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SALVATION (Immunity for Believers)

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Pastor Cherry Geo. Smith, III
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When God saved us, He gave us protection. In exchange for our witness, we gain Immunity. Listen!

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salvation immunity for believers

immunity for believers I want to talk about how salvation becomes if anybody in my familiar with immunity. We've seen that lately up on the hill around the White House and Congress with all these indictments that are coming out there a couple of them who have asked for immunity. for the testimony salvation operates much like the same way. Immunity is where salvation will. Set you aside or not. Allow you to be penalized.

for your testimony Watch this people were asked to come to Congress to confess or spill often asked to confess his until you confess. If we let you go free.

What people won't come fast if they know there's a penalty coming with it? So what salvation does salvation will set you aside and let you confess? on YouTube I'm a sinner. That's what the gospel is about. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a message that says Jesus died for your sinfulness. He rose again for your salvation. So we'll talk about that because once you've been set aside you need to be reclaimed.

So we're coming cuz what good is it if I give you immunity and your set aside but you're still on house arrest basically are you can't re-enter life because people penalize you even though you're not going to jail. You still reap the public opinion problem because you confessed are you understanding? So you're still not free even though you're not in jail. Do you know that that that that they're free, they're not in jail, but they're not free. Because salvation Works nor do they know how salvation Works in relation to their Humanity. Let me give you one more example of this last week we gave away these bracelets right to the youth So while we were up here with the Box giving them away to the use we had different colors remember? Cheyenne was in the audience and Cheyenne. We only had like maybe three black ones. I took one before we even brought the Box up here cuz I want to Blac Chyna looks at me while I'm holding the bus she said

So while I'm talking I see her say that to me I take the black one out. So Joy set that one aside. What am I doing? I'm saving. the black bracelet for Cheyenne That's what relation does when you get saved. God says I want you. Pink text you out of the general populace out of a group and set you aside. What song got nobody else?

Four Winds Cheyenne came up to notice. I want you to don't miss this. First of all, the black bracelet have to be set aside. But Cheyenne also had to come claim it. And the only reason why she was able to claim it was because I'm the one who set it aside, and I knew I set it aside for her. So when she came to get it, I knew that was hers and it was set aside. So I have the authority to give it to her. Ever go to a club or restaurant in you check your coat. Do you know why they give you a ticket number? The claim it later, but why do you need a ticket number? Because the person who set it aside may not be the person who gives it to you. Which means I don't know what your car looks like. They only know what your car looks like because the claim ticket but you what side is the one who set you aside so that when you come to claim your life, you don't need a train ticket. What does the same one who set you aside in the same one release is it to you? You understand what I'm saying? So when you say you're saved you say you're safe because that means I've been set aside I've been preserved so nobody else can get me what does that mean the devil can't get you Duck change the trip. conjecture How can get you so when you start saying what am I saying from and I won't deal with that today, but I'll do that in another sermon. I'll break it all down for you. I want you to understand that you are from something.

And when you say you were saved, that's why I asked you are you said you might look at what you mean? Am I say what is that? Why you like why you asked me out? I say because it's not a regular binocular. You don't want understanding that you are safe. Why does It season 6 tell if it says put on the helmet of salvation meaning in your mind, you need to be stinking like you are saved.

When you confront the enemy with the armor, you have a helmet of salvation on you. Got to know when you're fighting your battle. You can't lose. What appeal was? A prisoner of war so when you go to war forgot you cannot be captive or Taken.

So there are degrees in there are levels. So I slept with him sex with my focus on what I want you to see the richest. I mean, it's just insane what you get when you say just just watch this and Apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God to the Saints who are the actresses who are faithful in Christ. Jesus grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ so you can Grace and peace. All right, but be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ was blessed us with every spiritual blessing. Where is Heavenly places. Where did I place the bracelet in a box where it cannot be taken all of everything that pertains to our life and secures it where is Heavenly places? The devil cannot go to the Heavenly place and take what belongs to you.

Paul says another place. He says he says I have fought a good fight. I have kept the faith now ready to be offered and what did he say is laid up for me a crown of righteousness. For me and for all of those who come after me, and I don't wear crowns are because everything that belongs to me.

Have you ever worked on the computer and you're working on a document? And what do you do periodically you save it why so you know?

