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Ch 3 vs 1-17

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Conduct of Believers

1 Peter 3:1-17

Peter talks about appropriate conduct for believers.

I. Responsibilities of wives (3:1–6)

A.     Peters exhortation (vs.1–5)

1. Concerning their behavior (3:1–2)

l  Wives should depend upon their lives more than their lips in witnessing to unsaved husbands.

2. Concerning their beauty (3:3–5):

l  Inner beauty is far more important than outer beauty.

l  She must not nag or preach but live a devoted life that her husband may be won to Christ.

l  Unsaved loved ones watch our lives.

l  Her behavior must be pure

l  Her attention must be inner and not to outward appearance.

l  Christian women can be attractive without being worldly.

B.     Peters example (vs. 6)

l  He uses Sarah of the Old Testament as a role model. 

l  She was a fine-looking woman, for several kings tried to take her from her husband.

l  Yet she was devoted to the Lord and she was loyal to her husband.

II.     Responsibilities of husbands (vs. 7)

1.     What they are to do (3:7a): Husbands must be considerate of their wives and respect them.

2.     Why they are to do it (3:7b): If they fail here, their prayers will not be answered.


III. Responsibilities of all (vs. 8–17)

1.     Live in loving harmony (3:8).

2.     Reward both good and evil with good (3:9–14).

3.     Worship Christ as Lord, and always be ready to explain your faith (3:15).

4.  Be ready to defend your faith (3:16–17).

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