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Honor The Son

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John 5:22-29

Nov. 1997

Introduction - It is God’s will that we honor the Son. What is it to honor someone? Means to obey, heed their words, accept what they say, etc. Honor also includes in its meaning a sense of love and respect. You can obey someone because you fear their punishment or because of love you fear offending them. That’s the kind of honor Christ is seeking. But you can only honor Him that way when you are a believer.

I. We honor Christ by respecting His authority.

A. Illus. Rising in court for the judge, standing for the reading of Scripture. - symbolic acts

A. As Judge 1Cor.3:12-15, Rev.20:12-15; 1Pet 4:5, 2Tim 4:1.

B. As Redeemer.1Tim.2:5 Acts.4:12, Jn.14:6,

II. We honor Christ by responding to His Salvation.

A. Listening to the invitation 1Tim.2:4 Rev.3:20, Rom.3:23, Rom.10:13

B. Believing in Him. How? Illus. Stumps plane ride.

III. We honor Christ by faithfully waiting for Him.

A. Waiting for the resurrection. 1Cor.15:12, 51-54

B. Waiting for Justice.

1. Being just is part of the new nature that comes into a believer when we receive Christ.

2. But we show honor by leaving judgement in His hands. Heb.10:30-31

Conclusion - have you honored Christ by humbly kneeling at the cross and asking Him to save you. Do so before it’s to late. Because someday everyone will have to kneel. Phil.2:10. You can kneel now and accept Him as Savior or you can kneel later and face Him as Judge.

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