. To just love those who love you is nothing, even unbelievers do that. What reward is there in that?

B. To say Hi or embrace those who greet you is nothing.

1. Go to those who haven’t greeted you and say hi.

2. You can’t make them say hi but at least you can greet them.

C. How you get along with those who oppose you tells the world something about you. Luther’s goats.

Con. - Jesus has set the example. Be like Him. Be like Him. 1 Peter 1:13-16

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