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Last Words Part 5

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All right. Well, I want to welcome everyone here this morning. We're going to be in John chapter 19 for the most part. If you like me find an app. I was told that I was supposed to preach until 12:30 today because the ham might not be done. So

Give me happy, you know, I don't have that much material. so I didn't realize she said we start with ice cream if I didn't know if it's long enough, so But I hope you all had a really good week. I survived in the words of Mike. They all another trip around the Sun. So I'm a year older than I was last year last week when I was up here. Thank you all for the birthday wishes by text or phone call or email or in person or Facebook and they were just coming in. Left and right. So I appreciate that makes me feel very special. It's also good to have life group on your birthday because you get chocolate cake. with no frosting, so It was good. And I thank you for that. And I did want to thank everyone for their part in the progressive dinner last night and it went great. It was a good time. And so thank you for those who were here for those who posted those who make food those who drove and it all came together really? Well, I thought so it was good. It was no small undertaking so I can thank you. Let's go before God and wear a prayer before we get into this way this morning.

Florida this morning as we come into your word and we like to get us across and one of your sayings from the cross again. We just want to thank you for being willing to go to the cross and to die for us to take our sins upon you and she do that Redemptive work there on the cross. Lord as I bring your word this morning, I pray that you will just give me the words to say give me strength and give Open Hearts and open minds to everyone this morning for exactly what you'd have for them. Jesus name. Amen.

We're not in the second half of our series on Jesus's statements that he made while he was on the cross and to review we look first at Jesus praying for the ones who put him there on the cross when he prayed father forgive them for they know not what they are doing another look at the conversion of the criminal is hanging next to Jesus in Jesus telling him truly. I tell you today you be with me in Paradise. Jesus taking care of his mother and trusting her care to John from the cross. Jesus looked at them and said woman behold your son into John behold your mother the last week we looked at what is perhaps the hardest of the statements to understand and certainly the saddest of them went after three hours of darkness in the sins of the world being upon his shoulders. Jesus cries out a loud voice my God my God. Why have you forsaken me? Directions to V statement of Jesus on a cross over to look at today and as I mentioned coming John chapter 19 verses 28 and 29. So either so far along you just listen as I read those couple of verses

After this Jesus knowing that I was now finish said fulfill the scripture, I thirst a Jar full of sour wine stood there. So they put a sponge full of the Cellar Wine and a hyssop branch Outlet to his mouth. Call show excuse me for a minute. I got to get a drink here.

So I have to admit to you this morning. That I drink a lot.

I guess Thursday and I drink coffee and I take chocolate milk and I drink diet Pepsi and lemonade and of course water. So if you're waiting for a big confession, I'm sorry. I

let me ask you. Have you ever been thirsty? I mean really really thirsty when your tongue sticks to the roof of your mouth and all you can think about is water. I'm talking stacking. Hay in the hay mow when it's 90° outside. Thirsty. Soul knows what I'm talking about, right? You all you can think about is water. I remember when I first started preaching. I used to get so nervous that as soon as I started talking my mouth was just completely dry, and it wouldn't stop until I got done. Well, thankfully that doesn't really happen this much anymore. How many times in your life have you said I'm thirsty probably a few hundred or a few thousand times or for those of you who are parents. How many times have your kids said? I'm thirsty probably mostly every night when they say it's time to go to bed. They always are thirsty when it's time to go to bed.

Let me share a couple of facts with you about physical thirst thirst is something that we all experience and we experience are pituitary gland secretes hormones in our body. What is hormones causes a physical reaction in a kidneys are the other causes of more complicated activity the hypothalamus and it sends signals to the salivary glands to reduce secretions. So are you really glad that you know of the science behind how it works? Just thought I'd share that with you this morning, but there's a golf course can be excruciating. I can be dangerous. It can lead to dehydration. You can end up in the hospital. I did when I was a child. I got sick. I was dehydrated I end up in the hospital for a few days many places in the world. You still can die from dehydration if left unchecked. What is a reminder of where we are in our text Jesus was taken out to be crucified at 9 a.m. He was put on the cross he hung for the first 3 hours in daylight and darkness came all the way out in the cross was shrouded in that Darkness for 3 hours at the other dog is Jesus cried my God my God. Why have you forsaken me he was near death at this point, but there are still three statements left. We made from the cross is it we've already touched on the first three statements Center. Others his enemy beef. It was next to him as mother. In 1/4 only looked at last week was focused on God himself and finish last three. We see a different Focus Jesus focuses cell. If you look at the final three statements, they make up the elements of a human need this one talks about his body by thirst. Next week is going to be his soul when he says it is finished and the final statement is Spirit when he says into your hands I commit my spirit. So on the cross Jesus is Body Spirit and soul raw offered at perfect obedience to his father. Never. Castro. Today is the shortest of the seven statements. That's interesting to know who is the only one where Jesus talks about his physical suffering while on the cross, but this David is just two words in English.

