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I am but a regular buidind when built

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                I am but a regular buidind when built. I have 4 walls windows, and a roof. I am built with brick, or stone, and have a foundation. But after I am finished and my owners come in im much more. When you walk through my doors you will see a room of chairs and tables. If you look to the left there is a chalkboard with many names of heros on it. There will be sketches and drawings of the past training. Across from here you will see the kitchen where there is a lot of memories of raising funds for this building. Memories of friends and family, and a brother hood. You may smell the coffee from the night before. You turn the corner and there is another door that opens to a desk that has papers all over it, and a computer. Ther are files around with writing, and pictures of houses, and cars. There is a book case with information about training, and the community. There are radios all over the empty space. A few are quit and others are scaning for the next plea for help If you go into the other doors on the side you will see any kids paradise, you will see trucks stacked four in a row, side by side. The first truck is white, awith a red stripe down the side, it looks like a box, and has lights all around it. It is so said to be the truck that leaves out into the night to help with a wreck, or the father that is hurt, or child that is chocking, in the wee hours of the morning. You open the back door and there is a cot, bandages, scissors, bottles of oxygen, a machine with paddles, and a bear for that child that needs comfort, or tissue for that crying mother or child. You take step to the other side and there is a bigger truck that is red with a gold stripe the rims are so shiny you can look into it as a mirror, and it is so clean the truck makes out your image clear with a red tint. It has tan hose all in the back, and doors along the side. In each door is equipment axes, flashlight oxygen tanks, and masks, poles, and crow bars. On the front is a siren, and lights, it has more hose with a nozzle. You go into the cab and there is a button that says siren, and air horne, another for lights, and a radio for talking. Along the other side is a ladder, and in the compartment is more nozzles, and some tarps, and even a emergency first aid kit. In the middle of the truck is a step that leads to a lot of levers, and buttons that say water pump, and pressure. It is said that this is the truck that leaves out to save that family that did not hear the alerting alarm and could not escape the flee but needs help.  It arrives first to shoot water at the flames that light up the whole night sky. So that family can escape for another day. After leaving this truck there is one that is also red and has a gold stripe, just as shiny but it has a sort of oblong tank on the back. It is said that when it flees you can here a slushing sound in the back. It is also said that it is the one that gives the other trucks water to quinch their thirst when they run dry. It travels back and fourth from hydrant to scene toil the last ember is out. The last is a smaller truck with a roll cage it has less hose, and smaller tanks. It seems a little bit dirtier than the others. It is ready to wherever it may. It will roll over tree and rocks. It can push over anything that comes in the way, and extinguish the embers of the trees. It has big tires to go on any terrain that it may be called to go. There is uniforms in the corner with names, and numbers, boots to the side, with paints. There is a black helmet that has the number seven, and the name flat creek fire department written on it with the number five on the back. It is said that there are brave men that wake up when those pagers go off ,and put on these uniforms forgetting about themselves for a moment, gbut thinking about the life that may be in need or the property that will be lost. There family sees them leave with the lights on, and prays that they may come back the same and that there will not be a call saying that there loved one had been relinguished of what they do by the fire of the night.

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