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Be Sincere

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March 8-98

Introduction - Jesus had just finished telling His disciples that what is in a man=s heart is what=s important. It reveals your true condition.  Some think Jesus was testing the woman but it may be that He was teaching the disciples.

I. The Canaanite woman.

                A. Give illus. Of 4,500 year old altar.  Child sacrifice

                B. Canaanites were a people under God=s wrath - heathens     -      Duet.7:1-6

                C. It=s not surprising her daughter was demon possessed.  Numbers 32:23

                                1. Children are influenced by what we teach them and show them. Illus.- following dad

                                2. You will be held responsible for what you did with your children.  Matt.18:6

                D. This woman was now regretting the error of her ways.

II. Jesus reveals God=s master plan.

                A. The disciples just want her to leave them alone.

                B. The Lord=s response is that He came to Israel. Matt.10:6

                                1. He never ministered outside of Israel.

                                2. His message was to the Jews but others heard it.    Mt.21:43

III. A sincere faith changes the chosen path.

                A. This may have been a test of her faith.  Normally doesn=t come with a discouraging word.

                B. I believe it was to teach the disciples.

                                1. God=s faithfulness.Ps.115:12,   Joshua 21:45

                                2. God=s grace brings salvation to all who will accept it.   vineyard    Is.5:7, Mt.21:33-43

                                3. Christ desires completely yielded life.  ANot mine but Thine will@ His prayer.

                C. Her faith is rewarded, she believed Jesus could do!  Like the centurion.- Gentile ex. Of faith.

Conclusion - the lesson learned by the disciples was that Jesus seeks hearts filled with faith and yielded to Him.  The disciples would soon find out that in their ministry they would be reaching out to the Gentiles because their brethren would not respond to the call of salvation.

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