And it's only one word in Greek the word dip. So it seems like such a simple statement. I don't know. What's it's short and it's simple John and his gospel will often write what seems simple but has a much deeper meaning and the statement is no exception and I believe there's three reasons the John reports the statement for us. The first one is that Jesus had a physical therapist. Emma long day for Jesus he been arrested in the middle of the night. He been Bots from Port Port even slapped around even pushed around even bought a crowd of store is the place that has had that use rides to beat those storms. Keep them beating it made it made him carry his own cross.

pictures of rest and had a moment of rest I'm very likely that had nothing to drink during all of this time. Now he's nearing death and he says I thirst. Jesus was fully God. We all know that you're a hundred percent guys. Never stop being that. We need to remember that he also was 100% human while he was here on Earth. John wrote his gospel many years after the death resurrection of Christ when the time is right. There was a movement that was popular called gnosticism. In the core belief of gnosticism was it was altogether good and matter was altogether evil with that mind certain conclusions natural fiber. One of them wasn't God who is pure Spirit could never take upon himself a human body because that was madder and madder was evil. So they never had a real body. They said that it was a phantom the people saw and he said Francis it when Jesus walked never left Footprints where he want. Because he was pure spirit and a Phantom body. But the real truth is that Jesus was going to redeem mankind. He had to become man. He had to become what we are in order for us to become what he is in scripture tells us that Jesus did just this John 1:14 says in the word became flesh and dwelt Among Us. He lived in a body of Flesh and Blood just like you and I do he knew what it was like to experience the physical things that we experience. He also knew what it was like to experience the mental side of humanness, which is harder than the physical side. But he knew what it was to experience loneliness and sadness in joy and anger. Philippians put it this way in Chapter 2 verses 5 through 7 have this mind among yourselves which is yours in Christ Jesus, but no, he wasn't a form of God did not emptied himself by taking the form of a servant being born in the likeness of men. Could you just had a real body? Humanity has pain his suffering and his thirst were very real. The physical torture and pain that Jesus went to was for each one of us. And I don't think that we can really describe Jesus's Final hours. It's it's way too graphic. It's way too horrific. And I don't take our minds can really wrap around what happened, but dr. Mark Eastman in an article entitled crucifixion, the agony of Love describes the series of events. What would happen to a physical body on the cross in this way? Position on the cross set up a horrific sequence of events which results in a slow painful death and then pinch of across the victim now has an impossible position to maintain Miss frats at 45°. He must bear his weight with the muscles of the thigh as a strength of the legs give out the weight of the body must now be born by the arms and the shoulders the result is that within a few minutes of being placed on the cross. The shoulders will become dislocated. Miss lady almost in wrist become dislocated. The result is at the arms are as much a 6in longer than usual. What's the arms are dislocated considerable weight is transferred to the chest causing the rib cage to be elevated in a state of Perpetual inhalation consequently in order to Exhale. The person must push down the rib muscles to relax while is a victim can't push very long because

as time goes on the victim is less and less able to bear weight on the leg cuz he further this location of the arms for the race in the chest while making breathing more and more difficult to resolve. This process is a series of catastrophic physiological effects because the victim can't maintain adequate ventilation of the lungs the blood oxygen level begins to diminish the blood carbon dioxide level is rising carbon dioxide level stimulates the heart to beat faster in order to increase delivery of oxygen in the removal of carbon dioxide take them to the cross in a limitation of oxygen delivery the victim cannot deliver more oxygen in the rising heart only increases oxygen demand. So this process sets up a vicious cycle of increasing oxygen demand, which cat meme app file Buy in ever increasing heart rate after several hours the heart begins to fail the lungs collapse and fill with fluid which further decreases Oxygen delivery to the tissues the blood loss and hyperventilation combined to cause severe dehydration.

