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Sunday AM 3/10/19

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His word will be again this morning last week. We were John chapter 3 1 verses 1 through 16. We looked at where Jesus had made a statement that really a command to Nicodemus. You said a Nicodemus. You must be safe. Must be saved and we look through his kind of we're Nicodemus was coming from being a leader of the Jews leader of Israel a Pharisee and I coming to Jesus really looking for some other way to know I'll be right with God but too kind of tasks Jesus and in such a way to see you know, what are you going to say Jesus? If you truly are the Son of God what must we do to go to heaven and in Jesus says a.m. You must be saved goes on to John 3 and verse 15 and 16 speaking about God's love and giving of his only begotten son to give us eternal life. And and you can look at John 3:16. And that really could be the theme of the whole Bible is God's love for us and giving us Jesus and having salvation through what he had done on the cross into the resurrection. We we follow that up with and John chapter 3 and verse 22 is where we'll be this morning verse 22 through 30 at this point in this context. Jesus has left Jerusalem and it is is headed north to Judea and a why is there he stops and and it doesn't really give how much time is there but it's it's some days it's not just one day but he stops there and we find this context that often times we forget or we just pass over in this morning. I'm not really going to show us, you know, a berry a statement that Jesus makes but rather the life of an individual that again during Jesus is Earthly Ministry. And so we pick up and verse 22 of chapter number 3 of The Book of John John 3 verse 22 says after these things. Came Jesus and his disciples into the land of Judea and there he carried with them and baptized and John also with baptizing in a non near Salem because there was much water there. And they came and were baptized for John was not yet cast into prison. Villa Rosa question between some of John's disciples and the Jews about purifying and they came out to John and said unto him rabbi. Peter was with a B on Jordan to whom thou bearest witness behold the same baptizer and all men come to him. John answered and said a man can receive nothing except it be given him from heaven. You yourselves bear me witness that I said. I am not the Christ but that I am set before him. He that hath the brightest a bridegroom, but the friend of the bridegroom which stand if the insurance him rejoices greatly because of The bridegroom's Voice. This my joy. Therefore is fulfilled. First number 30 says he must increase but I must decrease. Jesus must increase. I must decrease let's go to the father your word. I pray that we will grab hold of this truth. This true that John the Baptist shared with those around him his disciples the Jews and ultimately for us that we too must decrease and allow Jesus to increase in our lives and I pray this morning that you would just speak that truth to us and by the way to apply it and when remove all the inner tubes that are in our life there stop us from allowing Jesus to have the free rein in our lives as Lord and to have the increasing give him the increase of all things. I pray now you speak to us and father we would follow in the in the direction in which you lead us. Imma, give you all praise and glory in Jesus name. Amen.

What is success? You are someone what successes and they'll give you 10 different reasons 10 different answers. You have 10 people here this morning. What a success me if I get 10 different answer. But what we find here this morning is what true success is. And we find that in the life of John the Baptist we find that in and really his last word before he goes before the wicked Herod and it brings forth his sin and tries to tell him what he was doing was not only wrong but it was sinful to God and he ends up throwing John in prison John the Baptist ask some questions while he was in prison, but this is really his last name of that is recorded prior to him going to prison. And we know we started out this series with John the Baptist, you know, John was said to prepare the way for the Lamb of God. He was sent by God to do a specific purpose.

