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2019-3-24-LIVE OAKS - Part 7- Spiritual Gifts

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All right. Good morning. Live Oaks Bible Church ask you to pray with me this morning. Not just you know sit quietly, but pray with me actively as we approach the word this week was an unexpected challenge to me and it ended up teaching and learning something kind of ironically cool about the whole deal still hard Preston. I just asked you guys to pray with me so spray. Jesus as we continue to discern what it means to be a disciple of yours.

Sit here before you.

May our hearts really truly be honestly seeking I'm real discipleship. What does that mean? What does it mean to be disciplined by you? What does it mean to to follow you show us through the light in peace and power of the Holy Spirit through your written word. Jesus your words that words of your apostles.

show us there are Barriers boundaries that we put up I pray that you would melt them. By your grace For Your Glory and for our joy, so just continue to abide with us and us with you by your grace. We will wake up tomorrow morning even closer to you and more like you to thank you. Thank you be with us this morning in your name. We pray I'm in. Again, I mean this is what we're doing. We're pursuing discipleship. We want to be disciples that make disciples and we have a foundation. Albert the Great Commission from Matthew 28 go therefore and Make Disciples of all Nations. We have a tendency to church to make things so much more confusing and complicated than they have to be there. There are directives given in the New Testament that are so simple make disciples care for widows care for Orphans. And we like the Pharisees of old take you know, 10 simple rules and expand them into this endless complicated web programs strategies and We can make it a bit more simple than that cuz it is we are to make disciples of all Nations. The heart of what we do in pursuing discipleship is just the words of Jesus himself the Good Shepherd in the Sheep follow him for they know his voice is another way that it's so much more simple than we make it just as follow him. I Paul talks about it being very frustrated. You know what he says follow Jesus. We all follow him. He is the Good Shepherd so we hear his voice and we follow him and then the sober warning from John 15:8 through 20 servant is not greater than his master if they persecuted me they will also persecute you. The end of the line of this is not the love and praise of the world. You think you can engineer a new way to be faithful to our call to be faithful to God faithful to that Great Commission and live for his glory alone. You think you can reinvent a way that will also lead to love and adulation from the world you're wrong. It's that simple we're going to pursue Christ and and not the world. What are the marks of a disciple of Jesus and also the outline of our study? First Disciples of Jesus deny thyself in abide in Christ. The old man dies. The new man is resurrected to abide with Christ to be at home with Christ to pursue him to stay with him to not leave him. Second we have a thirst and a knowledge in a dependence on the scriptures that there's a lot of scripture references today in in going where we're going and it is all over the place and I felt nothing but inadequate all week and studying this but there's I can't go anywhere else right? It's cured again. It's so much more simply. It's here. At least you got that figured out. I don't have to go to a thousand different sources. I have one with a thirst and knowledge in Independence on the scriptures in 3rd, we find purpose enjoy pleasing the father. We do what pleases him we pursue righteousness. We hate wickedness. We make much of his son. We make much of the blood of his son. We find joy and purpose pleasing the father. And then for We Make Disciples, it's the real final Mark of a true disciple of Jesus is the making of disciples. There's no such thing as a mature disciple who isn't about the work of making disciples. We do that by knowing our calling by knowing our gifts and using our gifts to Faithfully fulfill our calling now that inevitably results in bearing the marks of a disciple. Now, why would I order explain last week is is I I had imagined in my planning that those would be nice perfect clear cut-and-dry sermons, you know, we talked about what it means to to to have a call, you know to everyone until you specifically and then we discern what are gifts are, you know, and then we use those sounded great and it worked on paper turns out scripture has them so much more tightly interwoven. So you'll just have to forgive me in and this is one of the reasons to the funny ironic things that I discovered this week is and I knew this I guess intellectually that they're there are different gifts little bit of a spoiler alert cuz I'm going to get there in a minute. So I'm going to steal my thunder. Can you still use your own Thunder? I don't know what was find out the gifts of teaching and preaching are different and I feel as though I am I'm called and gifted primarily as a preacher and I'm having a hard time with this are my why is this so hard because this subject is is more one. That is taught. This this is this is knowledge that needs to be logically placed and disseminated and shared and and that's more of a challenge for me. Play I'm I'm more of a preacher in a in an exhorter than a teacher. My father-in-law is a brilliant teacher and not a good preacher. Sorry Mike you're not but he teaches in such a powerful way. You want to survey the Old and New Testament sit down in front of my father-in-law in like an hour and a half later. You're like I'm up biblical genius. He's so good at teaching cuz ultimately we need to know what we are called to do our general call and that means what all believers are called to do and are specific call. And like I said, we know our gifts and we use those gifts to fulfill our calling. So we ask ourselves a question to what are all Christians called generally and to what am I called specifically in in hears my deliciously wordy. sing to help bring clarity Maybe it's about that Collision of being and doing the being comes first in the doing naturally comes out of that. We first are to be And that's why that's what's almost ironic about. This whole series is you know, we have it all plotted out like that, but really were called the first be a disciple and then we find out what disciples do. Right. I mean there is a disease show super random but a few years ago, I found online, you know, like it's a Navy SEAL diet. And I did this diet. I was not a Navy SEAL right did not look like one or act like one you can't just do and then become right eye best. You're in a pause at your at your an imposter. We are first called to Simply Be and then find out what we are to do and you'll actually even here's what I wrote If you are and are becoming who God calls you to be and become then you will find that you are already doing and will do more of what you were called to do the being comes before the doing. So what's the general call to all believers couple weeks ago? We went through these in detail in Shirley. This is not exhaustive. MTG can be exhausting sitting through this every week but not exhausted. We are called everyone of us to be holy. And yes, that's impossible were also called to be born again. We are we are given righteousness. We are we are made to be holy. Hey, we are to be holy we are to be born again to that Holy righteousness of Christ. We are called to have a renewed mind. We are called to follow Jesus were called to belong to Jesus or called to bear fruit were called to be an image bearer of God cuz ultimately were called to glorify God. But what is our specific calling? That's what everyone is called to do like if if you don't if you're not those then you're not that but what are you specifically called to do as a as a Believer as a disciple and that's Paul talking about different parts of the body that we are one body. But but but comprised of many parts. So what are you you that you the foot of the ear in the mouth of the I would are you as a part of the body in and we're all important. We're all Irreplaceable on some of us might think that were the appendix and disposable but as a matter of fact current state

