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17) ARE YOU ONE-DIMENSIONAL? -- Sounds pretty horrible, doesn't it. Like someone who has "no shape!" But believe it or not, many of us are. We strike off to work each day (and some of us work in our home-office without even the option of (striking out!"), basically doing the same activity... emailing, .... browsing, ... coding, ... reading..., or even... teaching,
grading, office-ing, etc. You get the idea.

I've thought about this recently because someone said to me last week, "I'm so glad you've got so many interests... soccer, your kids, your wife, remodeling your basement (Ed. note: glad *that's* done!), etc." At first I thought, so what would be wrong with me if, every day, I just went into the
office and typed out emails!? The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized -- we aren't, by nature, one-dimensional beings. Jesus grew "in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and men." (Luke 2:52) Maybe we should be growing in multiple areas too!

So... stop and take an inventory of your own life: What do you do to grow in wisdom . . . each and every day? There's this guy I know from Evansville, IN, (his name's Todd) and it doesn't matter what day or month you ask him, you can always depend on the fact that he'll have just
finished a new book. To try out my theory, when I saw him this past weekend, I said, "Todd, tell me what book you're reading?" He answered without a second's hesitation... something about the effect of television on culture. Goodness. Most people just sit there and *watch* it, without
trying to analyze it. Not Todd. He's growing in wisdom.

What do you do to grow in stature? Where do you get your exercise? I'll confess... it took me *years* to find a regular exercise program. I think we all need something that we *enjoy* and that's practical for our lifestyles. My wife rides an exercise bike (into the floor, just about!). I
mean... she rides! (We're on our third bike in 9 years! She literally wears the bearings out! On one bike, I replaced the bearings 3 times before she wore out a part that they don't replace!) Find something you like and do it... Me? Surprise. I like soccer. My doctor checked me over two weeks ago and said I had the health of a 15-year-old... and I'm 42! (The guys in my office were a bit discouraged, I think. I've got one of those "key man" policies that pays out something like a third of a million dollars to our mission org. on the day I die! :-) ) Whatever you do, find something that works your heart, your muscles, and rests your mind!

What are you doing to grow in favor with God? Our family is helping plant a church in our neighborhood. Some of the folks in our mission org. office each English to Bosnians... others lead music at a Hispanic Bible study.  These ministries are all good... but we've also got to do something deeply personal... study the Bible with our family, our spouse, and/or individually. Memorize scripture. Whatever.

What are you doing to grow in favor with mankind? Maybe it's from a new  book you're reading... Something by Covey or ___ (fill in the blank with  an author who has helped you grow in your understanding of personal relationships)? Whatever you do, build those relationships to the glory of God
Because there's nothing quite so flat in life as being one-dimensional.

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