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Romans 3:9-20

July 4 1999

Intro - It=s always a mistake when individuals or a nation conclude they do not need God. We have been blessed as nation because our Founding Fathers were aware of their dependancy upon God. They sought God=s help in setting this nation on a Godly course.  Today we are floundering because we have turned away from the simple truth that we are Aone nation under God.@  The Declaration of Independence states, Aall men are created equal.@

I. Paul asks, Aare we better@.

A. The Bible teaches clearly that one group of people is not better than the next.

B.  However, our equality is found on the negative side not the positive.  Equally bad not good.

1. We have all sinned.  Rom 5:12

2. We continue to sin.  Ec 7:20, 1Jn.1:8,10

C.  Don=t confuse being nice with being good.

1. Many people are nice, some are Christians and some are not. They try to appease God.

2. Nice and good are two different conditions

a.  Nice is a taught behavior. Proverbs 13:24

b.  Good is a condition of a persons nature.     Illus - training a child, doesn=t change heart.

c.  Goodness is not to be found in natural man.    Ps.14:13, 53:3, 130:3

II.  The Bible compares our sinful nature to:

A.  Open grave - the stench of dead flesh.

B.  Deception - Satan is the father of lies.

C.  Poison - lying lips - like poison you can=t see the results until it=s to late. Quickly spreads and kills.

D.  Bitterness - defiles, divides.

E.  Shed blood - murder, abortions, etc.

F.  Destructive - tear down rather than build up and mend which makes for peace.

G.  No fear - lack of respect for God.

III. God speaks His law to make us aware of sin.

A.  Law makes us accountable = Responsible, No excuse on judgement day.  Rom. 1:20

B.  Gives knowledge of sin. You won=t be able to say I didn=t know.

C.  This makes some angry, others repentive.   How has the law affected you?  Ps.51:10

Conclusion - God has blessed us greatly with a beautiful country, with freedoms beyond compare.  Richness that amazes other countries.  But God will also hold us responsible for what we do with this great country He has given us.  We must preach and teach the Law of God so the people will repent of sin accept the grace and forgiveness that He desires to give.  This is true of each one of you also.   Pray for America!

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