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March 17, 2019 Sun School Joshua 4

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Barry Johnson takes our class trough the importance of memorials.

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Good morning, everybody.

Oh, yeah, I need a friend.

No money no will but you want us to do.

Good morning, and suffer with me. I'll do my best to do an outstanding job. I'm glad he was leading Us in this study and it's something that follows his career as well. He's been teaching passionately it shows as well. So let us go right along with where he was at where Joshua chapter 4 and going to try to make our way to Joshua 5 or 12, but that's our goal in the Bible project the Bible project before and there is a video that is summarizes the Book of Joshua.

Play the whole thing will see there's a couple things I'd like to get out of here that summarizes the Book of Joshua. Okay?

Play darling. I hope you're not going to be doing that. rescued

Call Israel ready to enter the land the story of Joshua is design with forming.

All right.

Chocolate cause the people to obey isn't or even something just like to see the River Jordan Parks free steering arm for the top of cross.

Bass to the rinse as God's covenant people instead of the new generation.

Are you for us or are you for the Warriors bonds?

old stories not about Israel versus

Israel is going to play the role of Spectators or sometimes the porter tells the story of 2000's followed by a series of short stories Jericho and then Offer these contrasting portraits of God's faithfulness. Leave them around the city walls come falling down leaving Israel story of the battle at 5 after all the time. It's an interest in the battle with the city of Austin and it's only after humble repentance and severely put together these two stories their place right up front to make it important for its Israel is going to inherit. It right there if you got your Bible Joshua chapter 4 and we're at the point. Where are about the truck crossed over the Jordan. Over into Canaan land. All right. Now let's remember a couple of days. They are. Sorry Joyner said they are traveling from one place to the next place. They are very proficient and very good at packing up their stuff and moving alone Bible criticism of the scripture say, there's no way you can move two or three million people with the harmony account. You can move two to three million people throughout Jordan River found out that you can move 3 million people over River bed as long as a walkthrough. Show you some of the charge that I had was that it was way more than my wife is that they didn't have internet cell phone didn't have television news. Where to buy if you were if you were in a particular Nation or city and you wanted to protect your city, what are some things that you would do in order to communication?

how to get information from one place you would have to look like

About the Tabernacle Moses and Aaron and the priest here in the front of the Tabernacle and then around the Tabernacle you had the divisions of Moses particular job that you wear the Tabernacle was concern request around the Tabernacle as well as two million people. Pretty easy to spot when you they were worried about obviously people coming in and trying to take your city looking over your way. Are you see two to three million people camp out the wall? This is the arrangement that goddamn 234 where to put the people around the Tabernacle when they were Thursday cabinet and the whole thing about the workmen start off by looking at Joshua 4 verse number one somebody like to read that please. In the hole Mission have finished crossing the Jordan. That picture that I showed you in work in a place called Shake That was Michael Jordan River and now crossed over to Jordan River. Everybody has three made their way from Shakira on to the other side of the joy is right here. That's how far back to water. Bible tells and that's where it started Gathering up.

The whole idea of a textual criticism of you can't move like that and they exercises that they did you can mow 3 million people in a mile SWA. You're going to make your way across there because that's what if you're like me.

Are they making their way across the Jordan River and the first album not even heard about and can read million people on the other side of the river or the safety on you found out about these people here. What would you do?

Nationwide Auto here in about what you'd realize that they're doing. It had a couple bad over there probably destroyed some people we heard what is happening with the keys of Canaan and there's no hard enough anymore. What's the weather in perhaps that you would try to get ready to prepare for this off lot of people are coming to your home Make a Deal. So in my Cemetery pictures out and see if you were a leader in that City. Perhaps you've already heard from Alliance. With some people like we are NATO today is right. So you married my daughter and you supposed to protect somebody.

887 the sound some of their territory around here.

questions about the Hebrews

Where am I and then actually seeing and you know, what's about to happen here?

Over the Jordan River because they were great engineers. Get over the Jordan River because they were great swimmers are awesome power and might.

across each other

a pretty important event

you were just as you were. by the grace of God and the grace of God

What have you done for me?

I believe.

country music

apple cider

Jericho obviously have confidence in their wall home internet walk a mile.

Perhaps the people at Jericho NY.

Is already confessed to be the true God allow them to come over and saw Derek oatis.

cross the Jordan on Bryce Brown We got this very imposing that's in front of us. We have the best defense is here. We have our own house.

So you thinking Some More?

I don't know what kind of help they were going to be. Alright.

All right. So if you guys remember from now.

Is it a river waterslide going back tonight?

How did you stay there and as a people?

creative create

And all we're worried about it. What have you done for me lately?

I want to know what he's going to do about this.

Set up a reminder for 5, please.

Will it rain at 12?

Because Ebenezer to see if I can if I could do this is Milo boss program. Where is a circle the word highlights work Memorial do not text message shows a word?

Give me a different route than I can click on the verses with that word that I'm looking for in there. So I have to go to work for in 7 year. small chicken Kansas City and there's my world Memorial and then I could

I didn't want to pronounce it. Let's go see me the word not for this month's on the doctor words of the monument.


go back out of here.

I told him to.

Memorial Day to Remember

So do you think that perhaps in your line? It might be something that God wants you to read.

What's up with you? What's up at the Lord himself or what?

I wasn't even your life.

Make sure your brother.


questions about the memorial

Something that have to be on live people will ask us to question.

American War

Which TV series about burning out here.

the crossover Jordan

Robin casual conversation Optimum Oreo


Absolutely. Absolutely are some profitability for us having something tangible. Ecstasy in our children see that point to our faith. like I said

in your house

did the president of me to talk about?

Because Mama connect me with me in my soul.

I'll be off tomorrow at a path down to the family. Absolutely my grandfather clock half before he died and gave me his Bible. I still have it. I will never get rid of it after Memorial between me and him we can have those type of powerful feelings and I lost my ring versus six and seven.

Every time I pass by there see them 12 Stones, which we know the big enough to put up on their shoulder. People who are moral points directly to God, right stop.

Something to Aspire to write we can help set standards to the world that we have to start being creative and focused and crying.

Memorial Day

My wife trying to plan a vacation. I know you're somewhere in August every year.

salt in Freeport Memorial literally means remember exercise

OK Google

I want you to try to remember.

Go ahead and write down. What's the new Jaguar Orlando Memorial?

what is

Stickers to take for some reason to go off in the round.

I don't want to hear that you want.

Are an example I'm going to put on my ride 13 2013. Cuz I know nothing but God brought me a wife now job. Oklahoma marriage update that is what I asked you if y'all got you through a surgery or promotion or God saved.

Where you are right now?

Laura Buick

Call John home.

Play just like the children of Israel said the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord. When is Passover the Jordan the water shut off on Shelby to the people of Israel on Memorial forever. That's a starter on a supposed to question. Why are you still here?

Can you do?



an apple his mother called

Massillon score Robocraft

Story 2

That's what you helping me.

You mad why you mad?

Camaro drag Meto roller

What are we going on there?

Gary Clark

nope, gif

I prayed to God.

I'm just think about my right off today. I got dunked on.

cute I always go back to the

Are you have to make more time to hear more stars understand what God was doing here, right understanding power.

We just talked about.

What you got to remember York. New York store in ISM world?

are the guys faces because

Our Elder Dad wrote the closest library.

hairy black mold mask

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