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Feast of Pentecost

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Feast of Pentecost


Lent 98

Introduction - 50 days after the feast of Firstfruits were offered, then came the Feast of Pentecost.  Exactly 50 days after Jesus rose from the grave as the Afirstfruit@ of the resurrected 1Cor.15:20,  the Holy Spirit was sent to the believers on the day of Pentecost.  Can the Lord make it any clearer to us?  His plan was in place way back in the OT and the feast of the OT were set up not only for the Jews to remember what God had done for them but also as a symbol or road map of what was to come.  Just as Firstfruits typified the resurrection this typifies the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

I.  The bread was the finished product of the harvest.

                A. FF = Christ,    Pent = product of Him.John 15:5,     2Cor.3:5

                B. FF - Jews only, Pent - two loaves = Jew and Gentile.Acts 17:28-29

II.  The 7 lambs speaks of completeness.

                A. The harvest was proof that the planting was successful.Is.55:11

                B.  The Holy Spirit is proof that the work of salvation has been completed in you.  Rom.8:16

III. The offering of 2 loaves and 2 lambs was a peace offering.

                A. Christ has brought peace to both Jews and Gentiles.Rom.5:1,     Eph.2:13-15

                B. This offering was to be holy just as believers are called to be holy unto the Lord.    1Peter 1:16

IV. Reaping was completed yet some was left for others.

                A. Symbolizes the fact that you can be filled with the Holy Spirit, while He is still available to others also.

                                1. The Holy Spirit is not given in measure or parts.   John 3:34.

                                2. Only the gifts our given in measure.  Eph.4:7,   1 Cor. 12:11, 7.

                B.  Symbolizes the completeness of the process. Col.2:9-10


Conclusion - Have you celebrated the Feast of Pentecost in your life?  Is the Holy Spirit dwelling in you today?

The only way you can be sure is to have asked Jesus to enter your life.  To have Jesus is to have life and the Holy Spirit is His gift to you when you get saved.

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