Why would God save you and said I lost you.

God Saves you somebody honest a man.

Dog tricks you're saying every so many few minutes again. Let me let me receive this. Let me let me let me show you the way off. I don't know anybody tell to work on computer. You can appreciate that. If you never lost a document you work hours on here's what I'm saying. You can't be saved and then all of a sudden fall off the ladder.

If you're really elaichi even if it gets lost we can go in the back and sometimes in and find it. So when you really off tomorrow given if Microsoft can't retrieve it, you can't get away from me. I saved you. Can I go and let me just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world that we would be holy and blameless before him. He predestined us to adoption as Sons through Jesus Christ himself, according to the intention of his wheels predestined us with all gossip to the praise of the glory of his grace when she freely bestowed on us in the blood in him. We have what Ridiculous when you go to get that coat from the u r r e d me and that claim tickets gives you redeeming power valet park your car here don't have a ticket you have to have redeeming power. Where is that Redemption through what we are saved through Christ. From when we enter in Christ we get rid of demon Tower. the Forgiveness of our immunity according to the riches of his

he's got to be higher than the Court Justice if he's not going to indict you so he's got to have the authority according to the riches of his grace. How rich is he? Okay, so he's above everything right so which he lavished on us and all wisdom and insight he made known to us. The mystery of his will quarters was kind intentions with your purpose in him with a view toward Administration suitable to the fullness of the times that is the summing-up of all things in Christ things. We're in the heavens and thing you got the balance human and spirituality what I'm saying? You got to know what's up there, but you got to know what's down here by kingdom come thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Come on somebody and him also we haven't changed what an inheritance having been predestined according to his purpose who works all things after the counsel of his will that we who were the first to Hope in Christ would be to the praise of his glory the end of your story is bending your story is the praise of his glory. That's what it is. Your story is to the prince. That's what being saved being saved me your best story finally comes to fruition at some point because God doesn't say if you have a calamitous in God saved you to be to the praise of his glory. Let me go on and keep verses.

You also after listening to the message of truth, but gospel your what it is believed you were sealed in him with what are inherited Whip Appeal to the Redemption of God's Own position to the praise. She is Glory. So I keep her ass is going to be dealing with. After listening lesson truth the gospel of your salvation for today's message is salvation, which is immunity for the Believers. Can I break it down for you verse 14 says who is giving us a plan a guarantee of our inheritance the Holy Spirit guarantees. You can reclaim it. I'll talk about that in a minute. So can I unwrap something for you here? Let me unwrap this what where's my first box? Where's my first box? Call Vana Vana Vana.

What's on rap this truth?

Is what you believe? Thank you, sweetheart. Are you here?

Believe I watch the text. Thank you and him. You also after what after you hear. to the message of the truth listen, so when you hear and you hear the truth which is the gospel of your okay, I got to unpack this. I got to unwrap it. That's that's why we tore it up and what you understand when we hear the message of Truth. We Believe what's the gospel of Salvation having also believe when it sounds true we When we hear it. And it sounds true. We believe it watch this. So if you hear something and you say that doesn't sound right that sounds like the truth. What happened? You say I can't believe that watch this practice because what you hear is what you

Okay, so the Bible says in him in Christ you are so after you heard what the messenger of Truth which happens to be this what I'm saying?

The gospel, which is the Genesis, which is the bringer of your what is the gospel. The gospel is truth. What is the gospel that Jesus rose again? Daddy was buried and rose again for your salvation. That is the truth when you hear that, but that's all the who I'm the message. your salvation to watch this the truth is what it is the gospel of your

When I was presenting the bracelet to you to Cheyenne, she believes that it was true that I was giving them away. And when she has to set aside the black one she believed it was true that I would. I was saying she should never would have got that if I wasn't telling true the words that I'm saying or what saved her black bracelet.

So when you come to church Can you hear the truth? And if you believe it that's why you can't fall asleep. You can't you got to stay awake. You got to stay connected. That's why you came into it as surely as if you believe it becomes the thing. is you

if you come that's what you said when you said on that front row, so when you come and you hear and you believe what does God do his sexual aside he places you were sad, and no one can bother you. Listen to what I'm saying. Now, we're shotguns Monday Monday Tuesday, as long as he keeps hearing the truth.