So that is what Jesus went through on the phone. What do you endure for us? It's a horrific exclamation. And now you know why Jesus said I thirst get a very real very human thirst. If you had a Phantom body and not a real human one, this never would have happened. He would have suffered all of us. Jesus was made in the likeness of man and he had a body just like you and I

innkeepers 2 verse 19 says but we see him for a little while. I was made lower than the Angels namely Jesus Crowder Glory and Honor because of the suffering of death. So that by the grace of God, he might taste death for everyone. He tasted death for every single one of us. He was fully human. He died a human death. Why you got a cross he had a real physical first, but also secondly, Jesus had a spiritual thirst.

As I think about this saying I am fully aware that Jesus died of thirst because he was to be thirsty, but I believe there's more here. Last week we talked about the three hours of Darkness what God was judging the sins of the world. They were up on Jesus. He cries out my God my God. Why have you forsaken me was at that time that Jesus had the weight of the entire world sit on him. He was being judged is that he was the worst sinner the world has ever seen. It was at that in that moment and that time that he completed the great transaction for our Salvation. I think we can probably rightfully say that Jesus endured hell for us.

Tell is a place of Abandonment. It's a place of solitude and it's a place of thirst. It looks sixteen. We see the parable of the rich man and Lazarus and the rich man is died. And he goes to Hades what he begs for Lazarus has finger in the water and give him just a drop. Isn't torment and he's thirsty is a place of Eternal thirst. It would never be able to be satisfied. And that I believe it is now a type of physical therapy. That's also talking about spiritual Thursday as well the people in hell are going to first for God. And that first is never going to be quenched. They're going to have eternal separation from God. What Jesus was made sin for us? He thirsty? Enjoy the house and separation the we all deserve Warren wiersbe said please notice that there were several cops at Calvary. There's the cup of Charity. First of all at the beginning that offer Jesus wine mixed with. Myrrh. Myrrh. Was it an opiate to deaden his pain but Jesus didn't accept that. He wanted to go through every single moment of pain for you and I noticed a couple of mockery the soldiers offered him sourwine Luke 23:36 tells us that says the soldiers also coming up in offering to Cellar Wine. There's a couple sympathy In this passage. You were looking at today. Someone put vinegar on a sponge and lift it up to his dry lips. But the greatest cup of all was a cup of iniquity. He said in the Garden of Gethsemane shall I not drink the cup that the father has given me? Jesus wasn't just thirsting physically. He was thirsty and spiritually because of the separation he was experiencing from his father. We also were created in the image of God, but sin robbed us of that perfect relationship. If I were separated from God, we also have a spiritual thirst will an empty spot and only be filled by God himself. No matter what we try to do. We can fill that emptiness by ourselves only be quenched by fellowship with God and sin causes separation from God that separation causes a spiritual. Jesus said I thirst on the cross because he was experiencing physical therapist use experiencing spiritual thirst and Thursday. He said I thirst in order to fulfill prophecy that he was the Messiah looking at you versus every red again, 28 and 29 of John chapter 19 try to fulfill the scripture. I thirst a Jar full of sour wine stood there. So they put a sponge full of the Cellar Wine on a hyssop branch and held it to his mouth. Traverse 28 says that this was so that the scriptures would be fulfilled when Jesus said I thirst he was fulfilling prophecy Psalm 22 is a song full of prophecy about the Messiah being crucified in the next song and verse 15. It says my strength is dried up like a potsherd my tongue sticks to my jaws. You lay me in the dust of the earth. Should I buy vs. Clearly talking about 30? It sounds 6921 it says there for food and for my first they gave me sour wine to drink in verse 29 of our text you that's exactly what Jesus was given the sour wine that they gave Jesus was was he essentially vinegar? The factors that everything that happened on the cross happened for a reason, none of these things pop God off guard. It wasn't in heaven saying wow. I never thought it would get this bad. But I'm sorry. Sorry. I didn't see that coming. No, he didn't say that everything that happened lined up perfectly with ancient prophecy. And it's amazing to me to even at this stage of his suffering. Jesus would make sure that every prophecy was fulfilled before he died. Max Lucado on his book. He chose the nails broker why his final moments was Jesus determined to fulfill prophecy. It's because he knew that we would doubt he knew we would question it since he didn't want our heads to keep the smell from a heart. He was given his final moments to offer proof that he was the Messiah. Magic probably all of us if we're really being honest at one point or another in our life. We've had a fleeting thought. What if Jesus really isn't the Son of God what if he really was just some kind of lunatic claiming to be God? It's natural for us to have doubts. If we look at the prophecies that he fulfilled his life has gotten in his death issue remove any doubt whatsoever. Nevermind because there were hundreds of these prophecies did Jesus fulfill. Is it just us to name a few of them? He was born in Bethlehem. He was born of a virgin. He had a Jerusalem in Triumph. He was rejected by his own people. He was betrayed by one of his followers. He was tried and condemned there was sign before Isaac users. Jesus fulfilled every single one of these properties in the list goes on as well as three hundred of them all together. Babe, I left you a while. We probably would be here till 12:30. I'm not going to be with but he was struck. He was spelled out by his enemies. He was Mark and saltfish die by crucifixion. He suffered with criminals. He prayed for his enemies the soldiers cast Lab Rats first dammit all prophecies. Did Jesus fulfill on the cross? God why to leave absolutely. No doubt that Jesus was indeed his son and he was the Messiah sent into the world to save us from our sins. For one man to fulfill even nice baby 15 prophecies that we mention today is almost mathematically impossible. And as I said, there's about 300 of them that Jesus fulfilled.

