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The Believers Hope

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The Believers Hope


Nov. 1997

Introduction - there are a lot of things I enjoy doing. Sports, hunting, etc. There is one thing however, that makes all the enjoyable things of this life even more enjoyable. The fact that someday I’m going to go to heaven.

In fact that truth also helps me make it through the tough times also. Paul in our text today is talking about the hope that every believer in Christ has.

I. The hope of a new body. 2Cor.4:16-18

A. The earthly tent = our body. 2Peter 1:13-15, JN.21:18

B. Someday God will give us a new body, an immortal body that shall never die. 1Cor.15:50-54

1. The older we get the more we look forward to our new tent. Vs.2

2. Pain, heartache, stress, hardships, etc. the more you have the more you long for heaven.

3. Peter knowing of his violent death was more concerned about his lasting testimony.

C. The SOUL dwells in this earthly tent. The bible clearly teaches the existence of the soul.

1. It lives forever. Ec.12:7

2. Jesus verifies the difference between body and soul. 1Thessalonians 5:23 Matt.10:28;

3. Not annihilated nor does it float around endlessly in eternity, it is clothed, vs-3

4. The soul will go to heaven or hell - the road to hell is a one way street. Lk.16:26

II. The hope of life rather than death. 4-5

A. We know that death is not the end. Jn.11:25

B. God created you for life, so don’t chose death. Illus. Teenage suicide, rock music encourages.

Don’t believe the destructive lies of Satan. Matt.18:6 Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, etc.

1. We have a choice. Det.30:19

2. How do you choose life? 1Jn. 5:12 choose Jesus.

III. The hope of God’s Word. Vs.7

A. The believer stakes his future on the promises of God.

1. To be absent from this world is to be with Jesus .

2. Therefore our desire is to please Christ, vs.9

B. We trust His word, not visual wonders or dreams.

1. Luke 16:30-31, Matt.16:4

2. The New Agers want you to trust your dreams etc. If you dreamed it, it must be true.

Those living in a dream world are those who have rejected the clear written Word of God.

C. We however, walk by faith trusting the Word of God.

Conclusion - can you look forward to the day you leave this world with hope? If you’re trusting God’s Word you can. If Jesus is your Savior you can. Because then you know your soul will live forever in heaven with Him.

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