So what I asked you to read your word. When I asked you to read your word you are sharing. Truth and you believe it.

Thank you.

What do you hear?

what you now watch this I got two points for you. You can have the truck then believe it and it saves you. But you could also hear a lot and believe it and it exposes you you missed it while the truth will preserve you a lot will expose you.

Celeste I take another example Rashad he's believing a lot now. He's living Monday Tuesday when he's wide open.

Big wide open for somebody to take him anybody that I had a bicycle and they said mom said bring it back inside. Why cuz if you leave it outside? Mike somebody if you stay outside the word somebody can

my salvation

Call of Duty about me

How do you spell suck me? That's why it's called Grace.

It says are merited favor. Modular through the week riding on the surfboard of mercy and the wave of God's grace.


because I should have been life in prison with no parole.

Get your kids science. Because if it gets sides look at I want them Jordan put on the Jordans get them sized. They want another they want none of this.

I don't Can't Say No. Jordyn ain't coming to Salem and we're not just coming to see him in prison. but God will nobody stands with your God world. Denim saved what you getting for Christmas salvation? amen somebody So what you hear? is what you

Billy well, let me unpack another box cuz you know, I don't think you're ready another one person already left.

Let's see what this one says. This one says what you believe gives you. Remember me? So watch this if it has to be the truth? believe because the booties and the truth is what sets me When you when you get a minute, that means you don't get into eyes. It means you have the assurance. Assurance that the code is going to be there. What's this Anna? Cuz imma imma connect the train together in a second what you believe gives you immunity gives you a shirt that what you need is going. Give me some of that. Let me just tell you this but I used to work in law enforcement and then when you come in the jail.

You got to give you.

Mess up in jail for 10 years when I get out. You go see.


the only way I did it back.

Did for me.

cooling system that is unlike anything in the world.

It's separate from stuff separate from each other.

He knows right when you pray in secret the father will reward you. I went to get them out.

Let me unpack to text cuz you still looking like I'm sweating and I'm entertaining you I don't want to entertain you. I want you to hear this for yourself. I want your heart to jump. I want you to almost lose your breath because this word is so rich. The Bible says in him. You also after listening to the message of Truth The Gospel of your salvation having also believe that's where we stopped right you were. held We're and him how with the Holy Spirit of what it's all based on.

God saved you and he's not going to lose you what cuz he's got Promises to Keep. After you believe what you hear is what you believe and what you believe gives you immunity believe. I don't have been believed you were what I mean to me. You were sealed another word for let's do it two ways one. You can be placed in a vault in the Box filled up and nobody knows the combo but Josh some of us are in the Vault of God. She didn't of God waiting for our release from God, but I released from God is based on us hearing and believing the truth give you immunity.

Cuz you got to be able to tell the story, right? Why do you think Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years? Why because God wanted them to understand their story God. Why do you think he killed off a certain amount of the generation a part of the generation that was too bitter. They were to stink. They said they wouldn't tell the story right now so that when I do Relisha you give the story right? So he says you were sealed. So that's one way you can replace me something but then there could be a ceiling he still that's where there's the claim ticket. That's the claim ticket heat. Haven't you heard of the mark of the beast? The six six six it's a stamp. It's a feel for the devil to let his people know who belongs to him. Well, what's our seal? I feel today is the holy spirit. We don't have a stamp. number claim to the devil's plane ticket at 6

But when you come to God to get what you need, what's your claim ticket sealed with what the Holy Spirit you are a different your stuff is identified by the Holy Spirit.

You kind of house spirits. That's what the Bible says pray in the spirit. Because the spirits at the climate Romans 8 Altos and we know not what to pray for a sweetheart. But because we know not what the heck. Where y'all at the Holy Ghost

Oh my God. Oh my God.

You'll become sealed.