I still have mine even though as a kid. I just I used to daydream about having my appendix rupture and having to be rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery. I don't know why I should see a counselor or something or maybe your if you have the gift of knowledge and you can tell me what that's about. Not sure. or many parts, but one body give many callings but one purpose and therein lies the the Has a few times they spotted throughout. Just imagine I'm Paul does order some giftedness in terms of importance. It seems when he's riding to the Corinthians and I'm so hesitant because it sounds like it's contrary to what he's saying about every part being valuable, you know every Parts valuable but like the most valuable. I have a couple of those gifts there towards the top. If it sounds like I'm saying that something is more important than any other than then I'm saying it wrong. Are your hearing it wrong telling you right now Paul describes us as the body of Christ on purpose. Every part is valuable every part has a part to play. There are no small or insignificant parts of the body. As a matter of fact that Parts all says that seem to be insignificant or or seem to be the ones that we need to cover up or those are the ones that we actually treat with with greater care and and modesty. We're all important. We all have a calling we all have gifts. So let's talk about gifts today. What are gifts put very simply spiritual gifts are tools in the toolbox? Okay, we all have a part to play and we use those tools to think just it's the it's your hand in the body of Christ. Your spiritual gifts are the tools that you put in that hand. Like a lot of work was done here on the on the platform yesterday and I wasn't here gay couple Brothers Saints in our church. Got a bar on a Saturday and it came right and they didn't just use their bare hands. You probably would have had I asked him to just we have the best people here if I'm going to write a book how to be a great pastor at great people.

