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From Trajegy to triumph

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From Tragedy to triumph

1 Samuel 30:1-7

THESIS:  If we are to turn our tragedy in to a victory we must overcome the the natural reaction and emotions that follow a life crisis and reconnect with what God.  Not just the person of God but what He has done and what He destined for us to get out of the current situation.

            One of the most popular themes in pop culture is one of an individual making it, becoming a giant success, in spite of what appears to be insurmountable odds.  It is something about a good old underdog story that captures us all.  Why is that?  After all, from the moment you turn on the TV or plug in the DVD we know it is going to end.  The element of suspense is gone- yet we sit on the edge of our seats in anticipation to see things turn around.  The reason is we can all relate to the story.  Not necessarily the success, although one day we all hope to relate to that aspect, but we can all relate to the tragedy.  Everyone in here today has either experienced a tragedy or will experience a tragedy.  Tragedy has the address of each and every one of us.  It does not care who you are, what you do for a living, who your people are, what school you matriculated from- tragedy knows your name. 

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