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Day Of Atonement

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Lev. 16

Lent 98

Introduction - Of all the O.T. feasts this one was probably the most important.  It was a feast that brought peace and comfort to the Israelites.  It gave them the assurance that their sins would be forgiven.  This day although encouraging was also a reminder not to take God lightly.  As with all the feast it was a serious and holy day.

I.  Don=t take God=s work lightly.

                A.  The work of atonement is a serious matter to God.

                B.  Aaron=s sons found that out.   Lev.10:1-3

                C.  The sacrifice for atonement was clear and it is today also.    Acts 4:10-12

                                1.  Those who think they can enter with some other sacrifice will burn.  Rev.20:13-15

                                2.  Only way to the presence of God is through the shed blood of Jesus.  Heb.10:19,   1JN.1:7,

                D.  How do you know if the blood of Jesus is covering your sin?  You ask Him to do so.  Rom..10:13

                                Illus.  Store where all is free.

II.  This was a day of forgiveness.

                A.  For the High Priest, 11-14.  We all need cleansing for sin.Rom.3:23

                                1.  The bull offering was for himself and his family.

                                2.  He could not enter behind the veil without this blood offering in hand!   -12-

                B.  For all the people, 15-19.

                                1.  The first goat was a sin offering for the people.

                                2.  The second or Ascapegoat@ was a symbolic of their sins being taken away.

III.  How does this feast, The Day of Atonement, apply to us today?

                A.  The O.T. feast were types, symbolic or shadows of things to come.  Heb.10:1-4,  Col.2:16-17

                                1.  The tabernacle itself was a copy or shadow of the real thing.  H of H is in heaven.  Heb.8:5

                                2.  The Day of Atonement was a copy or shadow of what was to come.  Heb.9:23-24

                B.  Jesus was the fulfillment of these things.

                                1.  The blood Aaron took in protected him behind the veil, the blood of Christ ripped the veil  open!  Heb.10:19-23

                                2.  The sin sacrifice and the scapegoat was offered over and over every year, the blood of Christ  was shed once for all                                                   and He carried our sins away forever.  Heb.9:12, 26, 10:10, 1Pet.3:18   Ps.l03:12

Conclusion - May you see in this feast the power of the shed blood and then be comforted in knowing that the Blood of Jesus is much more powerful.  You and I can stand in the presence of a Holy God.  Heb.10:19

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