You look at these prophecies. There's absolutely no doubt that Jesus was exactly who he said. He was the Messiah. Christ first on the cross was just the final statement of many proclaiming him to be the son of God. But yet today there's still many sadly the dog recognize him as the Messiah somehow. They've missed all the evidence. They apparently can't understand it was nailed to a tree and killed. The question I have for you today. Is this does that ring true for you? Maybe you've always believe that there's a God. But you've never been sure that Jesus was actually the Messiah.

I beg you is that you today to read and examine the evidence because it's all right here in this book. Many Skeptics I've read this book with the one goal in mind of disproving but it sucks and you know, what happened to many of them. They've come to know Christ is our Lord and our savior because it's all right here and it's all true. Even right before his death. Jesus gives us one more piece to say I am the Messiah. Jesus has been on the cross for 6 hours and near the point of death and he says a very simple statement. I thirst. It was sad because Jesus had a physical therapist. He had a spiritual thirst and you said it to fulfill prophecy. This is not the first time that Jesus spoke of physical and spiritual thirst. In John chapter 4 Jesus encounter the Samaritan woman at the well, and he asked her for a drink of water. She was stunned that he was even talking to her after all Jews usually had nothing at all to do with Americans and a Jewish man talking to a Samaritan woman. Will that just wasn't done? Jesus began to talk to her about the Living Water that he could give her. And she thought he was talking about an actual while she was wondering how she could get to this living wire. So she didn't have to go to the well anymore.

Jesus told her everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water I give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life. And the conversation went on. And Jesus told her that he knew that she had five husbands and she was living with someone right now who was in her husband and he explained to her. But he was the living water and she made the thirst after him. Because she had been thirsting after all the wrong things for her entire life.

So the question for each one of us today is what are you thirsting for your life? Are you still seeing for that next job? Are you still staying for the next promotion? Maybe is thirsting for the next house? Maybe you're thirsty for your next spouse. I don't know.

Those things are never going to truly satisfy your thirst. Do you really think that those things are the key to happiness and fulfillment? As long as the fill that longing or that thirst in your life.

If you think it is, let me be the one to fill you in on a little secret. Doesn't work that way. No, they may bring momentary happiness. They will never fill fill the emptiness or the longing that's deep within your soul. Take one look at Hollywood people have everything as far as this world is concerned. How many of them are broke how many more unhappy how many of them take their own life because they just aren't fulfill. Take about Christmas gifts for a minute. Now, they can bring happiness, especially to your kids, but you all know that within a few days or a few weeks or maybe even a few hours the newness wears off need to get thinking about that next great gift that you're going to get. Yeah, I got a nice new English Standard Version Bible for Christmas.