They put tools in their hands and they accomplished like amazing things with tools. Those are spiritual gifts spiritual gifts are the tools that God will place in the hands. In the different parts of the body. To do the work of the Kingdom to bring him glory to bring us joy to bring life and Enlighten and peace and actual actual not fake prosperity of his people meaning prosperity in spite of lack of money are terrible circumstances. He calls the body to to prosper in to thrive and he does that through using the different parts of the body and using tools in the hands of the body. They're not just skills or talents spiritual gifts. Certainly. We can use our talents. God will use our talents but but it but gifts are much heavier than much deeper the more eternally significant. A talent is something that you can do work on and develop yourself. Like if you want to be better at something you can as my grandfather said there's no substitute for practice. You can you can work on talents and skills, but gifts are given imagine that gifts are given by God and developing grown by God. And as we work in our gifts as God works through us in our gifts, we actually find that our gifts grow and develop so that's why we can get confused sometimes about skills and talents and spiritual gifts. In the same way that we can use a talent in and practice at Talent home that Talent God will do the same thing through us. He will continue to work that giftedness through us as we are being used by him to fulfill that calling cuz they're not just skills and talents their they're given just given And it's not like Lottery at the beginning of your life in like at the beginning of your walk with Jesus. You are terrible at this whatever in the body, you're not condemned to that as a matter of fact years ago about a decade ago. I started praying and asking that God would equipment gift me in a new way in and he did in a way that hadn't existed for gifts are given and they're grown and developed by the Holy Spirit by God himself. And we find as a shared last week that as we become more like Christ as we abide in Christ. Those gifts will manifest themselves and will grow and be developed and you'll find that your gifts in your calling. weaves together much like a a body moving together and its mother's womb. Psalm 139 Woven together in the womb. That's what God does with his body. So Christ does with his body. He weaves us together and we'll find that are calling in our giftedness go hand-in-hand. You might think that you don't have a specific calling or a specific gift and in 1st Corinthians 1 4 through 9 corrects you in that wrong think you also as I give my thanks to my God always for you because of the grace of God that was giving you in Christ Jesus that in every way you are enriched in him and all speech and all knowledge. Even as a testimony about Christ was confirmed among you show that you are not lacking any gift notice. He's speaking to the body of Christ in Corinth. He's not speaking to an individual send a WeChat. We have a tendency to sew over individual eyes every word of scripture. We think that it that falls right into US specifically individually like me. I have all the gifts. It's so that you are not liking it in to get the none of mazing Southerners have a leg up in improper biblical interpretation. You don't know this but I do cuz I am one. But y'all in there.

Call Sid so that y'all are not lacking any gift. Together as a body were not lacking any gift. God calls us to make disciples of our neighbors. Amanda we don't yes we do. Cuz we're a body. Right. We're not an eye where we and God is weaving us together. So that y'all are not lacking any gift as you wait for the revealing of our Lord Jesus Christ who will sustain you to the end Guiltless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is faithful by whom you were called into the fellowship of his son. Jesus Christ Our Lord. No such thing as a Christian who isn't called. No such thing as a Christian who isn't gifted you might not know what that gift is yet. That's what we're doing here together is I want us to discern what our gifts are and then what does the body need me to do with these gifts? Might stumble upon your gifts and that might lead you to understand your calling you might stumble into your calling and that might lead you to to figure out why I left it in a way. I never knew I had see what I sent so frustratingly. Call Leonard woven everything not nearly as cut-and-dry as I wanted to be. 1st Corinthians, 12:12 through 14 for just as the body is one and has many members and all the members of the body though many are one body. So it is with Christ for one Spirit. We were all baptized into one body. Jews are Greek slave or free and all were made to drink of one spirit for the body does not consist of one member but of many. We are one and we are many. You are so we are called to be a body and every part has a unique gift.


you were made. on purpose for a purpose

every single one of us made on purpose for a purpose

1st Corinthians, 12:26 through 31st Corinthians, 12 26 through 31. If one member suffers all suffer together, if one member is honored all Rejoice together to think about how your body reacts okay to great things and a terrible things. Something is flying at your face. Write your hands and your legs aren't like. against Army

Your whole body ducks and covers right? Because something else is happening to one part of it one part suffers. Also, here's my best example. I'm sorry, I also It is both. I am standing in my kitchen and our stove has two little pull-out drawer, you know underneath the oven for the pots and pans are going for the baking sheets and stuff. And it's you know, like just a pressed steel can a metal thing on the signs of these little plastic caps that cover up the broad Jagged sharp metal edge of it and I I looked down and one little past plastic capsules was on the floor and Thomas who's the responsible one says you should right now put that cat back on that drawer Tommy. said

Thomas's how do that right now? And Tommy said I know it'll be fine, loves to say it'll be fine. Okami

somebody got my attention. I turned very sharply and my my pointer toe. Write a pointer to write. Right next to the thumb show the pointer toe.

He panics cuz I turn too far to sharply. And and he panicked in in in Puerto reached out and grabbed the edge of the drawer.

Rest of the body was determined, you know, you're on your own pointer, toe and I continue to turn as pointer toe tried and failed to hold on.

