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Coming Out Of The Storm Blessed

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Coming Out Of The Storm Blessed

Matthew 14:22-23

I.                   Introduction:  Clarify blessed- not prosperity theology. 


II.                STORMS!! There will be storms in your life.  Nowhere in the bible does it say now that you are saved there will not be any problems.

·         The rain falls on the just and the unjust the same.

·         There is nothing perfect or special about you that will get you off the hook.

·         Christianity is not a stay out of trouble for free card.

·         If you are saved and not having any trouble you need to check your self because the bible says the tree that bares fruit will be pruned.

III.             GOOD NEWS!!  If you know God as father, Jesus as your lord and Savior and the Holy Ghost as your company keeper all your storms are divine!!

·         If it is by God it must be divine.  Psalm 37:23- The Bible says that the steps of a righteous man or ordered by God and he delighteth in his way! By who- GOD! 

·         All things work together for the good of them who love the Lord according to the purpose in your life.  God has a purpose for you and its going to take a storm to get your faith to the level where he needs it to accomplish His will.  That’s why we should praise Him in the storm!  Don’t sit around and have a pity party when you should be praising Him.

·         Two types of storms- God allowed or God sent

·         God allowed

                                                               i.      God allowed is when you have stepped out his will but not his grace!

                                                              ii.      When God has told you repeatedly not to and you do!  Keishon!

1.       I told you not to be in the clubs

2.       I told you not to use them credit cards

3.       I told you not to take him home

4.      I told you wait until you are married

·         God sent!

                                                              i.      I know this one is God sent b/c some of these guys were fisherman and Peter never said a word.  It supernaturally appeared.  Anybody ever have a storm come your way, w/o your knowledge, w/o your permission unexpectedly?  Then God sent it!

                                                            ii.      He sends storms to deliver us.

1.      Old lady being kidnapped.

a.       The storm set her free from bandage

2.      It washed off the mess that was stuck to her- we have some mess on us God needs to get off before we can serve Him at the next level.

                                                          iii.      We are a work in progress on the Potter’s wheel- Jeremiah 18.  He is shaping us until we are in the shape that He needs us to be in.

IV.             Praise Him also because Jesus is working in the storm!  V. 23-24

·         The bible tells us that while they were in the storm Jesus ways praying.

                                                              i.      Using my preaching prerogative I’m going to say Jesus was praying for them!

                                                            ii.      While we are doing here going through our trails and struggles He is sitting on the right hand of God interceding on our behalf

·         When it’s time to come out of the storm He’ll come get you!  V. 25

                                                              i.      God has invested something in you and you got to know He’s going to protect it.

                                                            ii.      Recognize Jesus in your storm- DON”T GIVE THE DEVIL CREDIT!    v. 26 

1.      In other words d/n think like the devil! 

2.      Lady in Tulsa accident; “The devil is trying to kill me.”  She never gave God the credit for pulling her out.  She never acknowledged who is in control. 

V.                Step one to coming out blessed:  Ask for that crazy thing.  Be radical! V. 28

·         When I was a kid I was afraid to ask for a blessing.  But the Bible says:

                                                              i.      Ask and it shall be given

                                                            ii.      Ask and believe and it shall be granted

                                                          iii.      It is with confidence that if we ask according to His will He hears us

                                                          iv.      Ye have not because ye ask not; Ye ask and not receive because ye ask for with the wrong motives- What’s your motive for being blessed?

VI.             Peter got out of the boat; he stepped down from the boat.  V. 29

·         Am I the only one that had to leave somebody behind to get closer to Jesus!

                                                              i.      This is why many people don’t get any further than asking- what they have to give up means more to them than what they will obtain!

1.      You have to let some people go because they will hold you back.  If they aint doing nothing I don’t care if they are your friends- let them go.

2.      But God says if you want to get closer to me you have to deny yourself some things, there’s something you have to leave behind there is somebody you got to leave behind.  If you love anyone or anything more than me you can not follow me!

·         You may have to do something you are afraid to do- step out on faith!

                                                              i.      You may have to go down to that job like you already have it.

                                                            ii.      You may have to leave the child in the hands of the Lord!

VII.          V. 30.  Keep your eye on Jesus

·         Peter did not have trouble when he was looking at Jesus

                                                              i.      But looking to his right and left he began to sink. He saw his problems got scared and began to sink.

                                                            ii.      The greek word used for frightened is phobeo which means to be in awe or in reverence.  IAW Peter stopped looking at Jesus because he had more respect for the problem then he had for the problem solver.

VIII.       THE BLESSING!!  V. 31  Jesus’ outstretched hand.

·         There is nothing sweeter than being rescued after you’ve been saved.  He proves his love to you over and over!!!!

IX.             THE PURPOSE!!  V. 33

·         Your blessing was to bring someone else to WORSHIP


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