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Sunday March 17, 2019

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Your Lenten if you haven't gotten your Lenten devotionals, they are at the back of the church. Please take one and continue in our devotions as we make our way toward the Easter week. planning a wonderful Maundy Thursday service with a Passover meal and do you will enjoy not only the meal but our time of looking at the Passover?

As the disciples met with Jesus. He said I longed. For this day to come that we might gather together and we might have this supper together.

And we are going to be looking at the elements of Christ in the Passover. You'll want to be there. But this morning we are going to be looking at Christ.

in the lamb God will provide for himself the lamb. Looking at Abraham's life and I think you're going to see some things maybe this morning that you had not seen in this scripture before Abraham's faith is confirmed as he is trusting God. He's moved from his homeland and he's sojourn out and he wasn't sure where he was going. But God was leading are there times in your life where you don't know where God is leading, but you know, he's leading. Or you want to trust that God is in control. Of where he's leading you and where he's taking you in life because sometimes life gives us a curveball things. Don't go the way we planned them. It's nice to know that God has a plan and it is a plan is Jeremiah 29:11 says it's a plan for good and not for harm to give you a hope and a future in him. God has a plan turn to your neighbor and say God has a plan.

God does have a plan.

Now it came about As Time passed the after All of these things that God has been leading Abraham to the that God tested Abraham. He been waiting to have a son all of these years and even tried to circumvent God's plan and have a son Ishmael, but that wasn't God's perfect plan. I don't know if you've ever worked in life at trying to work out what God is doing in your life. But there is that realm of God's perfect. Well, and there is his permissive will a friend of mine George

Pastor George said it best when he said that there's a difference between a God thing and a good thing. and the good thing is that extra o And it's usually our own agenda. And we try to move many times in our own thoughts in our own desires in our own dreams instead of following God's perfect. Will we fall into his permissive will he can work even in those times to bring us along but it's not as perfect planned. Even now my son Peter is wrestling. With what God wants for his future and he he called up his dad and I was always glad to receive his call. Peter said I am I've been given a job offer and I'm not sure whether this is as you say Dad the God thing or just the good thing and I I don't want to move. Unless it's in God's perfect will and I know you to be a man of prayer and I was humbled he said would you pray with me? So as you think about things that you can pray for a pray for Peter Rails he and Aaron his fiancee for trying to make some weighty decisions in their life. Perhaps you are too. God had provided a son Isaac to Sarah and Abraham in their old age Abraham being 100 years old and God finally gave him the son that he had promised. So so many times and Abraham doubted at times, but then he gathered up his faith and he trusted in God in all that he did he trusted and had faith in God and I hope you see that Faith come out today. now came about it came to pass after these things that God tested Abraham sometimes God tests us to prove how much we love him to see if we're willing to trust him further.

To be stretched beyond what we think we can be stretched.

And he said God said to Abraham.

He said Abraham called him by name.

And Abraham said here I am.

And he said take down your son your only son Isaac whom you love. And go to the land of Moriah. And offer him as a burnt offering on a mountain that I will show you and I will tell you when you get there. Now that is a lot of faith. God's giving you a son you waited for a son. He's your pride in your joy. And God says I want you to offer him as an offering unto me.

And I will tell you where to go. Just get yourself ready.

So Abraham Rose in the morning, and he saddled his donkey and he took two of his young men with him and Isaac his son. any split wood for of the burnt offering

and he Rose and he went to the place where God had told him to go. Then on the third day Abraham lifted his eyes and he saw the place so far off and Abraham said to the young men who are with him stay here with the donkey and the land and I will go Yonder to worship. And we will come back to you underscore that line. And remember it, we will come back. He didn't say I'll come back. he said,

We will come back. So Abraham took the wood and for the bird operating and he laid the wood on Isaac his son. I am come to believe that there is a beautiful analogy.

Of the father laying the wood. On the son's back to carry to the place of sacrifice.