Half of pointer toe was sheared right off. the skin just

didn't stand a chance I collapsed on the floor.

the words the thoughts that

I got myself together right my whole self together. And I stand up and I'm a little I'm a little woozy cuz it just it hurt that bad and I thought I mean I need to get some paper towels. Maybe some gauze. Where is it? Oh, yeah, it's over here and I turn wheel sharply. And pointer toe not learning from his previous mistake panicked and he reached out any grab the edge of the drawer. And I did it again.

Back on the floor, okay. I mean percentage-wise how much of my body is is is pointy down there.

But yet every single bit of me. when one of us suffers all of us suffer


And when one of us rejoices, we all Rejoice if one member is honored all Rejoice together. Now, you are the body of Christ individually members of it. God has appointed in the church first apostles second prophets third teachers, then Miracles then gets appealing helping administrating and various kinds of tongues know Paul is speaking specifically to the Corinthian Church. They had issues. It problems might be everything that our body has our history read Corinthians.

They had some issues. One of the things is that they were completely caught up in that murdered fascinated idolized the gift of tongues and it was disorderly and it was show Bode and people were declaring and

pause correcting them What good is this? Great the Holy Spirit speaks a language through you that no one else knows fantastic. That's for you clown. Stop showing off. It doesn't benefit everyone. You know, what does Bennett benefit everyone?

the words of Prophecy Hearing from God and declaring from God what the people need to hear? Sit down.

And I can speak. He's ordering things because things are are chaotic right here in the car. And like I said, it doesn't mean the one with the gift. Prophecy of apostleship doesn't mean that they're more important. It means that actually their gift benefits everyone. So so God in a way, I mean, no not in a way. Is placing the importance of everyone above the individual. He just happens to move through the individual. He's not ordering people in in in in in their value. As a child of God as a disciple of Jesus. He just saying look they have a specific gift that will bless the entire body. Not just the one. So let him speak. There's a point in the church first Apostle second prophets third teachers, then Miracles various kinds of tongues are all the fossils are all profits are all teachers do all work near do I possess gets a feeling you all speak with tongues do all interpret. But earnestly desire the higher gifts and he specifically referring to apostleship and and in prophetic word indignant awkward. But I hope you remember this. He says I will show you a still more excellent way and he said regardless what your gift is.

You are too love. We are not just called to be a body were called to be a loving body.

how to be a loving body

Your giftedness your specific hauling has zero bearing on your Worth to God. And your words to the body we are all valuable. We are all important. We are to know those gifts. And we get them from scripture. You could have some skills and some talents that are useful to the kingdom, but they fall outside of scripture. So we keep them in the category of of skills and talents.

Secure are in again. There's some quibbling about how many spiritual gifts there are and there's a few different places from scripture where we get them and then you can infer some and so if you like Google what are all the spiritual gifts you'll get a few different list for the most part they all agree on the major things are some minor equivalent with her music is a spiritual gift or not. I tend to kind of think that it is but anyway here is kind of a list that seems to be the most widely accepted from the scriptures gifts are pasal prophecy teaching Miracles healing helps Administration tongs exhortation giving leadership Mercy service discernment Faith knowledge interpretation wisdom evangelism Pastor celibacy and hospitality and then they're their there may be more some of those some people going to quibble with but let's look through these real quick. And again, it's like a Just a messed-up entrancing about it. Just a list of these gifts a quick passage of scripture in and kind of a brief explanation of them in and I first put them in the order that Paul did I just thought that would be appropriate the spiritual gift of apostleship first thing we need to understand. It is a lowercase a apostle. There are uppercase a apostle Paul write and the other authors of the Epistles of the New Testament. They were capital A Apostles in there won't ever be any more. We got some dudes that are that are inflating their importance quite a bit in the Kingdom because I have to give a gift of apostleship. It means the ability and the

I just want to use the word Knack. It seems like such a silly word but really is a good one David ability. They have a knack for planting the gospel and seen churches grow from it. And what's crazy about this gift is it it has to be proven by evidence and experience. It's not like ethereal if you claim to have the spiritual gift of apostleship and yet you're not at the work of a planting and growing a revitalizing churches. I'm sorry, maybe you do have it and you are unrighteously hiding that light under under a bushel. No. I need to let it shine or maybe you're trying to claim that you have it and trying to be shiny and you're not it's proven by evidence and experience from 1st Corinthians 9:1 through to Paul says am I not free. Am I not an apostle have I not seen Jesus our lord are not you my workmanship in the Lord if two others. I am not an apostle. At least I am to you for you are the Seal of my apostleship in the Lord soap always using the presence of the Corinthian Church to say look am I not an apostle? There was not a church the Holy Spirit moved and guided through me and now there is a church. Chipotle's using the evidence of the Corinthian Church to prove that. He does have that gift in that places him in a in a position of authority and they should indeed listen again. So it's one of my favorite words. So dodgy want to know what a donkey Body of Christ looks like just read Corinthians. Then there's a gift of Prophecy from 1st Corinthians 14 1 through 4.

