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Sunday Service 3/31/2019

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By flying too much of the Caribbean are free and clear.

So this is one of those hats right? We've heard it so many times that it's hard to hear it because it's like they already know there are thousands of different interpretations thousands of different angles for looking at this passage in the story. Of the Living Word, the beauty of that variety is that at different points in our lives different parts resonate different things different word stand out. Mortal Kombat approach to the text. I can be just a fascinating study. Is it consider the characters? Think about your own life. Which one do you relate to most strongly or can you think of stories in your life where you really related to one pretty strongly and then another time of your life may be another the big brother who have a right to be kind of pissed, right? Little brother who comes back the girl prodigal to call him. I need the dad who goes against all cultural norms and runs. every chest son

has a connection with whatever character you first thought of as I've always remained the same or has it changed. How are there times when one really makes a lot of sense and another dozen to the Vice Versa SV hair salon? Another way to look at this text is we can broaden our awareness to consider the society. That was at play when this was written. And we can wonder how does that translate to today? Who are the other received in society today? Who were the ones who would be the prodigals? Who are the ones who would be like my brother?

Who might most understand the story from any one of these characters positions? I want this message from Jesus intended for them.

another approach Is too deeply analyze the nuances in the words in the phrase if you can guess what my favorite right you guys listen to me.

How interesting is it that the little brother in verse 17? comes to himself

love that prey. He suddenly has a flash of awareness. Hisses self-image is self awareness is heightened. These is true reality sees that he has done this to himself. At least I think he does some commentators will say that he has apology was fake and that's another way to look at it, too.

Look at some of the nuances of the older brother in verse 30.

Get this whole summary. Do that. Alliance we want to have to make of the fact that the older brother would have seen his dad suffering when the younger disappeared. It's not in the phrases, I think about what that must have been lying and that added to the older brothers hurting you seen his dad suffer and mourn.

Another who wants to look at that. I'm tired of this. What's going on under? The surface is. Wonder does the older brother represent the established religions of the day back in Jesus time? Those who are unable to see Jesus as the Messiah in their midst and they're angry because remember the Pharisees and scribes. to bury established bodies of religious people

another nuances that in this Society the tribal Society Define who you were it's verse 14 the deeper meaning tells us that the governor sent was very careless the actual word. Are they can you carelessly scattered his very substance his very being. identity younger son forgot who he was and who's he was? in the time of the first century separation of community was completely Unsinkable chalky that that would even be on the horizon that it would be an option. His cousin so considering ones only the first as we often see in our time and our places people in the first century could find themselves by Community my family my connections a relationship.

squander self when he went away

Black Mirror interpretation, that's a possibility. Is how we're all of us like both brothers? I think deep down at least for me. We'd like to identify as a father full of grace and forgiveness celebration, right and maybe there been times in our lives is that really is who we don't bite identify with? But deep deep down.

We all have those places those places where it's kept at forgiveness and grace are often more limited the challenges. You can make us angry. Hold on to them.

Forgiveness is a process especially in a story like this where the father just doesn't even.

What's interesting about my two brothers? And I don't suppose our way the father is that they all taste the same deliver. broken relationship

about the brothers itself created in self-imposed. The younger has gone away and squandered his fortune his inheritance the older isolates himself at the End by not going to the party by holding on to that Grudge not anger not let it go. Then he chosen a state of being the cause of suffering.

the evil the father praying that connection crave's reconciliation The Greek word in there is nothing noise machines to turn around. Turn under hard to turn around your mind and her on your pain.

showers is love On the younger son and he's the older one noticed. He doesn't that mohnish him and say it's okay.

A little brother is received back in his family. Even after he's abandoned them abandon his very identity. Ublaze in ways that are completely out of sync with their values. He's shamed his family. By the way, he's chosen to live, you know for us. We just say cold feeding pigs you because I went to pick up a city.

But this man is Jewish pics were unclean you didn't touch them but it won't feed them and care for that whole nother level of what healthy is identity decline.

And then there's that he rushes to embrace his child raises his role and to us this doesn't seem like a big deal. But in the first century to have your ankles showing very taboo.

He knows though. We're not changed and transformed by rules laws regulations. Transformers my love transform by forgiveness brace

younger brother's apology and I said earlier some see it as insincere some see it is from the heart. We don't really know. There are a lot of questions.

When you think about it, the older brother doesn't lose anything when the younger son return. He's already also gotten his share of inheritance. Adidas moves match in terms of relationship in terms of a hold of Life by choosing to stay on on the outside. Here he is. He has this opportunity for this reaction from Benton oil for turning around.

And instead of Grudge keeps him on the outside.

Is hostility in a self-imposed separation does nothing to enhance the situation for others or for himself.

Is Roderick one option among many? And it does I'll admit it's pretty Justified to me. I'd be pretty ticked to if I were him. I'm the youngest of my family. So I like to think by my brother and sister. That's really that's what I like to think.

The Grudge of a pretty understandable response You've been shortchanged. But then what happens when he holds onto that isolation and an empty field? By choosing double-minded indignation by choosing to focus only on himself older brother is helping you miserable.

There are some who say it's the older brother in the end who ends up being the prodigal. Younger one the younger one is return to his senses. Remember, we talked a few minutes ago. He came to himself he had this awareness. He returned home. He saw a cancellation. He's thought relationship. And the older brother show and radical Grace that massage chair.

The ambassador's race sometime.

If you were him, if you were this brother if you have business, brother. Would you choose to do?

I would be able to see the effect on others like yourself. I hold on to that anger.

God stands by you. Can if we are allowed about ready to break protocol ready to race his road, and he's run to us. Who is Lisa in a bear hug? Are we ready to receive. Brace to join the party? That was a question for us today.

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