We think about success to some would mean Financial Security. It will say being successful means to no longer have to worry about money and Bill's. others would say being successful means being powerful being being able to go and and And be friends with the most powerful people that this world offers. Some folks see success simply is being better than any other whatever they're doing if you go fishing and you catch a nice. Kokanee salmon their successes. I got a bigger one. Let me tell you about the story when I caught the biggest fish in you. Some people abuse success is being better than you. Some people few successes is Being able to see what you have and twist it to make it look like it was wrong and what they have is better. That is kind of the story what we find here what John the Baptist this morning with these these Jews that come to you. Here's the context here. John is baptizing about Judea and in a place I had much water. Please stop teasing and then Jesus comes with some of his disciples and it says that they're baptizing. You look in chapter 4 verse 2. It says no, Jesus himself baptized not but his disciples. Okay, they're both. This is not a Christian baptism. This is the the baptism that John the Baptist was preaching repentance the same thing that Jesus was preaching how dare that man. Take away your people. He's better than you. So if you're so successful John, you know what if you were so great of a Preacher, they would have stayed with you and not follow here. Good looking at this Earthly a comparison between John the Baptist and Jesus and they're trying to start a not only an argument, but trying to but doubt and John's hearts. Yeah, that's true. You know I come to prepare the way for him and he just goes around me and takes the people and it takes them and you know, they've been following me all along.

One of my responsibilities as your pastor is a teacher to God's word how to live a Godly successful life based on God's truth. Play song what the world thinks is truth. You know everything that we see on Earth will vanish one day and if we think success is what the world has to offer we will be sadly mistaken when the Lord takes us out there.

The Bible talks a great deal about what true success is ours actually Wild verse that talks about success. Joshua 1:8 says this book of the law shall not Depart of a mouth. Without shall meditate there in day and night without me some syrup to do according to all that is written therein. Then I shall make thy way prosperous and then shalt Thou shalt have good success is talking about God's word gods were going to take it and meditate on it and not only meditate you're supposed to do what it says to do.

Wheelock it out first day all that's that's easier said than done. If I do all the things God says, well, that means I'll be perfect. No, we're not perfect where Sinners just saved by grace. You know what God has a a form of what true success is. And it's often opposite of what the world has to offer.

John had John the Baptist had a amazing life and Ministry. You better get seen thousands of people come to repentance. Get pressure out to land a message of repent repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. He also praised the coming of the land that will take away the sin of the world.

He had a lot of people that were that was against him. Did was not sent out to be the most popular preacher or person he was said by God on a purpose to prepare the people for the Lord Jesus. I'll keep them on that this time. They have the law. They have the Old Testament. They they knew the Messiah was coming, right they've been looking for him. You know, what Sally they're still looking for him today.

Botana prepare the way in and when Jesus comes to John John says Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the whole world. So we know where John baptizes Jesus and his Earthly Ministry begins. He's there right after that taking it to the Wilderness and tempted for 40 days.

We asked ourselves a what a John do after that. Did he just stopped know he kept on preaching his job was not done. He still preparing the way for the Lord, but now they're pass interchange. The pass interchange and John keeps on doing what God called him to do. I can only imagine is he's coming by you probably waved out and pay us going and went right back to preaching. Hidden. Look at Jesus as a threat. This is a reason why I'm doing this.

Here we find his ministries coming to an end. And he no longer look successful with all the other people around him to the contrary. They look at him. So, you know, what if you are so great of a Preacher. Then your disciples your followers would have left you and followed him. The whole point comes to they don't understand what John is doing. They don't understand who this Jesus is. All they look at it is from the Earthly worldly aspects. You ever notice how easy it is to start something, but how hard it is to finish something? You know, here's the thing about John the Baptist. Is he finished well. You finish. Well what God started in the the womb of Elizabeth. He finished to the very end even being beheaded.

You finish well Christian c22 and well also.

John was a success because he he ended even better than he began. Matthew 11:11 says barely I send it to you among them that are born of women there have not risen a greater than John the Baptist. That was Jesus's words about John the Baptist while he was in prison, you know, what among those who have been born of women how highly regarded was John the Baptist in the sight of God?

What successes are the greatest success was it because of how great he was now, you know what God gave him a purpose to do and that purpose began when he was given to Elizabeth. Remember that? She was Barren couldn't have kids then all the sudden she is pregnant with this this a child and God tells her exactly what this child is going to do.

