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The Sensitivity of the Spirit2

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LUKE 2:41-46

            **There are two main truths that every Christian must learn to embrace; The sensitivity OF the Spirit and The sensitivity TO the Spirit. The word sensitivity has two meanings, one meaning is ‘the capacity of being easily hurt.” The other meaning is “the capacity for being aware of the needs and emotions of others.”


            **For some, having the capacity of being easily hurt may suggest a weakness in one’s personality. The second meaning, being sensitive to another’s feelings, is a strength. We all need to grow and mature in both of these areas.


            **However when we speak of the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit, we must refer to both of these meanings. When we speak of the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit we are speaking of about His “passive” feelings. It refers to how sensitive He is when He is grieved. It is this aspect of the Holy Spirit that causes the Dove to “fly away.”


            **If we can train ourselves to tune in to the sensitivity of the Spirit, we can learn what grieves Him, how to avoid grieving Him and how we must adjust to Him if we want to enjoy His intimate company.




**We can lose His presence:

            A.        Without KNOWING it CONSCIOUSLY!

            Lk 2:43 . . . Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem, but His parents were unaware of it! 44 but supposed Him to be in             the caravan . . .

**We can lose His presence:

            B.        Without MISSING it IMMEDIATELY!

            Lk 2:44 . . . and went a day’s journey!

**But we can’t lose His presence:

            C.        Without DISCOVERING it EVENTUALLY!

            Lk 2:44 . . . and went a day’s journey and they began looking for Him!



            A.        There are ISSUES we must ADDRESS!

            Lk 2:44 . . . Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem but His   parents were unaware of it!

                        1)         WHEN did you LOSE His presence?

                        2:43 Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem

                        2)         WHERE did you SEEK His presence?

                        2:44 . . . among their relatives and acquaintances 45                  when they did not find Him, they returned to                                     Jerusalem looking for Him!

                        3)         WHY do you DESIRE His presence?

                        2:49 And He said to them, “Why is it that you are                                 looking for Me?

            B.        There are ADJUSTMENTS we must MAKE!

            Lk 2:49 . . . did you not know that I had to be in My    Father’s House?

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