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Sunday Evening - 3/24/19

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“Move that Bus” these words started becoming famous in December of 2002. These words were shouted over and over again by groups of excited people as they waited the unveiling of a gorgeous house. The TV cameras would be rolling and the family that was about to move into the house would respond with wide open mouths and tears as they saw their new house for the first time. The show was appealing to watch for this was not done for the rich and famous but for people who had faced very hard circumstances in life. The ending of each episode left one with a good feeling that this family now could go on in life with such a free gift.
However this was not the final story for many. One couple along with their three children, were living in a broken-down home in Savannah, GA, in November of 2010. One of their children had special needs and severe breathing difficulties, and the family's living conditions were causing the child to suffer unnecessarily. When they appealed to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, they were thrilled with the result: a beautiful, airy Victorian style home with a therapy room and pool.
Less than two years later, the family felt they had no choice but to put the house up for sale. Assessed at more than $600,000, even the annual real estate taxes were more than the Simpsons could handle. Adding to the pressure, they'd had another baby since moving in, and Carmen was a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother. The home was far more than the family could afford before they even moved in.
This scenario helps sets the stage for the final chapters of the book of Isaiah. So does this mean the final chapters are a big let-down from the glorious deliverance that we have been looking at for the past few weeks?
Isaiah 1 sets the stage with the picture of a rebellious nation. Isaiah shows the bright future of all the nations streaming to Israel to worship her God. What must happen for God’s people to become such? Chapters 7-39 show that they do not get to this position by relying on other nations. Chapters 40-55 show the work of the servant to remake a new people. We here the words of comfort at the beginning of this section, we hear of free salvation, restoring redemption, and secure future all through the costly work of the appointed Messiah.
So what are the after-affects of this great provision and the permanent enjoyment of them? I would say that the the natural tendency is one of low expectation. God has stepped in and initiated and promised a great salvation, but the disappointments and the struggle of the journey lead us to a settling condition. Also having experienced a great salvation, we can’t imagine how much greater things He has in store.

God promotes the progress of those He saves

God’s saving work promotes righteous living (56:1-2)

A general command v. 1
A coming incentive (v.1b)
A definition of blessed living
God’s laws are now privileges

God’s saving work promotes inclusive service (56:3-8)

Foreigners become His people by submission to the Lord (Joined)
Service becomes get to
God gives them a Sabbath, man honors hims with it
God makes a covenant, they response with tenacity, and loyalty
God reveals His character and will and he delights to please Him and do what He wants
The get to of God- He gathers and gives them lasting joy with Him forever
Illustration of using new mower
Application: God’s plan beyond what you can see: So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God
The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2016). (Eph 2:19). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles.
What do you have that others don’t have? Your singleness, your friendships, your challenging family situations

Separation from God’s saving work promotes selfishness (56:9-57:13a)

They forsake the role of caring for others
They live greedy and lazy lives with the delusion that they will only gain more (56:12)
They seek security and productivity
Sell themselves to their lusts
Sacrificing to appease gods
Flirting to get the help of the nations
Their pursuit ends with no security (57:13)

God’s salvation promotes requests for housing and healing (57:14-21)

Illustration of grandma’s house and uncle
A road is made
House above/ character above (Above the story in the story)
House with a purpose to enliven the crushed
It seems that God sometimes discourages any effort toward God that I make, or He leaves me in a limbo state
God enlivens
I know He greets with compassion
He uses my situation to build something in me.
He is building something lasting
He is breaking that which is binding
He is opening what I cannot see
Preparation for the housing- putting away wrath
Healing-leadership, comfort, creating of praise, peace
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