Pursue love earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you might prompt assign for one who speaks in a tongue speaks not to men but to God for no one understands him, but he utters mysteries in the spirit on the other hand the one who prophesize speaks to people for their up building and encouragement and consolation the one who speaks in a tongue buildup himself, but the one who prophesize builds up the church, this is from a big dialogue that he's having with the Corinthian Church about the speaking in tongues deal in about prophecy saying that prophecy is board beneficial to the body again why he ordered it higher? I mean you said that speaking in tongues has its place but it it's not doesn't benefit the whole body. So he would rather speak, you know, one word in the language of the people than a billion in the tongues of an Angel. The gift of Prophecy is misunderstood in that most of the time we imagine that means like like looking into the future or something like like like a fortune teller or something that's not really the gift of Prophecy now some prophets, especially the capital P prophets in scripture were able to do that, but I'm talking again. Everything's lowercase here after Jesus. Everything's pretty pretty lowercase compared to his Capital C price of capital see Jesus.

How do you spell dummy? So the lowercase p gift of Prophecy is that you're able to hear from the Lord? What is that people in that place at that time need to hear and yeah, you're able to see with the gift of Prophecy Yuri, you're able to see where this is going to go. Like you can look at a culture. You can hear from God you can see where they're going unless they listen unless they repent unless they receive that message that's been given. No also with the gift of Prophecy and end. This is how it goes off the rails a lot of times in the body of Christ. It is it's not checked by scripture. a word of Prophecy will never add to normal ever contradict the scriptures we test every word proclaimed. According to the scripture now, there are words that are somewhat extra-biblical which means you won't find them chapter and verse in the scripture, but they're in keeping with it. Right. I mean we won't find anything in the Bible about what we need to do with with these five acres and how we should know a remodel the sanctuary. Right, but but even as we listening to certain what God would have us do we find that it's in keeping with scripture. We don't go outside of it and the gift of Prophecy just like tongues you can go and an apostle shipping go well off the rails it it's the ability to hear from God a word in to share it with a people a person or a time and it is your fallible. So whether your title is Pope or preacher week, we take your words and we gave them by scripture, but the words of a prophet specifically that giftedness their words that tend to not be ignorable. The words that make might cause you to wrestle right like you don't either stick with you. I'm saying them to the ground. Maybe you go to scripture.

Write an infant Reddit hash it out. But you can't just ignore it. You can't just forget it. That's one of us a mark of a word of a of a profit rather than the words of a of them.

Knowledge knowledge is very specific. But the words of a prophet. Sometimes you want to ignore them, but you can't from 1st Corinthians 14 1 through 4 pursue love.

Again teaching not my deal up teaching from 1st Timothy 4:11 through 16 command and teach these things Paul talking to Timothy. Let no one despise you for your youth but set the Believers an example in speech and conduct in Love & Faith in Purity until I come to vote yourself to the public reading of scripture to exhortation to teaching do not neglect the gift you have which was given you by prophecy when the Council of Elders laid their hands on you see how that gift was given. He wasn't necessarily born with it. It was it was given that later in life for the Holy Spirit practice these things immerse yourself in them. So that all may see your progress keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching persist in this for by doing so you will save both yourself and your hearers the gift of teaching and inability to understand and communicate biblical truth and a clear and logical manner. Like I said before preaching and teaching are different preaching it is like is like teaching through the lens of Prophecy or exhortation.

Preaching is is is teaching through the lens of Prophecy or exhortation? What is that ability to just read and know and explain and and describe and unpack the scriptures with gift of healing from Acts? 19 11 through 12 in this is this is this craziness right? Here is awesome. And God was doing extraordinary Miracles by the hands of Paul so that even handkerchiefs or aprons that had touched his skin or carried away to the sick and their diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them and know this does not mean that if you give to that Ministry and he sends you a handkerchief to put under your pillow that you sleep better at night. Now now this is this is for capital P Paul. Not for clown hat on channel 472 at 3 in the morning.

