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The Feast of Trumpets

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The Feast of Trumpets


Introduction - A day of rest and remembering

I. A day of remembering what God had done is good for us.Illus. Father & son lost for 9 days survive.

                A. No work, work interferes with our ability to concentrate on the Lord and meditate on His word.

                                1. 7 lambs = complete work of God, just as in creation. 

                                2. Resting is a testimony of faith in Word.

                B. Only labor allowed was that which was necessary for worship and the service of the Lord.

                C. The trumpet was symbolic of the voice of God.  Ex.19:16

II. Trumpets were used to gather the people together.

                A. For war - Joshua 6:5, Judges 6:34, Nehemiah 4:20

                B. For worship - Numbers 29:1

                C. It was important to know which trumpet sound was made.   1Cor.14:8

                                The preaching of God=s Word is like sounding the trumpet.  It must be a clear message

III. Trumpets will again be heard to gather in the believers.

                A. To announce a time of gathering together.  Matt.24:30-31, 1Thess.4:13-18

                B. To announce the great change that will allow us to worship God as never before.  1Cor.15:51-52

Conclusion - The trumpet of God will sound again but unlike the O.T. people we need not fear and tremble, the next trumpet sound will be announcing the God=s great finished work of grace. Heb.12:18-24

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