Because I see the analogy of Christ taking the Cross upon his back and carrying that cross to the place of sacrifice to the hill of Golgotha where he would be sacrificed and given for our sins. So Abraham took the wood and he laid the wood for the burnt offering on the back of Isaac his son and he himself took the fire in his hand the torch and the night for the sacrifice and the two of them went on together, but I see an example here. How many of you have kids? Or grandkids ? come on you do. They ever asked you questions ?

But Isaac spoke up to Abraham his father and said my father.

And his father said here. I am my son. They were walking right next to each other. Of course. I'm right here.

And Isaac said to his father. Look we have the fire and we have the wood but where is the Lamb for the burnt offering good question Isaac. Where is the Lamb for the sacrifice?

Now many Jewish Scholars, rabbis have said that Isaac was not a son of 12 years old. But if this time he was more likely to be somewhere between 25 and 30 years of age. So it is it is a Natural thing for him to know about sacrifices. He is probably watched his father make many sacrifices unto God and he knew there was a lamb involved and he said but where's the lamb? And Abraham is father said that my son. God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering this. The title of our message God will provide for himself the lamb. It's right here in Scripture.

God will himself provide the lamb for the burnt offering. So the two of them went on together. No more questions asked.

and when they did come to the place where God had told him and Abraham been built an altar of stones there and place the wood upon the altar. And therefore he bound Isaac his son and laid him on the wood on the altar. as the sacrifice Dale and I have been in discussion that probably being that he was as old as he was somewhere between 25 and 30. I'm going to say 27. just to say it the age of my my youngest son

It's just no way I could consider sacrificing my son.

To the Lord as much as I love him the Lord and my son would be so hard to do.

And her gift for Isaac to submit to his father, but he trusted God loved the Lord his God with all of his heart and soul is mine and his strength and he loved his father and trusted his father that if this is what his father was asking him to do. He said find me. But I might not struggle against you or against God that. Find me.

I thought to myself many times as I've read the scripture.

He was probably a strong strapping young man. It could have overpowered his elderly father who was over a hundred years of age at this time.

if he was 27 and he had Isaac at 100 they make him a hundred and twenty-seven years old and strapping young man would probably be able to overpower his father and say no way Jose. I'm not going through with this. But he submitted to his father. We have to keep that in mind. Jesus willingly went to the cross for you and I did he not He cried out in the garden that says he bled drops of blood sweat drops of blood as he prayed father. If there's any way to remove this from me take this from me, I don't want to do this nevertheless not my will but thine be done scripture tells us that Jesus submitted to the father Isaac's submitted to his father.

And I've got to believe that the whole time Abraham is saying to himself God you gave this young man to me. You promised me that you would bless the world through my Offspring father. If you were going to give me this sun and you're going to ask me to sacrifice him. I know you're going to give him back to me because that's the kind of God you are that's the kind of God Abraham was serving. He trusted he had faith in God to believe. And he laid his son on the wood on the altar.

And Abraham stretched out his hand with the knife.

And he was about to slay his son as the sacrifice God wanted and I know his hand must have been heavy. It must have been hurting him, but he trusted God he had faith in God and this was the most incredible thing any God could ask about a man.

And God asked it of him.

And you see his willingness to trust God. And raise that knife. To take the life of his son. But an angel of the Lord called out to him from heaven and said Abraham Abraham. So he said here I am.

And the angel said and I believe this is God himself speaking. Do not lay your hand on the lad and do not do any harm to him for now. I know that you fear me you did the term fear really mean in the Hebrew you reference me. You honor me you trust me. Now, I know that you fear me you reference me. You trust me since you have not withheld your son your only son from me.

What are the heck do faith? That Abraham lifted his eyes and he looked and behind him was a ram caught in the thicket with its horn soap Abraham went and took the RAM and offered up as a burnt offering to the Lord instead of his son. God did provide the lamb. as he promised God would provide the lamb.

And Abraham called the name of the place from that day and to this the Lord will provide say that with me the Lord will provide. As it is called to this day the Bounty of the Lord. The Bounty of the lord well where he will provide the Lord shall provide.