The gift of healing is the holy spirit using you as a conduit through which physical healing is brought about for God's glory. Not yours.

No one with the gift of healing will sell it tickets.

If you can knock down. half of a stadium with your gift

go to the hospital and walk quietly up and down the hallways.

and then leave I'm convinced the gift of healing is so alive in the church through the hands of a lobotomist or an order

Don't say a word. attention to themselves A nurse or a doctor? I can't can't you see it the nurse comes in just to check your blood pressure and she's praying over you and then you go down for surgery and certain dri Where does the tumor go?

The reason we're tempted to believe that maybe it doesn't exist anymore. Is that those with that gift? Happy humility. To give God the glory and not them so.

Gift of helps and mercy and service from Galatians 6:1 through two brothers. If anyone is caught in any transgression you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself lest you to be tempted bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ the one with the gifts of help and mercy in service day. Just want to be helpful. And of servants and show Mercy not complicated.

No, here's the thing. Your you know on the road and you see one who is been set upon. Mine are duels. We are all called to bandage up the wounded right carried in the next town and right but there are people who like this is what they are pursuing. Did the special dispensation work almost like that gift of healing just their presents? I just it's just natural Unstoppable outflow. They're just helpful. They're just merciful. They just serve and again, they don't make a big deal of themselves. So desperately want to ironically make a big deal of one of our Saints here, but I'm going to honor them and not but just know that we got one. And he's worked really hard to bless us all. He doesn't want to be now.

What's got to be glorify? Yah, spiritual gift of administration. Not it. Titus 1 4 through 5 the tightest my true child in a common Faith Grace and peace from God the father and Christ Jesus our savior. This is why I left you in Crete so that you might put what remained in to order and appoint Elders in every town as I directed you. Take the gift of administration is organizing administrating surprise delegating. I choose to delegate delegation. She would have Good Genius move on my part. You're called to be in charge but your subordinate to the direction of the Apostles capital A or lowercase a Administration. You also tend to have the gift of service as well where you're okay with not being the guy but you love to order things and you love too too too long to put things into work. And can you see the just a beautiful hand of God in that in the beginning in Genesis write the Earth was formless and void and darkness was hovering over the waters. And then those six ordered days God. I mean he was all there. Is that awesome like all the stuff was there and then God spoke it and ordered it and organized it. So the gift of spiritual gift of administration is very much the same you're very much showing our God being an ordered God and with that gift gift of tongues. This could be an entire other sermon to this of course is not exhausted 1st Corinthians 14 1 through 19 19 vs. But yeah, let's read. Let's do it. I'm trying to speak fast when you try to hear fast and we'll get through all this. Pursue love and honesty desire spiritual gifts, especially that you might prophesied for one who speaks in tongues speaks not to men but God it's all in context. I got to read it again. I'm sorry. No one understands him but he utters mysteries in the spirit. The one who speaks in tongues on the other hand the one who prophesized beats two people for their building and encouragement consolation the one who speaks in a tongue builds up himself with the one who prophesied build up the church. Now, I want you all to speak in tongues, but even more to prophesy the one who prophesize is greater than the one who speaks in tongues, unless someone interprets so that the church maybe build up now Brothers if I come to you speaking in tongues, how will I benefit you unless I bring you some Revelation or knowledge of Prophecy or teaching if even lifeless instruments such as the flute or the harp do not give distinct notes. How will anyone know what is played and if the bugle gives an indistinct sound who will get ready for bed? So with yourselves if with your tongue you order speech that is not intelligible. How will anyone know what is said for you will be speaking into the air. There are doubtless many different languages in the world and none is without meaning but if I do not know the meaning of the language, I'll be a foreigner to the speaker and the speaker a foreigner to me. So with yourselves, since you are eager for manifestations of the spirit stride to its shell and building up the church. Therefore one who speaks in a tongue should pray that he may interpret for if I pray in a tongue my spirit prays, but my mind is unfruitful. What am I to do? I will pray with my spirit but I will pray with my mind. Also I will sing praise with my spirit but I will sing with my mind also. Otherwise if you give thanks with your spirit, how can anyone in the position of an outsider? Say Amen Thanksgiving when he does not know what you were saying for you maybe giving things well enough, but the other person is not being built up. I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you nevertheless in church. I would rather speak five words with my mind in order to instruct others than 10,000 words in a tongue. Knights dancers. Yes. Get two tongues exists. And it is a blessing undoubtedly for the one who speaks. the god about the body Right, and if you have the gift of tongues and you can pray it's like it's like your spirit and the Holy Spirit tells your flesh. Just could you step aside for a moment? You're just getting in the way. Just give me one moment and your spirit the Holy Spirit has a conversation and then you alright. Alright flush come back in here. It's complicated. You actually won't just wait. Nevermind. Jesus is coming back. Just never continue. I agree with all that. Praying in tongues is about your spirit in the Holy Spirit have a conversation speaking in tongues is the holy spirit giving you words to say, but if it's not going to be interpreted then shush. Because I mean what you're just showing off. Okay. Again, there's plenty more to said the gift of interpretation spiritual gift of interpretation.