We see a couple things through this text first received the true success in Life Begins by recognizing its success happened with God's help. If we watch your success, we must understand accounts through God. We need his help. When you try to go through this life on your own accord and your own way, there will not find true biblical Godly success. We find a verse 28 looking for 28 chapter 3.

Reverse 26, are you worth 26 and they came out to John and said unto him Rabbi. He that was with the Beyond Jordan Tahoma Bears witness behold the same baptizes that all men come to him John answered and said a man can receive nothing except it be given him from heaven. A man can receive nothing except it be given him from heaven. These people come in John and they questioned his success. All they see is a crowds leaving John and going to this man. They don't even mention him by name. You know that that man that the one that was with the Beyond Jordan, you know that one. You mean Jesus the one I've been preaching about the whole time. You won't even say his name. You won't even give him a reference. No, not him. Well that man that person that one that was with the George he's taking all of your people.

There's a good question whose people were they with a John's? watch owns

They weren't his people. There was a lord people they were Jesus's he was, to show them who Jesus was. And so that they would follow him. Know where you find John the Baptist they follow me and I'll make you Fishers of me, right.

Jesus says follow me. John knew what he was called to do any makes a profound statement a man can receive nothing except it be given him from Heaven. You know what I have nothing except God give it what you have in your life whether you agree or not as from God. It's from God. John recognize that you know what these are my people this isn't my Ministry. This is what God has given me. sometimes what God gives us we may not always like We may not always like the calling that got you always like the ministry God gives us but he gives it to us for a purpose.

John makes a statement Jesus repeatedly made the statement that he did not act you did not did not say anything except what the father gave him. You know, he kept showing people the father father. John 6:44 says no man can come to me except the Father which I sent me. That's all him. And I will raise him up at the last day. Jesus does not even glorify himself. He lifts up the father over and over. He seems the same truth that John the Baptist. Edwards 26

the same truth or reverse 27 SEPTA be given him from heaven.

John is the same as saying My Success has been because God of God not my own doing.

Jesus is successful because of God. Why was Jesus come to Earth whose will wasn't God the Father, you know what he's obedient to the will of God even unto death. Even the death of the cross. Jesus to just like John lift it up. God the Father. John 17:24 since father, I will that they also home now has given me be with me where I am that they may behold my glory what's Dow has given me for thou lovest me before the foundation of the world Jesus again glorifying God. It is showing that God gave him the glory but the people in the in the purpose Anything that we have done this life is a gift of God. What is the greatest skin? the Lord Jesus Lord Jesus is the greatest gift that you will ever receive. It is given to all but not all receive it. I want that gif from heaven heaven sent the best that I had. I recognize you know what I am nothing without God. I'm just a voice in the wilderness.

We are gifted by God with some talents. God has given us some talents and spiritual gifts and they come from God and often times. We look at others and their talents and the gifts that God gives him and we think you know what you're not as good as me. I got a better Talent. This last week. We went to a home Mission conference. As I said in in Colorado. There's 60 some church planters that are going there and asking for help for the ministries of God is calling to do and whether 60 + are those there's about two to three hundred pastors and preachers out in the crowd. can you imagine some of the egos can imagine some of the well, I'm glad I'm not called to that Ministry Church, right? And then you start comparing your church or what God has called you to do to someone else. And when we do that whether in church or or families or business whatever it is, we have to have the same attitude. John the Baptist said reverse 30. He price must increase. I must decrease it's not about me. Thought about my wants and carrots them in my comfort. It's about more Jesus being glorified. success happens with God's help true success in life also rejoices and the gifts. God has given you you rejoice and what God is giving you or do you complain? Cuz here we find some Jews they were complaining they were questioning you about this terrifying there question John, you know, these people are leaving you are going to this man so to speak. What's 28? You yourselves bear me witness that I said. I am not the Christ. But I am set before you. Are John reiterates what he's been saying all along? I am not the Christ. Never have never will all I am is a one who set before him the voice in the wilderness. Never had someone tell you you know what you're not God. That's your kids say that I remember skit saying that you're not my judge. No, I not. Either way Christ, it will never will be there's only been one crashing. That's the Lord Jesus. a John reiterates John knew what his unique Ministry was John Turner John chapter 1 verse 8

