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What type of church are we

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                What type of church are we. Jesus tells of the vine and branches in John 15: 1- 8. He tells of two certain type of branches. One branch bears much fruit and the other branch withers and dies. The one question as a church and as a Christian what type of branch does Jesus consider you in his kingdom. The first branch we will talk about is the branch that withers. In verse 6 it says that if you do not abide in him you are cast out and withered. Lets look closely at what was being said in Jesus day when he said this. He was speaking to the people and preparing for his death until his return. He was talking about the abiding in him. Lets look at what this means first. It means to stay in him. We must stay in him constantly or in better terms we must let him indwell in us. By meaning that his word, his ways, and his leading must stay in our hearts, minds, and soul. We must constantly be looking towards him constantly. He is the person we should be looking to and seeking his leadership. We all whether saved or lost need to look towards a goal. That is one thing that people now are looking for in jobs, personel life, school, marriage life, and for your kids. What are your goals, where do you seek to be at in the distant and close future. But we need something to aim for. I tell you that what we need to aim for is already been placed. He hung on a cross for us and died for us. That is the goal we need to look for. He can lead us in the high times and the low times. But are we setting him as our goal and abiding in him. Lets look the start with as a person. Are we seeking him constantly, are we giving all our self to him, are we seeking for the truth, our we giving him the time he deserves, the money we owe him, and keeping the promises that we made to him. Im pretty sure the last caugt you attention your wonder what promise did I make. Well you promised to follow him, and as we saw before to abide in him, and to fulfill the great commission. These are the things we said that we would do when we accept him. We may not have said them directly but they are the Christians duty.

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