I could get beyond the weekend. I can already did it, right?

You might not be the speaker up that language, but you can hear it and you can know I've seen it done. It's amazing. I was at a church in in someone shared. You spoke in a tongue and then someone immediately stood up and interpreted it and it like connected with me. It didn't seem discordant at all. Like yeah, but it was done in order and it was undoubtedly in in the glory of God because I had no idea who it is either those people were it wasn't for their own showboating this it was it was for me part of the body guy that they're the spiritual gift of exhortation from Philippians 3 17 through 20 Brothers join and imitating me and keep your eyes on those who walk according to the example you have in us for many of whom I've often told you and now tell you even with tears walk as enemies of the Cross their end is destruction. Their God is their belly and the glory in their shame with mine set on Earthly things, but our citizenship is in heaven in from it. We away to save your the Lord Jesus Christ. It's just an example of exhortation. It's clear. It's sometimes harsh.

convicting its unambiguous gift of exhortation all of these seem to have like a Bizarro dark version of it that could harm the body and not serve it not help it. Gifs of exhortation are important cuz we all need correcting. To be a disciple of Jesus is to be disciplined by Jesus same word. And sometimes we need those direct words of discipline.

The gift of giving from Philippines for 16 through 20 even in thessalonica. You sent me help for my needs once and again not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit. I receive full payment and more I am well supplied having received from epaphroditus the gifts a fragrant offering a sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to God and my God Will Supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. You are God and Father be glory forever and ever I'm in to check it out to Paul's acknowledging that all of our provision comes from God, but guess what it comes from God through people.

Right. And so you might have the spiritual gift of giving if when you hear a need you want to be the through? You feel an urgent need I could be there through God could do this through me. I have it. I have it because God gave it to me. It's to be given you might have the spiritual gift of giving did you get the face? Get the spear to get the fates facts have no bearing. On your confidence or your contentment not all of us are given faith is from Ephesians 2:8 for by Grace. You have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing. It's the gift of God to all of us if we're Disciples of Jesus. We've been given faith in Jesus, but the spiritual gift of faith. Is that rock solid person in the matter what happens they have not moved? And sometimes it's to them that we can hold onto. Serving the body of knowledge from 1st Corinthians 2:6 through 7 yet among the mature. We do in part wisdom. Although it is not wisdom of this age or in the rulers of this age who are doomed to pass away, but we can party secret and hidden wisdom of God which God decreed before the ages for our glory and 1st Corinthians 1 4 through 5. I give thanks to my God always for you because of the grace of God that was given to you in every way you were in Richton him in All speech in all knowledge. There's a movie. They're not suggesting that you see called Good Will Hunting and he's in he's a mathematical genius and he's trying to describe to his girlfriend. What in the world is going on and he says, you know how some people can just sit down in front of a piano and play when it comes to numbers I can just play Gift of knowledge. Is there some people who just Can See Clearly? In you an organization in the scriptures there just given this amazing Knowledge from God again for the building up of the body. Just a just a couple more here this from Luke 21:15 for I will give you a mouth and wisdom which none of your adversaries will be able to withstand or contradict anybody ever heard of Zacharias. Fruit concentrate have a slice of that soaking in your sink and or know, it got a dinosaur like this big.

