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The Feast Of Firstfruits

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Lent 1998

Introduction - This feast speaks of offerings made to the Lord.  Of recognizing how He has provided. How He has provided both for our physical and spiritual needs as we will see.

I. Firstfruits was a remembrance of what God had done.

                A.  A way of showing that we believe He has provided for us by His grace. James 1:17

                                1.  The harvest could not start until this feast had been completed.  It honors God!

                                2.  We should never partake of a harvest until we have given thanks. Prob.3:9-10

                B. This feast also was a direct link to the exodus from Egypt. Ex.9:18, 24,31-32

                                1.  This feast was held at the very beginning of the harvest time when barley was just ripening.

                                2.  This was precisely the time that God rained down hail from heaven and destroyed the crops.

II. We are reminded in the NT of this feast in relation to our lives spiritually.

                A. A term used when someone gets saved. Rom.16:5, 1Cor.16:15

                B. Used to describe the men who started the church. (Apostles)James 1:18

                C. Jesus is the firstfruits of the resurrection we as believers will experience.  1Cor.15:20, Ro.8:11

                D.  Christ uses the Illus. of  seed, harvest and firstfruits to strengthen our faith.  1Cor.35-37

III. We also hold a feast of  remembrance of what Jesus has done for us spiritually.

                A. Communion is a feast of remembrance.  ADo this in remembrance of Me@.   Lk.22:19

                B. We bring the firstfruits of His work of  salvation, the H.S. in  ourselves -Rom.12:1

                C. Thanking Him for what He has done and looking forward to what is yet to come.

                                 Full harvest.  Ro.8:23, 1Cor.15:42

Conclusion - The resurrected Savior is the Firstfruit that is waved before God. The great harvest of all those who believe in Him is yet to come.  When He comes to take us home, we to will receive a resurrected body just like Him.  Isn=t it beautiful to see that long before His ministry ever took place He had planted the symbols and ideas in the OT that would strengthen and encourage us in the NT.   May your understanding of this feast and other OT feast provide you with a stronger faith.

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