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Without Excuse

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 Romans 1:18-25

 June 13, 1999

Intro - People who reject the truth that God has revealed are without excuse.  And they will be without excuse on Judgement day.  Some false teachers would have you believe that God is lenient when in comes to sin!

God is not lenient about sin!  You may say, doesn't He forgive and forget our sin?  Only because Someone else paid the full price and endured the full punishment for your sin.   God has many attributes, love, patient, just, holy, but lenience or toleration of sin is not one of them.       Hebrews 2:3 Our text tells us there are several reasons why people will be without excuse on Judgement day.

I.  They suppress the truth.

A.  To suppress = to lower the authority of God's Word, or to exclude it from consciousness.

B.  This happens when people or churches add to their beliefs some other writing or experience.

1. Catholic church - Pope speaks Aex cathedra = tradition becomes equal to the Word of God.

2. Mormons - Book of Mormon = is considered equal to the Bible in authority.

3. Charismatics - experience is given equality to the Word of God.   Illus.    Ps.119:105, Pr.30:5-6

II.  They have ignored the truth (evidence).

A.  It was written in their hearts. Rom.2:14-15

B.  Theory over Scripture. Gen.1:25, 1Cor.15:39,  Mk.10:6

C.  All creation reminds us of God.

1. New birth = new leaves on a tree in spring.

2. Resurrection = like a seed planted in the ground.1Cor.15:35-37

3. Power - Hurricanes, volcanos, tornados, or a simple seed in the soil.  Illus. Grave broken open.

4. Even the animals know they are created. Job 12:7-9

III.  They reject the truth.

A.  The message got through - there is a God!

1. They refused to honor God.

2.  They refused to thank Him.

B.  This rejection of truth leads to a darkness or lack of understanding in the mind.

1. These men profess to be wise but they are fools.                   Ps. 14:1 - Fool says no God.

2. This foolishness is displayed by idol worship.

a. Horoscopes, physics, astrology, etc.

b. praying to saints, angels, etc.

3.  They change the truth into a lie.  They twist things around.2Peter 2:2, 3:16, 2Tim.4:3-4

Con - What will you do with the truth?   John 14:6.  Will you believe the lies of science, humanism, mysticism,

new age, false religions?  Jesus said, AI you believe this?  Jn.11:25-26

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