childhood tried coming back It's like it's like a little bit. Oh my God. I had that I had the same. I'm going to date myself. I didn't sing book on tape from Ravi Zacharias can man live without God and every road trip. I went on as a teenager young until I didn't have a car with a tape deck. I'd listen to the same thing. It's so wise people with the gift of wisdom can not only see the tracks They know how to fill them. Right and dumb frustratingly enough. They seem to be the older dude to sit quietly. And then at the end of the thing they say the one thing and then we go. I mean, of course. horse tack he or she has that gift of wisdom gets an evangelism from acts 8:26 through 40 now an angel. You know what I can't I can't read, you know the story it's it's Phillip in the Ethiopian eunuch is led by the spirit. I mean and end this Ethiopian he's like, I don't get it and guess what Philip had the gift to do explain it in for not boom. He's been baptized like that spiritual gift of evangelism is when you're on a road trip with with someone and you go in to get a diet. Dr. Pepper or what not and you come back and they're leading the person on the other side of the gas tank to Christ. Like you got someone in the Kingdom like it's a gift. It's a it's a gift and the Ugly abusive side of that gift is when you turn it into salesmanship. We are not used car salesman. night not people with the gift of evangelism can just lay it out authentically and truthfully spiritual gift of Pastor ship is from John for Jesus as Shepherd Pastor same thing. I'm so we get to shepherding the gift of pastoring. Jesus had it that woman at the well in John for it and she is a woman with so much baggage. She got so many secrets so many reasons for Jesus to not spend time with her, but yet he does. Drawers for clothes she's right into her heart and leads her. People with the spiritual gift of pastor Pastor ships are broken for the broken the desire to encourage redirect to bind up in to heal then we get to celibacy which is a gift that everyone who has been given it wants to give back. Looking around for their receipt. 1st Corinthians 7 6 to 9 now as a concession not a command. I say this I wish that all were as I myself am but each has his own gift from God one of one kind of one of another to the unmarried into the Widow's I say that it is good for them to remain single as I am. But if they cannot exercise self-control they should marry for it is better to marry than to burn with passion. It's a special dispensation to be wholly devoted to Christ in his body. And the beautiful thing about it is in and that's in that's what Paul says is there not encumbered by the righteous requirements of marriage. It is right and righteous that I spend so much of my day so much of my energy so much of my labor serving. My family would be unrighteous of me not so Paul says yet do what you got to do. Are they going to tell you? Every day from sunup to sundown and while I sleep I can devote all of that. To the body of Christ and it's a good thing if you have that gift.

Find your peace your excitement your encouragement with Paul. You get to serve the body of Christ unencumbered you're free. Do it Lord calls you do it. Amazing and the spiritual gift of hospitality from 1st Peter 4 9 through 10. Show Hospitality to one another without grumbling Tommy. As each has received a gift use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's very Grace Pastor in college called it gospel tality. Aaron Weimer gospel Talley you proclaim the gospel by showing people their worth. through hospitality Now I'm just put a pin in this and we can pray and be done. Jesus sends out the 12 disciples from Luke 9. It's not up there. It's down here from loosen up from Luke 9 Jesus sends out the 12 disciples and called the 12 together gave them power and authority over all demons in to cure diseases and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and he'll and he said to them listen take nothing for your journey. No staff. No bag North read my money. Do not have two tunics. Riverhouse you enter stay there and from there to park and wherever they do not receive you when you leave that town shake off the dust from your feet as a testimony against him simply means this everything that we need is going to be given to us. Every gift that we need is going to be given to us. It doesn't mean doesn't mean we're not strategic doesn't mean that people don't exercise your gift of leadership for their gifted Administration use them. It means don't delay. We set out we start the work now.

We don't wait for the sign. We don't wait for the sanctuary. We don't wait for the disorder that we just begin now. He has sent us we can figure out our gifts on the way. You figure out our callings on the way. It's going to be awesome when we do but let's not delay spray. Yeah, we've already sent here to long today. I just feel it.

There people that that need to to see our face and hear our voice and Stan are present in and be served. Be honest. The Shield

You are going to do that through us. Jesus you are the head of this body. Not a one of us gets to be the head. We're all just different parts.

Show us where we are show us what we are to do, but maybe we do it.

It was it was with with with passion and energy, NC.

And where we're lacking show us, who is it lacking? Who's right next to us in this body. And be built up and encouraged by them.

This is your deal. God this is your deal. Your plan is your problem. Go back through us for your own glory and our own joy. We love you Lord, Jesus. We thank you and your name we pray. Amen.

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