Then the angel of the Lord called to Abraham a second time out of heaven and said by myself so we know it must be the Lord. by myself

I have sworn says what Lord? Because you have done this thing and have not withheld your son your only son.

Blessing I will bless you and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars in the heavens and is the sand on the seashore. You cannot name or count all of the sand or all of the stars. And so shall your Offspring be because you have not withheld. even the willingness to sacrifice your son your only son I will multiply your descendants.

And your descendants shall possess the Gate of their enemies? Wow. I need for us to realize that when Jesus willingly went to the Cross God gave his son his only begotten son. He gave him as a sacrifice willingly for us. and Jesus willingly went

because he was the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world for once and for all that would have to be no more sacrifices given because Jesus was the sacrifice for our sin. He paid the price that we might have Redemption and freedom through Jesus Christ blessings upon you I will bless you and multiplying I will multiply your descendants.

And in your seed all nations of the Earth shall be one less.

All the nations will be blessed from your seed your Offspring because you have one obeyed my voice. So Abraham returned to his young men. And they Rose and they went together the son and his father and the two servants. Went back to birth Shiva. Abraham dwell there at Beersheba

Now I know that we're winding down. We have one more verse here. That was it.

I want you to think on this. as we think

I'm sure and will story with you here one of my favorite authors that I read while I was selling Dayspring greeting cards one of the owners of Dayspring greeting cards. Pastor Don Leach and his partner Dean Kearns worth Nazarene pastors who felt a compelling need to supply scripture-based greeting cards the Christians who wanted to share God's love and their heart. What do you want to share your heart? And God's love was the slogan for Dayspring greeting cards. That's how I met Dale without selling Dayspring greeting cards. And while I was out there on the road. I asked. Pastor Don If he had any good books that I could read while I was on the road then he the first book he handed me was on the life. in the ministry of a man called George Mueller Who'd been erratically wild young man in his youth?

But God got a hold of his life and he wandered the streets and he saw all the orphans. LeBron the streets from the Wars that had waged in Europe in he saw it or fence. And he saw the potential in these children and he knew they couldn't live on the streets and end up amounting to anything. So he without any resources to speak of got some people in the church to get him his first orphanage building and he started Gathering children together.

And I labeled this this is what faith looks like.

The children are dressed and ready for school at the orphanage. But there is no food for them to eat in the house mother of the orphanage informed George Muller. We have no food for the children. George asked her to take the 300 children into the dining room and have them sit at the table. As he began to pray because of Faith who believe that God could provide.

You might have nothing. But God has everything and he can provide. by the way

that mountain that place

Did Abraham named the Lord God will provide? that word is simply two words depicts the name of God that Abraham would from then on know God by not just Jehovah. He was Jehovah-jireh. the Lord God Will Supply the Lord God will provide So George Buehler head? The house mother have all of the 300 kids sit in the dining room as he began to pray. Any thank God. That's the way you begin prayer, isn't it pastor? You think God? You think Kim before you ask him? He thank God for the food and then he waited and he knew God would do what provide?

And as he was waiting and he was praying within minutes. There was a knock at the door and a baker. Had showed up and said Mr. Buehler last night. I could not sleep somehow. I knew do you read this morning? So I got up and I baked three batches for you and the children. May I bring it in?

soon there was another knock at the door and

mr. Bueller opened and it was the Milkman his cart had broken down in front of the orphanage the Melt would spoil surely by the time that the wheel would be fixed and he ask George if he could use milk for the orphans. George smiled and the Milkman brought in 10 large cans of milk and it was just enough bread and just enough milk. for the children

and therefore I say and I hope that you can recognize Jehovah Jireh Genesis 22:14. It's all about God will provide if you trust him just a short little bit more about George Muller. More than 10,000 children lived in that orphanage over the years 10,000 children.