John 1:8 says he is not the light. What was said to Bear witness of that lights? What was he sent to do bear Witness? When is Jesus the light of the world? John 1 verse 19 and this is a record of John one that you sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him who art thou you know, what something is different about you. We want to know exactly who are you? 420 and he can fasten tonight not but confess. I am not the Christ. And they asked him what then or tell Elias you said. I am not Hotel. Profit and yes or no? Ben said they ought to him who art thou that we may give an answer to them this senes. What's a s? I love thyself. And he said I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness make straight. The way of the Lord is said in the prophet is a s You know what? They knew the law of the new gods were there when he made that mention I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness was correct a correlation with what they found in the book of Isaiah chapter 40. They've heard that before they bred a numerous time so they should be preparing themselves for the Messiah. Over and over again. He says I am not the Christ. I am not a I'm not Elias. I'm not the prophet who you think I am. I am just sent by God to do God's will. So you may think I'm Christ. I'm going to show you who cry sticks. Someone ever said, you know, you're just you're just one of those religious people. No, I'm not religious. I'm just saved and have a relationship with God. I want to show you who he is.

He was rejoicing in the gift that got a given rejoicing in the fact that he was even considered worthy to be sent. There's nothing more frustrating in life than trying to be something. God did not attend you to be. God never intended for John to be the Christ. Remember when Elizabeth finds out that she is pregnant with John.

And she finds out exactly what the purpose for him was filled with the holy spirit before he was even before he goes through and he does exactly what God called him. But if you had a chance, you know what these people are really liking who I am. I'm going to tell him. Yes. I am not profit or I am not Christ. What is he doing? He's lifting up himself. right and lowering Christ That sounds just like a savior. what to say and do I will be like the most high I I I I I will do this. I will do this lifting himself up over God.

All that is contribute to pry you know, what pride comes into our lives. When we allow prior to coming our lives, you know, what comes next. A fall guy comes before a fall and John the Baptist knew exactly his place. the most peaceful the most satisfying the most successful people are the most successful place you can be on earth is in the center of God's will

All through the house where you'll find people in the center of God's will and you look at the circumstances around your life you like. How miserable? And we've been teaching and preaching on Elijah. How miserable to be in that Brooke. You know one thing about the brook is the center. What a peaceful place was Jezebel chasing him at the brook. Do they have want to kill him yet? I still want to kill him. But you know, he's at peace being in the center of God's will. Whatever God has placed, you know, God has placed you that you are to have peace there being in the center of God's will brings peace and is satisfied. we do not have to get jealous or upset because we don't have the call or the gifts others to

sometimes when you think you know what I could do a better job than so and so what sounds like Pride right sounds like saying I do a better job than God. Look how well that turned out for.

we must not compare yourself to others and especially think that we are better than someone of John the Baptist knew, he wasn't better in Jesus gave him that we all be thankful for the things God has called us to be No, it's a privilege to serve God.

We would think possibly, you know, if if some king or president called me to serve them what a privilege what an honor. You know, we would have powered we have Prestige. None of that is in comparison to serving God what a honor to be called a servant of God. Jesus gives his parable about servants say Matthew 25:21. He says his lord said unto him well done thou good and faithful servant that has been Faithful over a few things. I will make thee ruler of many things enter thou into the joy of the Lord, you know what God gives you things to be faithful over and when your faithfulness you can smoke And if God gives you those things, you know, what don't allow some distraction of people or places or things to distract you from God's call just be faithful to its God says Hey, I want you to be in service at this time this day be faithful to it. How is God going to call you to do something else and tell her faithful to Little Things? What is God calling me to do? God calls you to pray. Cause you to read the word God calls you to be faithful to his church. God calls you to to tie the attempt of what he has blessed you with. Those are just a few things to start with him being faithful.

