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And Peter

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And Peter

Mark 16-1-7

THESIS: When we are at our furthest point away from God in spite of what we have done He shows a very special and specific interest in us.


-          Jesus new what Peter had in him

-          Of the inner circle of Peter, James and John they all had a unique relationship w/ Jesus

-          John he loved the most, Peter he instilled the most.  He treated them according to their potential and needs as it related to Kingdom building

-          Although Peter went through it all and we did not think he would make Jesus new he would make it.  This is why Jesus said wait until the wheat and tares are full grown before ripping up the tares.  Judas and Peter were a lot a like (Matthew 13:25)

-          Jesus saw Peter’s character and passion and said upon this rock I will my church

This is why the character of a man is more important than anything else

No matter what your talents and gifts are if you have no character it does not matter

      This is why so many role models are not leaders.

      People want to be like a role model in the sense of I want the stuff he has

      But a leader is someone you want to follow

Many theologians have speculated that Peter and Judas had very similar personalities

They went through the same 3 year training program

They both watched Jesus teach, preach and heal

But one of them did not make; because of Judas’ lack of character

This is why Jesus trusted Peter with the most sacred things, Kingdom building but He entrusted Judas with the least important thing- money$$.

      God cares so little about money that he paved His roads with it

      Truth be told Jesus allowed Judas to be one of the twelve just so he could serve   

          his purpose- Betray Jesus

But Peter no matter how misguided had the character that Judas lacked.

I.                   Peter; The most misunderstood disciple

a.       Faults

                                                              i.      Known for wavering support in Jesus

                                                            ii.      Spoke more openly than any other disciple

                                                          iii.      Even when he seemed to finally get it he would say something to convince us otherwise

                                                          iv.      Biggest mistake was denying Jesus

b.      Leadership traits

                                                              i.      Never accepted anything at face value

                                                            ii.      Asked questions w/o concern

                                                          iii.      Was not afraid to make a mistake

                                                          iv.      Biggest triumph was preaching Christ on Pentecost

II.                If you and I are honest with our selves we have all been in Peter’s shoes.  We have all been in a situation where we have hit rock bottom.  But the truth of the matter is this; it didn’t just happen all of a sudden but it was a gradual process.  Much like a yard stick we took on additional stress continuously until finally- we broke.

III.             Events leading to denying Jesus

a.       Overconfidence Mark 14:27-31

                                                              i.      Never say what you will never do

                                                            ii.      Accept that you are human and can make mistakes

1.      When you brush it off you allow yourself to be put in a tempting situation; (alcoholism, a promiscuity man/woman)

                                                          iii.      Telling Jesus you will never is like telling the devil “come on try me”

                                                          iv.      Overconfidence leads to prayerlessness

b.      Prayerlessness Mark 14:32-42 (Matt 26:36-46; Luke 22:39-46)

                                                              i.      This was weakness; gave in to the flesh

                                                            ii.      Prayer is not just speaking; its also listening

                                                          iii.      The three were sleeping but Jesus called out Peter; To whom much is given much is required

                                                          iv.      Use to happen to me a lot (Coach Pierce)

c.       Violence/ Not listening Mark 14:47 (Luke 22:47; John 18:10)

                                                              i.      Zeal is a good thing when used constructively and directed properly

1.      This is why Sampson killed himself; too much power but no vision

                                                            ii.      Peter resorted to the world’s way of problem solving

d.      Following Christ at a distance Mark 14:53-54 (John 18:12-16; Luke 22:54; Matt 26:57)

                                                              i.      Close enough to see Him but not close enough for someone to see you with Him

e.       Associating with the wrong crowd Mark 14:53-54 (same cross references as above)

                                                              i.      The wrong people can influence you most when:

1.      You are under pressure

2.      Vulnerable (see points b and d)

3.      Out number you

                                                            ii.      He was standing at the fire

1.      many times its not the company we seek but what they have; material possessions

f.       Denial Mark 14:68-72

                                                              i.      It all leads up to you doing whatever it takes to save yourself

                                                            ii.      Began cursing; acting like them

                                                          iii.      They can tell by the way you talk Matthew 26:73

                                                          iv.      Peter did not completely loose faith; he completely lost boldness

1.      separation from God does that to you

2.      If the devil can stop you from calling on Him he has taken all your power

                                                            v.      Jesus turned and looked at him Luke 22:61

1.      It is when you are at your weakest that He looks at you more carefully

2.      In the mist of being on trial for His life- He looked for Peter

IV.             And Peter

a.       When you are at your absolute lowest Jesus calls for you by name Mark 14:1-7

b.      Because of what God birth in Peter and what Jesus cultivated Jesus rose and said “And Peter”;  I still have work to do but before I leave I’ve go to talk to Peter

V.                Have hope 2Corinthians 4:8

a.       You are stronger now; when you have hit rock bottom and been saved by the blood; you can endure much more

b.      You use to be like a yard stick; thin, frail, weak without much sustenance.

c.       Now that Jesus saved me and the Holy Ghost filled me;

d.      There’s something going on in the inside affecting everything on the outside

e.       Now I’m more like a keg of explosives

f.       You can keep applying pressure to me all you want to

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