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How Do I Know I Am Called To Be A Pastor of Jesus Christ

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How Do I Know I Am Called To Be A Pastor of Jesus Christ

2Pe 1:10

(10)  Therefore, brothers, be all the more diligent to make your calling and election sure, for if you practice these qualities you will never fall.

Peter states that we should always make our election and calling for sure. But is that as easy as it sounds. For some yes and other no. But still there is some that has no clue if yes or no.  I feel as though I was called to the pastorate but people can be called to different positions, but they are all for the same purpose. That is to serve Christ and do our best at it. No matter what job, or what you do the main purpose is to do it for him. How do I know that I am called to be a pastor even though I am not yet. Well there is a longing desire. Not one that came on over a few days ago, or even a few months ago. We are talking about a few years, possibly 3 or 4. Well some would say well I you have had that feeling for that long and still have not became a pastor or found a church you need to rethink what you believe is a calling. Well I see it in a different way. I see that God is still maturing me and picking the right spot for me. No one can tell you more than my wife how bad I would like to just give it all up and stand in a pulpit and preach. This is my second reason. There is no where else in the church, or in a job that I feel more in place at. It is the only place that I feel comfortable in.  I would give any amount of money or property to be able to preach 30 minutes in a pulpit to a group of believers and non believers. The feeling that I have when im in the pulpit is un describable. It is a feeling of God speaking right through you and using you as a mouth piece. I never  thought that God could have used me in the ministry of preaching and my wife would absoulutly agree. But it is amazing how God will use the people you would least expect to do his work. All through the bible there are instances of this. Finally there is conformation of others. Can others see that you could be a pastor or feel that you my be called. But not only that but do they see that you conform to what peter and timonthy said. No matter to the service you are called the main thing is to make sure you give it a hundred percent for man reasons but the main is that when Christ died he gave a hundred percent of his life to cleanse you and save you. So that is the least that you can do. I Pray that each day we will be in line with Gods will for our lives and doing what he wants us to do. It does not matter about money or time but that it is the fullfilement of his call.

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