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What Giants Can We Slay In Our Lives

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What Giants Are Scaring Us Away

                What is in your life that is a giant and obstructs your view to God? Is there anything that keeps you from seeing his face, or coming close to him? Is there thing’s that make you scared to follow close by him or follow the path he has laid for your life? What has God called you to be today, what path has he laid for you to follow? These questions are what you may have asked yourself an of you children and grandchildren. I tell you that no matter the size of the Giant in your life, and no matter who or what the giant is you can conquer and defeat it. But first we need to talk about what these giants are. Giants come in many different sizes, shapes, and forms in peoples lives. I giant to one may be a stepping stone to another and vice versa. These giants can be money, property, friends, hate, possessions, porn, alcohol, drugs, fear, unbelief,  anger, greed, and the list can continue for pages to go.  Each one of these can present as a giant in someones life. But the other aspect is that the person being faced by the giant does not have to be a unbeliever, they can be believers to. Jesus said that we all sin. Sin that continues in our lives that we don’t change or try to change is a giant. But who is the real giant behind these things. This is simple the DEVIL. He is takes form in these giants in our lives. Why? Simply because he wants to destroy you with fear, guilt, hate, love for worldly things. It is that simple he knows that each one of us longs for something of importance in our lives, and if he can make you believe that God is not there and will not provide for you as these things do he easly wins the battle. But why is it so important to make us fall before these giants to make us fall down to them. Each and every one of you have a purpose a purpose for God for Jesus for the Holy Spirit. This purpose is to be a soldier for him. We were created and saved by Jesus Christ to become brothers and sisters through his bought blood to do Gods will. The will to spread the Gospel, love our brothers and sisters, to be models of Christ, and to Love God. When these giants take form and step in our way they cause us to lose sight of what he has in store for us. Now that we described the giants and who they come from lets talk about how to rid them. I know each and every person in here has tried to stop some nasty habbit in there life before and had to try more than one time. If not you have tried to accomplish something in your life and failed. I tell you honestly and truthfully that if you try to defeat these Giants on your own by yourself you will most likely fail, and fall. Does everyone remember the story of David and Goliath. But have we learned anything from this story. Lets look into these verses and see what we can do to defeat our Giants. We notice in the beginning of chapter 17 in 1 samuel that david was keeping the sheep, and his father told him to take the grain to his brothers that were going to battling the philistines. Now the philistines had a Giant that was 6 cubits tall. That is extremely tall. It is around 9 ft tall, and he is 9 inches wide. This giant told the isealites that if they had one that coul defeat him that the philistines would bow down to them. All the Israelites were scared and did not dare approach the Giant. ON the day that David arrived they were just preparing for battle and David told the other Israelites, his brothers and King Saul that he wanted to go and fight the Giant. They all that this was a joke. David was still a youth and small in size. He had no experience in war, and no training in war fighting. But he was not afraid to go and fight. He was ready so the king decided to let him go and fight the king gave him armor and weapons to fight the Giant. David put it on and then took it off he said that it was not tested so he could not trust them. Instead he took his staff five smooth rocks, a sling, and went towards the Giant. The Giant saw David and pretty much laughed that he thought he could defeat him. He is the key to all of it. David said, “ You come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of armies of Israel whom you have defied. This day the lord will deliver you into  my hand and I will strike you and take your head from you. And this day I will give the carcasses of the camp of the philistines to the birds of the airand the wild beast of the earth that all the earth know that there is a God in Israel. Then all the assembly shall know that the Lord does not save with the sword and spear for the battle is the lords and he will give you into our hands. So David drew his stones and struck Goliath in the head and Goliath fell and hit the ground.  Notice david did not say he came to defeat him in his name or Jesses name, or Sauls name nut in Gods name. David knew that God would give him the strength to defeat Goliath. He knew that the battle was actually the Lords not his or the two armies that was fighting. It was a bigger picture. It is the picture that takes place through out history thebattle of God and evil. It is also the last thing that will happen when end of times come. It is what we fight everyday. But we must recognize it is not all about us but about God. He is what it is for the reason that we should take arms and gather our stone to defeat the giants in our lives. We must defeat the sins that stand in our ways of doing Gods will. We must defeat the fear that keps us from proclaiming his name. But Jesus the bible is our stone, and Jesus is our sling, and our faith is the bag that carries this things. If you want to defeat the Giants inour life we must fall down before God and be humble to accept him as who he is. Our creator our father. We must take in his scriptures and accept his son. We must nurture our faith and find the true us. We can not defeat satin with out God. It is that simple. You can try but the truth is you wont.  So today if you have giants in your way that block the path that God has laid before us or that keep you from giving your whole self to God. You need to defeat them. Come before God and make a plea. He will defeat the giant and open up the path that is before you. If you have not accepted God before now is the time he will be there as a rock and stand firm in the devils way. Im not saying it will always be easy but the final outcome is well worth it. Being able to spend eternity with Christ. If you are a Chrisitian and have sins that keep you from following Gods path and will come and pray for his strength and power to defeat these Giants. There is not a Christian here that is not a sinner. That is the reason Jesus was sent here to give us away to forgiveness. Come and plea for guidance and help. If the giants are more than you can handle give it to God if its not it may so come to him before its to late. He has given you the chance to do it today so take advantage of it and open up the true you, the true path, the light that can shine past the giant.

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