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Your Heart's Desire

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Matthew 6:19-23

Sept. 1997

Introduction - Matthew Henry on this text says, “ worldly mindedness is a common and fatal symptom of hypocrisy,”. In other words what you spend your time and money on will give you away!

I. Making the right investments.

A. What does your heart desire to invest in? Prob.

B. Money is not evil but how you use it may be. Proceeds from the heart.

1. If you invest the Lords money in perishable things you’re not a very good steward.

2. Jesus tells us to invest in heaven. Why?

C. The more time, effort, and money you put into something, the more you care about it.

II. How do I invest in heaven?

A. First realize that in every person is an eternal soul. Not willing perish

B. Then ask, what am I doing to bring that soul to heaven? Lord lay some soul..

1. Am I teaching them about the Lord, or helping others to do so.

2. SS, Ch.Sch., Missions, financially supporting the areas your church is working to lead people to Christ. Or giving your time to those efforts.

C. Then your heart will be interested in the return of your investment. Thank you in Heaven?

III. To do these you must have the right perception.

A. The eye is the avenue by which you bring knowledge and understanding into your mind. Eph.1:18

1. Man blind from birth will never know colors.

2. The eye sees good and evil - just by looking you can determine if something is good.

3. The eye can read the Word. Meditate day and night.

B. Therefore if you eye is clear - working properly - you will be enlightened a light to others. Eph.5:17

C. What if the eye is bad, not clear?

1. Color blind, double vision, read the wrong word, etc. Illus.

To think you’re seeing when you’re not is more dangerous than being blind. False assurance.

“If therefore the light in you is darkness” “How great the darkness!”

2. Jesus said it’s like the blind leading the blind.

Conclusion - Is it your hearts desire to see souls saved and brought into the kingdom of God. Acts.26:18?

Then ask Jesus to give you vision for the lost, a burden that inspires you to do whatever you

can to invest in that life, giving that person every opportunity for eternal life through faith in

Jesus Christ.


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