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It is Finished

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 “Celebrate! You’re Debt Free”

John 19:30

THESIS:  On the cross Jesus’ sixth saying of “It is Finished” was a victory cry because it reconciled man to God and gave mankind new rights and privileges regardless of race, gender, nationality or genealogy.

            In this 19th chapter and 30th verse of the Gospel according to St John we see Jesus minutes away from death.  Sadly enough it is only days removed from the Triumphal Entry.  The cheers of Hosanna, “Blessed is the One who comes in the name of Lord” have since been replaced with “Crucify him.”  But in spite of it all Jesus is on the cross boldly giving His last will and testament.  You need to know that these words are very profound messages to you and I.  And as the sun begins to set on Jesus’ earthly life the bible says He cried out “It is finished.”   I’ve come by today to let you know that this cry was not a whimper of defeat but rather it was a shout of victory!  I know this because the Bible tells us that through out this last day they marched Jesus from judgment hall to judgment hall trying to find fault in Him.  Looking for someone to sentence him to death.  But instead of responding to them in a manner they expected he passively controlled the situation.  He did not fuss, cuss, kick or scream.  At one point they asked him why are you not defending yourself.  You see Jesus knew He was in the middle of His father’s plan!  Let pause one second and let you know that when it comes to God will you should not try to stop it, resist it or redirect it.  The will of God will come to pass in one or two ways: either through you or in spite of you.  Jesus knew he had to endure so that in the end he could shout: IT IS FINISHED.  These words on the cross were not the words of any ordinary man lying on his death bed intending to put a period on the end of his life but it was the shout of God putting an exclamation point at the end of His mission.  It was not the weak cry begging for the return of something lost but the bold proclamation of something gained!  Look at your neighbor and say it is finished!  What Jesus had come to do was now done:

I.                   What was finished?

a.       Prophesy was fulfilled

                                                              i.      He would be rejected by His own

                                                            ii.      He would be betrayed by one close to Him

                                                          iii.      He would be beaten and crucified for our sins

                                                          iv.      This is important because the fulfillment of OT prophecy means our faith is not in vain.

b.      Earthly mission was accomplished

                                                              i.      Teaching, preaching, healing and training

                                                            ii.      He had prepared us to go out and preach the Gospel

II.                The final payment in your spiritual finance account was paid!

a.       Paper saying paid in full when taxes were paid

b.      You and I have a receipt that says paid in full; we are debt free

III.             What does it mean to be debt free?

a.       Forgiveness from Sin forever

                                                              i.      Before Christ there was The Day of Atonement where the sins of the people would be forgiven. One animal was slain and another set free.  The problem:

1.      The priest had to make atonement for himself and his family first

2.      It would only happen once a year; so for 365 days the people walked around w/o forgiveness.

3.      It had to be repeated

                                                            ii.      But on this day; Jesus, the Lamb of God; the perfect sacrifice; our advocate who understands; the true high priest said it is finished;  I’ll take on all your sins henceforth now and forevermore; I’d paid it all so you w/n have to pay anything

IV.             The benefit of being debt free

a.       No longer separated from God

                                                              i.      In the Old Testament there are 5 offerings and 8 festivals

1.      Festival being a type of worship service

2.      Offering is what was brought to God at the worship service

                                                            ii.      During the worship service there were very specific guidelines

1.      What to do

2.      Who can do it

3.      Who can attend

4.      What you can do the days leading up to it and following it

5.      It was very ritualistic and more emphasis was placed on doing things right instead of becoming right with God as a result of

                                                          iii.      During these 8 festivals and 5 offerings only once was the high priest allowed to go in to the Holy of Holies

                                                          iv.      The veil is broken! 

1.      Instead of following rituals all you have to do is fall to your knees; and tell God all about it (illustrate)

2.      Only the blood of Jesus stands between you and God!

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