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The Holy Spirit

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1.       The Holy Spirit (who it is, what it does, why we need it, when do we acquire it, and etc)

a.       What it represents

                                                               i.      Presence of God

                                                             ii.      Conviction of sin

                                                            iii.      Judging

                                                           iv.      Guiding

                                                             v.      Empowering

                                                           vi.      Comforting

                                                          vii.      Enlightening

                                                        viii.      Teaching

                                                           ix.      Restraining

b.      Who it is

                                                               i.      Part of the God head. It is part of the trinity of the god head

1.       God

2.       Jesus

3.       Holy Spirit

                                                             ii.      It is not separate from God or gained in the NT it is since the begging because it is God in us.

                                                            iii.      It is received when we ask with faith to receive it and we become personnel with God and his son Jesus Christ

c.       Is known as

                                                               i.      Comforter, counselor

                                                             ii.      Spirit of truth

                                                            iii.      Reminds Jesus followers of the things Jesus had spoken

                                                           iv.      Bears witness to Christ

                                                             v.      Guides Jesus follows into further truth

                                                           vi.      It convicts the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment

                                                          vii.      Spirit of truth

d.      Definition- In conclusion he is the continuing divine presence which became incarnate in Jesus Christ. Thus the follows of Christ are not left orphans by the physical death of Christ. It is not seen in a exotic way but by the character, and inner qualities of the person. Just as the fruit of the spirit.


The prayer of Jesus in comparison to Parable of the Good Father


The Holy Spirit

Is part of the Father

God is holy just as the spirit is holy

The spirit is part of the coming of the kingdom

The father s will is done in the spirit of others

Spirit is the only way to know heaven

God knows what we need and will give to that


Jesus Came to forgive our sins

Through spirit will we desire to forgive others

The spirit will guide us in the right direction

Believing in Jesus as savoir and accepting him is the only way God will deliver us

Our Father in Heaven

Hallowed be your name

Your kingdom come

Your will be done

On earth as it is in heaven

Give us day by day our daily bread

Forgive us our sins

For as we forgive others

Do not lead us into temptation

Deliver us from the evil one


Breaking the verse down to see what,  Jesus was saying in the parable

Luk 11:11-13                     

(11)  For what father of you,                          reference to the men, but also women he is speaking to the men at the time but is provident to all

if the son asks for bread,                  bread can resemble a stone in smoothness and color

will he give him a stone?

 Or if he asks for a fish,                     That would be as asking for a steak and receiving a rat

will he give him a snake for a fish?

(12)  Or if he shall ask for an egg,   

will he give him a scorpion?

(13)  If you then,                    In turn you

 being evil,                              are evil because of the sin

know how to give good gifts to your children,  can give good gifts to kids

how much more shall your heavenly Father                      God is holy then us

 give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?                        He will give the holy spirit to us

The Other Free Gift

What do I want them to learn about the spirit?

1.       What it is

a.      Holy Spirit

b.      It is a free gift just as salvation

2.      Who he is

a.      Part of the trinity

b.      He is not separate from God

c.       He is God in us

3.      What he does

a.       Conviction of sin

b.      Judging

c.       Guiding

d.      Empowering

e.      Comforting

f.        Enlightening

g.       Teaching

h.      Restraining

4.      Who to ask to receive him

a.      Ask God For reception

b.      It is already in you it just has to be ACTIVATED


Brief Summary

Who here has prayed for anything in the past week? But the true question is how many of us has prayed for what God really wants us to pray for. We probably have all read the passage ask, seek, and knock. But do we know what God is telling us to ask for, to seek for, and to knock at his door for. Know if you are searching for someone and they are not searching for you there is a chance that they may try with all there might to stay out of your sight. But if you are searching for someone and they know it and they want to find you also it probably will be easier to find each other. What God is telling you to ask for is something that is seeking, and searching for you. It has most likely knocked at your heart but you may have or not known what it was. This thing is the Holy Spirit. How many times have people read this verse and put it into the terms of asking for money, new cars, neew house, and any other thing you could possibly imagine. But when we read this verse and look at the whole verse we notice that Jesus is talking about the Holy Spirit. There is no way to leave out the end part and speak truth in this passage. Jesus tells us to ask for the spirit, seek for the spirit, knock at the door, and he will enter you heart, and mind. There is no way around this. We also take a closer look that in the verses after this Jesus tells the parable of achild asking for a bread, fish,


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