Time I talked about how the whole 666 regime would come into being and if I have time I'll talk about how Jesus didn't just pop into the world and say he was a saving. Do you have to be born through a woman? And then when the Antichrist comes I want you to understand he's not just going to pop up out of hell. He's going to be an actual child. That's born to body. He's going to grow up. Any grows into his power? And when he starts his reign of the three and a half years of false peace, then before that we will be raptured out but he will be born. He might even be born right now. the Antichrist

and he'll start passing out kiss. Seals because he's going to try to claim. What's the time in all the people who didn't get filled with the? Cuz everybody with the Holy Spirit when it's time to go Holy Spirit. I've never been running you can't run fast enough, but then the Holy Ghost you don't even know he's he's flying with you and you think it's because trouble he will scoop you up and carry you away from it.

contributors of how can destroy you

Why because you bear his? seal your sealed with all the I'm running out of time. Can I do one more? Can I unpack one more, but I want you to remember. What you believe? Gives you immunity. Look at Channel down when she on point liquor that liquor she ready already ready already. Let's unpack one more day. One more. They got the tape on this one real good that I can I can't get this one. Is Macy's men's Macy's? What what what gives you immunity guarantees possession? So what you hear is what you believe and what you believe gives you immunity and what gives you immunity guarantees. possession

okay. Let's wrap this up.

Who is given as a pledge talk about the Holy Spirit?

What did I say? Is it the one that gives you immunity guarantees? your possession

the holy spirit is given as a pledge of our inheritance. The holy spirit is given the term they are Greek mean as a guarantee. that we going to get our the point is when God Saves you he stamps you any guarantees.

You're saved and you will have life. This is where the power of scripture comes into play when the Bible says I came that you might have life and that more abundantly the reason you can have that is because it is a guarantee. Guaranteed living and that's why the devil's old slewfoot Lucifer comes around and tells you this situation is just how I was just deplorable. You never going to get out of that since you're never going to make it out of that. She's not going to die. You're not the type that you believe and trying to make you think that your life is not guarantee you back the devil up and say no God said, I'm safe to live. I have a right to live. I don't like to that coach. You better give me my coat the man from the devil because I guarantee.

I'm pretty like this.

If you ask somebody to marry them. You give them an engagement ring? The engagement ring Ben is a pledge. Alba truffle basically says I'm setting you aside depending on how long your engagement is. I'm setting you aside for a year. But Jimmy Tyrone Lisa or Sheila can't blame you.

But but it's not just that it's not just I'm putting you on preserve. I'm putting you on preserve so that when I come to marry you How do I know it's you with that big old ring I gave you, baby. I know it's you by the ring I gave you. So the Holy Ghost is God ring.

to remind

Take your ring off. I don't take my remind everybody around you. You don't belong to.

Until you get it. Thank you a mile for somebody said it says you are taking So what I say, I'm saved what am I saying? I'm taking

What a world filled with the Holy Ghost. What am I saying? So when the Devil comes in church when we filled with the Holy Ghost wind at the Devil. Because we say

What is Apple trying to come in your house and act a fool you get filled with the spirit show your ring and tell him my kids are taking that are covered with a Blog. backup Do you have a greater appreciation of your salvation at this point? Look at this. It's a guarantee.

Joe the Redemption

When I Say Say Yes to the Dress with a shopping for the dress

Engagement baby. What you want is the wedding. Don't just say I'm a Christian saved because when you say you saved it says somebody's coming to get this when you say you're such a good friend as you got a date on the bus.

It's A View to the Redemption of God's Own possession For what? To be to the price. I was going I can't stop. until my life It's in the praise. a face card will not quit. until my life

Is it the price of a music limousine cuz you're trying to you trying to come got the best required to the price don't come in come to the wedding in short raggedy and toilet without you. Your federal you show up to the price.

And conclude your life with life.

