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I'm Down For The Last Time

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                                 I’m Down For My Last Time

                                                                Matthew 17:14-21; Mark 9:14-29; Luke 9:37-42

Note in the book of Luke that the words are, the devil threw him down.

As the boy was coming to Jesus, he was thrown down.

What is happening with you may be an indication that:

  1. The Lord has called you to Himself
  2. You are moving closer to where He is.

Let’s look at three things in this text/

I  The Disciple’s DefeatII   The Dad’s Dilemma, and  III The Divine Deliverance

I    The Disciple’s Defeat   vs. 17, 18

A.     The attempted to help the boy but failed.

B.     They could have and should have been able to do so.

C.     They failed to do what they had been empowered to do.   Matt 10:1ff

II   The Dad’s Dilemma     vs. 18

A.     Their failure brought frustration to the father of the boy.

B.     Our failure to do what we have been empowered to do brings frustration to those around us who come to us for help.

C.     Much of the frustration that fractures our fellowships is frustration with our failures.

1.      I don’t get frustrated about not being able to do things that I have not been empowered to do.

2.      When I am on a plane I never get frustrated because they don’t invite me to the cockpit.

D.     I can hear the frustration in the voice of the father of the boy. Vs 18

E.      Their failure caused debate and discussion between the scribes and the multitude that was following Jesus.

F.      When we fail to do what we should be able to do, we put other follower fo Jesus in an embarrassing position.

1.      They are always having to defend our dysfunction and defeat.

G.     Their failure not only case a problem for the dad and his son, but it provoked rebuke from Jesus.

H.     When He gets disgusted He takes matters into His own hands

1.      When this happens, all we can do is stand by and watch what he is doing but we are not allowed to be a part of what He is doing.

2.      Many churches will end up just watching His move if we don’t get into the flow of what He has empowered us to do.

3.      We must begin to practice the power of our potential and purpose.

Pg.  2

III    The Divine Deliverance      Vs. 20

A.     Decide and decree that, I’m Down For My Last Time

B.     Hear Jesus calling for you and start in the direction of His voice.

C.     Understand what is happening to you when you keep getting thrown down.

1.      It may be a spirit behind it.   Vs. 17

2.      It’s intending to ultimately destroy you.  Vs 22

a.       Note verse 18 and the word pineth.  It means to be worn to a skeleton, flesh dried up, to be left weak.

b.      This was the saddened condition of the boy.

c.       He had been through a lot

3.      It may be traced back further than you think.  Vs 21

a.       Check to see how….

4.      It may be a problem in your belief system.   Vs 22,23

a.       God’s is able, but the availability of His ability is determined by your ability to believe.


       If you are the boy that keeps getting thrown down, or the parent who is concerned to bring your child to Jesus or the disciple who has failed miserably in your attempt to do what you are supposed to be able to do,  you need to go to a private place with Jesus and start asking some questions.

Why can’t I do what I am supposed to be able to do.

Why can’t I do what I see you doing Lord especially when you told me to do the same thing.

When you ask be ready for an answer that will change your lifestyle.

Jesus said, this kind cometh not out but by prayer and fasting.

We are being called to a life of prayer.

We are being challenged to a life of fasting.

If we want the power we are going to have some regular periods where we must,

Stop eating, and Start praying.

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