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A Lively Hope

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Peter gives some glorious truths about salvation.

I.     The Source of Salvation (1:1–2)

A.     Chosen by the Father (1:1–2a)

·         Salvation brings peace.

B.     Made Holy by the Spirit (1:2b).

C.     Cleansed by the blood of  Christ (1:2c).

II.     The Guarantee of Salvation (1:3–5)

A.          The Proof (1:3): The tomb is empty!  主にかんしゃ

·         God Is merciful, we must be born again.

·         Have one’s mind changed, that we live a new life

B.      The Promise (1:4)

·         Once saved always saved.

·         Christians are promised a home in Heaven.

C.     The power (1:5) Kept by the Power of God; we will safely arrive in heaven.

III.     The Joy OF SALVATION (1:6–9)

A.     Vs. 6 The promise (1:6): Joy can be yours in trials.

B.     Vs. 7-9 Our trials produce a two things:

1.     They increase our faith in God (1:7).

2.     They increase our love for God (1:8–9).

IV.     The Old Testament Prophets and Salvation (1:10–12a)

A.          What they did not understand (1:10–11)

B.           They could not comprehend the future work of the Messiah.

1.     His grief (1:10–11a) Isaiah 53 “The Suffering Servant”

2.     His glory (1:11b)

B.     What they did understand (1:12a): That their prophecies would not be fulfilled until after their deaths.

V.     The Angels and Salvation (1:12b)

·         They long to know more about this wonderful subject.

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