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Introduction to Biblical Counseling

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Introduction to Biblical Counseling

General Introduction:
The idea and action of counseling is as old as humanity itself. The general definition according to apple’s aggregated modern dictionary, counseling is, “the provision of assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties, especially by a professional.”
Even to those who don’t subscribe to a biblical worldview still have an innate sense and longing to seek out counseling, its just that our post modern culture has replaced the term with more nuanced terminology, and reserved the term “counseling” to the professionals, like what was added at the end of the modern dictionary definition.
Nuanced terms that reduce authority or truth, like advise, tips, pointers, experience, or any other terms that are pragmatically driven.
“What works for you” for example.
But leave real counseling to the professionals.
The truth is, we’re seeking counsel every day in varying contexts. The question is, however, how good is the counsel we’re getting, and whats the source? Is it conventional human wisdom driven by pragmatism and existentialism, is it self-serving, lasting, etc. Or is it based on objective truth, as defined by scripture.
More often than not, most sought after counsel is self-serving, geared towards perceived wants, needs, and benefits of a situation.
So, then
Most counsel, at the granular level, is mainly aimed at maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain.
For example, a husband or wife sharing their marital distress with friends seeking advise, will generally take the advise that focuses more on perceived happiness, than the disastrous consequences that would befall them if they got a divorce because their not happy or being fulfilled.
Functionally speaking, counseling isn’t reserved for the work of professionals, its a perpetual human interaction that is always at work.
in other words, counseling is always happening, its just informal. It’s at this level that counsel is given and acted on well before they reach “formal, professional counseling”.
It’s encouraging to see people assisting and providing guidance to others on a superficial level, but most of it is misguided and downright detrimental to the recipient. But as long as it serves near sighted pursuits, the hearer is encouraged and edified-superficially.
We’re just being more intentional with practicing it biblically.

What is Biblical Counseling

The adjective, “biblical” is added to the noun of counseling to qualify the nature of counsel given. It’s biblical because it always starts with God; his word, how he’s revealed himself, how he’s revealed man, how he made man, what man is, and how humanity must live in the world he created and rightly interpret reality.
Biblical counseling is christocentric (Christ-centered), where as, modern psychology is anthropocentric (man-centered).
We view everything through the lens of scripture; scriptures interpretation of life, pain, suffering, sin, and death, while making the most of God and his will. Instead of a worldview that high centers on man being the most important element of existence. As a result, the aim of man-centered counseling is making the most of life despite things that cause suffering, dealing with physical and mental diseases, to make happiness the ultimate aim, no matter the cost.
In other words, both draw great observations regarding man’s behavior, but only biblical counseling interprets man’s real problem and solution. All other modern psychological models and theories are interpreted through a humanistic lens.
So lets define biblical counseling;

Defining Biblical Counseling:

There are several ways to define biblical counseling; some short and simple, and others, wholistic and thorough. I’ve got a couple to know, and another you can drop in any short social encounter.
“Biblical counseling is a model of care that brings Scripture to bear on the multitude of struggles that plague the human soul, while simultaneously offering scriptural, gospel-saturated insight on how human beings can flourish.” - Jeremy Lelek.
“Biblical counseling is a fluid event and process, as part of the great commission, whereby, one or more theologically and relationally qualified people provide spiritual, emotional, and behavioral service, comfort, and guidance in love to one or more people through the truth and power of God’s Word under the ministry of his Holy Spirit.” -John Henderson.
Biblical Counseling is relationally applying the “one another commands” in a formal or informal context through the means of God’s Word. - Mike Van Dyke.

Origin of Biblical Counseling:

Scripturally speaking, the origin of biblical counseling started in the garden from the beginning. God was the first counselor, as creator, counseling his creation proactively towards life, guidance, wisdom, and provision. Then after the fall, God counsel’s Cain not to sin, which unfortunately, Cain didn’t take God’s counsel and becomes a nomadic wonderer. Throughout the meta-narrative of God’s story, he has always counseled his people, and called his people to counsel one another.

Why Do We Provide Biblical Counseling

Throughout the meta-narrative of God’s story, he has always counseled his people, and called his people to counsel one another.
The need for biblical counseling is at an all-time high; due to the rate of our cultural modern-progressivism and its societal implications, people are more broken and confused about life.
Because we provide real hope for the broken and downtrodden.
Because our communities are starving for truth and consequently have lean souls.
Because our neighbor is believing in another gospel. A gospel that doesn’t save or sustain. A gospel that promises the pleasures of this world with its near sighted pursuits. A baited gospel that promises a lot for the flesh, all the while noosing the soul and chocking the life out of it.
Because our local churches need to be meeting the needs of the weaker saints in house, and not sending them back out into that which they’ve been delivered from.

How Do We Provide Biblical Counseling

Our methodology is straight forward; we meet people where they are, walk with them biblically, and provide a plan for soul care.
Our clients fill out an intake form composed of questions capturing their current circumstance, numerical assessment capturing their current state spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
The sessions are dynamically conversational, relationally compassionate, and contextually issue specific.
At the end of every session, the client is given a homework assignment. Based on the nature and scope of the clients case, they are given something to read and respond to, and exercise to engage in, etc. All homework is at the discretion of the counselor.
The duration of sessions for a counselee is a case by case basis, and is determined by the nature and scope of the counselee’s case.
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