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Psychology and Counseling

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“Psychology should be a legitimate and very useful neighbor to the pastor. Psychologists may make many helpful studies of man (e.g. on the effects of sleep loss). But psychologists--with neither warrant nor standard from God by which to do so--should get out of the business of trying to change persons. It can tell us many things about what man does, but not about what he should do.” (Jay E. Adams, Competent to Counsel, p. 12)

“I am concerned here to make but two observations only: 1) the psychiatrist should return to the practice of medicine, which is his only legitimate sphere of activity; 2) the minister should return to the God-given work from which he was ousted (and which, in many instances, too willingly abandoned).” (Jay E. Adams, The Christian Counselor’s Manuel, p. 10)

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