Am I helping anybody? Let me surrender. to this conclusion because we understand that would got wood gives immunity it guarantees tomorrow. possession because I'm saved. I know I got a good ending. Because I'm safe. I can ask whatsoever. I will. In his name and it shall be. Done because I'm saved no weapon formed against me shall be able to prosper because I'm safe. I can do by Joshua whatsoever. You put your feet on God will give it to you because I'm safe. My possessions are Darren. As long as you let me share this, I know I'm off strip right now, but I read this week about Gideon in Joshua how the Bible says that when Joshua was in the will of God when he found himself in the will of God. He was taking over the promised lands in Joshua. He was taking over he was taking over the promised land Canaan you were taking over city after City one city heard it was coming so they lied and tried to make an ally with him. So when Joshua was taking over the next city, he told God he told God this he said God stop the Sun for a whole day. And stop the Moon. He said don't let it move again until I finish annihilating these people during God will guess what I learned you can ask God whatever you want. As long as it lines up with what he's telling you, he's you can it is not God telling you what the price it is you telling God what to do through your prayer. I'm a boss. People come to my office at the meeting. I said, let's have the website up by Monday and their people underneath want to do that. So they come to me on Friday and say boss. Would you sign off on this because we needed to spend $500 to make sure this is up on Monday, and I'm going to go pick this up over here and imma get with Richard. Going to be up on Monday. Yeah, so whatever my employee tells me that's what I probe why cuz he's going to get the website. So when you go to God in prayer and you're doing what he told you to do, you can go to God and Saints. I need 250,000 because I'm going to set up this building over here to be able to be a shelter for the people over here so I can do this over here. Would you make it possible for the bank to give me the loan because you're doing what he asked you to do and whatever I got your possessions are guaranteed when you operate in his will If you don't praying about anything that is not working, it may not be. God's will and I can tell you as long as I've been doing Ministry when I know what I was doing in Ministry was his will I always got what I asked for that some stuff. I can write off a list right now. I didn't pray about the previous why I ain't got it. It was not a part. But his main real.

Focus on what you will is what is Willie and then ask up a storm. God stop the sun and the moon for 24 hours. If I had time I talked about how scientist have long determined how to get that one day back. It's about their Google it this is this goes all the way back on what gives immunity against the Sony cool with this salvation means immunity for salvation mean immunity. for believers when the Devil comes to take you say I'm I'm immune to that salvation. Will. Don't you know, you take Vitamin C to what the booster up your came today to give you vitamin A.

You walked out this door you walk out song. Red Devil jumped on you on Monday for that book.

unicorn the scripture in its face That's what it season 6 when it comes in when he starts acting up with the sword of the spirit.

Helmet of salvation what was going about with truth Shield of Faith breastplate of righteousness gospel Chief each other's got those gossipy and then be able to have your word of God and stab them.

Salvation means I have categories of lives waiting to be claimed. Possessed by the Holy Spirit. Here's what I celebrate. There's some parts of my life that I haven't even claimed yet. But that categorized. It's safe for me. My best self has not been brought out the closet. Don't you save your best suit? for real big event When you going to something real special you buy something I'm saying God has something special in the closet for all of us. How do we reclaim it? We will claim it by the spirit walking in the spirit living in the spirit walking in the spirit praying in the spirit singing in the spirit the spirit again. I dare you to get filled with the spirit in your moment of depression. I bet your depression walk out the door. I can't contend with this like this is just too much joy, let me just get up on us out of here with this. When Jesus needed to reclaim his life when Jesus was dead when he died and was buried when he reclaims his life who raise them up. But Spirit raise them up. That's what the Bible said it when he died and needed to rise again. What was it? They raise them up lyrics Jesus from the dead is on you.

Are you kidding me right now? So if you're going through something. That you think is not true to your grave. I'm saying to you you can rise again. Why because you're saved? And you've been saved by the spirit. That's why Jesus say why he did it. Don't matter what you call it sleep or death why I'm not worried about that. Why because of Lazarus?

So when Jesus walked around there after you been dead for days and he was thinking Jesus walked up in that says Lazarus. Come forth. That's how quick is it change for you? You can wallow in that bug you can wallow in depression all you want to but that is not God. That's you.

Your Resurrection is as quick as you can get filled with the spirit. When you come to church You Oughta be begging Pastor Cherry to have a moment to pray.

So I can get filled with the spirit because it when I'm filled with the spirit I can fight. But when you filled with yourself you're depressed. You cannot win this battle on your own.

I conclude with this remember the bones of Ezekiel and all them dead bones was in the valley. What did God say? Speak to Brianna Nguyen. He said breathe on it. And guess what? I'm going to start shaking them bones.

Difference between your Valley of Bones is the Breath of God spirit. Joanna that's why I called this place.



if you can bring your dry bones to this Valley. I've already promised you in my eat at earlier before the sermon. I promise as your pastor 52 messages dedicated to give them to you what God has said if you bring your dry bone God will breathe He will set you on fire. Turn that light on Startup what's in you tell you to bring them here. And when the Holy Spirit gets on you. Guess what you will.

That's what this year is about. breathing on us until we change on PC. And that's all I got.

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