And I use that literally every day. I used to preach from on Sundays or the other day. I was looking at Facebook and I saw an ESV preaching Bible. What song I said well, I would really really like that. Remind you I have a very nice bottle right here. I have a lot of really nice by I was in my office or at home. I have different. I don't know how many different translations and quite frankly. I don't even know what a preaching is.

But I wanted it for a few minutes. Because that's how I like you in mines work. We always want that next big thing because we think it's going to satisfy us. the only thing that can satisfy the deepest longings of our soul is the one who hung on the cross and said I thirst What is Thursday for you? and your soul we must first in lawn for God just as strongly as Christ thirsted for us.

I hope that we can all say is the psalmist doesn't Psalm 42:1 as a deer pants for flowing streams. So pants by soul for you. Oh God. I hope that's a pair of your life today. Are the wisest man in the world Solomon try to everything that he could think of to satisfy his longings. Turn all the way me to Ecclesiastes chapter 2. Ecclesiastes

is Salamence diary?

I can't find Ecclesiastes.

Ecclesiastes chapter 2 verses 1 and 2 sound man tries pleasure to fulfill his Lions versus wanted to says and I said in my room now, I will text you with pleasure. Enjoy. What do you call this is also is Vanity. I said of laughter. It is mad enough pleasure. What uses it? So Charlie McHale play boy in a party boy. There's all Play and No Work. And yet it didn't satisfy. Look up verse 3 because the first thing she tries wine.

I searched with my heart how to cheer my body with wine my heart still guiding me with wisdom and how to write hole at Folly till I might see what was good for the children of man do under Heaven during the few days of their life. Just haven't felt like every single alcohol in this world. That wine does not work to satisfy the longings of your heart. Sulekha versus seven and eight who tries well

I bought male and female slaves and had slaves were born in my house. And it also great possessions are herds and flocks more than any we've been before me in Jerusalem. I also gather for myself silver and gold in The Treasure of kings and provinces. I got singers both men and women in many tacky by the Delight of the sons of man. Still no satisfaction Ralston satisfy me either. So he moved on in verse 10. Any tried women? Whatever my highest use diet. I did not keep from them. I kept my heart from no pleasure my heart found pleasure in all my toil. This is my reward for all my toil. Solomon was Hugh Hefner of his day. It's 700 wives and 300 concubines. And you know what that got him you guys 700 mother-in-law's and absolutely no satisfaction.

sweet rice wisdom in verses 12 and 13

Charter to consider wisdom and what can a man do what comes after the key on the war has already been done. Then? I saw that there is more gain and wisdom than in Folly is there's more gained in life and in darkness.

The song I found that the more you learn the less you knew. No Satisfaction If you turn over to the last chapter of Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verse 13, we see that he finally finds the true source and secretive satisfaction.

The end of the matter has been heard fear God and keep his Commandments for this is the whole duty of man. For God and keep his Commandments. That is what's going to fill the lion of your soul the world. I use thirsting after this morning. Matthew 5 verse 6 says blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be satisfied?

We'd be thirsting for God and his righteousness. Jesus isn't extending an invitation to you this morning and drink from the well to receive the Living Water John 7 verse 37 says on the last day of the feast the great day to start up because I doubt if anyone thirsts let him come to me and drink. Are you thirsty this morning? Because you're only thing that can satisfy is Jesus himself in a relationship with him. If you need to drink from that, well do that today. You need to turn your life over to Christ. Please seek me out before you leave here today seek someone else talk to them take care of that today before you leave if you've made that choice already. It's very easy to still fall into traps. And you could try to find satisfaction and absolutely everything else except God. In order to be satisfied fully in him. We need to turn our eyes towards Jesus and focus on him and nothing else because he's the only one who can satisfy.

So if you have drifted away, if you're looking at everything else around you to try to fill the log into your heart today come back to Jesus focus on him and he will fill your soul. Let's try.

Ali father

We pray that we will. Always look to you to fill the lines of our soul lord. It's so easy. collecting money the fame the fortune do whatever else. To fill the Lions Everhart learning we should be focusing on you. the fear God keep your Commandments help us to do that. What is anyone here today? Who's never drank of the Living Water? I pray that they will not rest. Until they quench that thirst and they come to you. drink of the Living Water

But I thank you for this time in your word in Jesus name. amen

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