And when each child became old enough to live on his own George would pray with them and he would put a Bible in their right hand and he put the coin place the coin in their left hand and he explained this would you catch this church. He explained to the young person. Going to be held on tightly to what was in his right hand. God would always make sure that there was something in his left hand as God will provide. At the time of Euler's death in 1898. God had supplied as they estimate over 7 million. 500000

In the estimated cost of what was given in monies and in food and in resources to his orphanage and those orphans who trust and solely on the Lord he's trusted solely on the Lord. Who brought every need to him God In Prayer his legacy throughout the world was that he remembered as a man who got he was remembered as a man who got things from God.

Do you get things from God do you trust him for? Your every need physically mentally spiritually emotionally in every way do you trust him?

E m bounds the great man of prayer himself writes this of George Muller the work of George Muller in Bristol England was a miracle of the 19th century. It will take the opening of the books of the great Judgment Day to disclose all that. He brought about through prayer. He practice. His practice was always to ask God for just what he needed. He prayed for everything and trusted God implicitly to supply all of his needs. He and his orphans never lacked for any good thing.

The mouth the month, excuse me of March 1839 was a particularly difficult one for dealer. Can you imagine March in March right now?

They speak often of March Madness. I want you to know there is a lot of Madness in the world today this March.

Bills were coming to the door footage staff needed their pay food had to be purchased along with all of the other expenses that they were carrying for the many children and Mueller as always made it a matter of Prayer. on a particular day

particular lady who had heard of George Buehler's work. It was Heavenly convicted about how she had been spending her money on so many frivolous and selfish things. She decided to give her expensive collection of jewelry her whole collection of jewelry. To the orphanage as a way of repenting. For her selfishness and giving a blessing to the Lord.

By the sale of the jewelry jewelry Mueller as it was said was able to pay the expenses of the orphanage for a whole week. a whole week It's I remember reading the story in that book that was given to me. to read

George Muller was in prayer as he often was for the needs of the orphans because there was no food in the pantry. And he didn't want the kids to go hungry as he was praying. He heard the door open.

Any heard something drop? into the offering box

was quite a large drop so it surprised him but he kept in prayer. He did not leave the audience of the Lord God when you're in the presence of almighty God. That's the most important thing and so he didn't get up from his place of prayer and then he heard the door closed when he had finished praying. He got up and he looked into the offering box. It was by the door.

And there he found this jewelry.

And it was answered prayer and before he sold it. He took one of the diamonds and the etched into the glass of his office window door this office had a had a door with a window and he hatched into that window Jehovah Jireh meaning the Lord. will provide

Mueller would often look at those words etched in the window pane and remembered the Lord's faithfulness during difficult times. If you have every ever had difficult times when you need to remember, the Lord is faithful we have on our communion table do this in remembrance of me the Hebrew word remember Is the word the car? And it has two meanings.

It means remember. So you don't forget. Remember so you don't forget remember God's faithfulness ass he has been faithful in the past as you remember. Then you trust that he will be the same God with the same power the same abilities. today Remember, so you never forget the car.

Mueller would often look at those words etched in the window pane and be reminded he would remember the Lord's faithfulness during difficult times. I hope you would remember God is faithful when you're in difficult time when when things are going well, you don't think about God's faithfulness in his His blessings. But when you're going through those difficult challenging times, that's when you remember he's the same God with the same power the Same Love. faith is the substance of things hoped for

real substance it is real and it is tangible as diamonds.

George Muller demonstrated true Christianity as we see in Hebrews 11 verse 6, which says without faith. It is hard to please God, right? Without faith. It is difficult to please God, right? Without faith. It is impossible to please God. I'm going to leave you with three things to think about this week and I hope you will and they are these number one. How comfortable are you in trusting God? How comfortable are you and trusting God secondly? What exactly are you willing by faith to trust God for?

What are you willing to trust God for today? and lastly Are you ready to see God provide for your needs Wheely. Tangibly. Are you ready to see God work in your life to provide for your needs. Will you trust him today? I'm going to ask our instrumentalists to come and they are going to play Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.

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