Then sometimes it calls you to some other Ministry. like a van Ministry brother Dave brother bunch

I think about this for a second, but God called you to that Ministry your first excuses. I cannot do and you put in fill in the blank. At that very moment when we say we cannot do it. We're lifting ourselves up and lower and Christ. What is this a book of Philippians? I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me? Don't limit God in your life be thankful for those who he is called to serve Ministries Ephesians 4:11 says and he gave some Apostles and some prophets and some Vangelis and some pastors and teachers for the perfecting of the Saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ. You know, what there is a job to do in God's Church. It is his church. Jesus being the head of the church and we are to be members in particular.

You know what your own body if something is wrong with your body like this a couple days ago my wife broke her leg. In doing so re-watch yesterday with this cast on you know, what now? I'll send her other leg is half and to do more work to make up for the one that's broken the same takes place in the body in the church. When all the members aren't there doing the work out is called him if it's enormous amount on the others.

Bus number 13 Ephesians 4 says till we all come in the unity of the faith. And a knowledge of the Son of God unto a perfect man are to the measuring the staff of the fullness of Christ. We are to rejoice in what God has given you also be to rejoice in the gifts. God has given others. Rejoice in the gifts. God has given someone else.

Looking first number back in John 3.

verse 29

You don't have to pry it. It's a bridegroom. But the friend of the bridegroom would stand if then here with him Rejoice greatly because of the bridegroom's voice this my joy there for Schofield. Now he Compares this this bride groom and in the bride, he said you know what? I am not the bridegroom. I'm just a friend of I still have a responsibility. I have to do some get ready for the for the ceremony. I have to make sure the bride is taken care of that. No one comes in and tries to to persuade her not to come to the bridegroom to prepare for the ceremony. I have responsibilities before that ceremony. But you know what soon as I hear the voice of the bridegroom. I know not always my job done, but it's going to take place. He's he's mentioning part of the the Jewish ceremony of a marriage a lot different than what you and I see marriage as today. Said I'm just a friend of the bridegroom looking verse 29.

The friend of the bridegroom with standeth in here with him. Rejoice it really because of the bridegroom's voice. You know, what that's what he is what he heard Jesus his voice. He was rejoicing not because the gift was given him not because he was a bridegroom because a bridegroom was coming for his bride.

Miss Universe 29 this by Joy. Therefore for is fulfilled, you know what my job is finished. You know later on we find a John's. life Remember any questions? Are you really Jesus or should we seek after someone else? Is there a how dare John the Baptist you know, he's the greatest man born of a woman. How could you say that about Jesus? What would you say if you're in prison getting ready to get your head cut off?

Do you really care for me Jesus? Jesus has been actually made the statement. There's no man born of a woman greater than John the Baptist. God knew that John was able to take those gifts that God gave him and do his will but he also do when Jesus come along he wasn't going to be envious and jealous. Otherwise what he did as he humbled himself, you know what you are the Lord the Lamb of God.

If you're doing what God. What have you to do then? You never have to worry about being overshadowed by others. God what about so and so they're not living for you. That's not our responsibility.

Is your responsibility to make sure that someone else is living for the Lord one? You're not or maybe you are. why didn't you give me that gift if you gave someone so Know what he gives I want different gifts, which just thank God it gives us.

You're faithful to what God has shown you than you can rejoice and others. Do you rejoice when you see other people use God's gifts for his glory? You know, what a blessing this last week saying these Church planners. I was thinking, you know, they're coming. They have me some of them don't have a building some don't have a lion some don't have chairs hymnals.

the imagine the stress going to be for 3, 400 people and saying I need some help.

And you're sitting there after you take a man. I wish I wasn't in their situation. My God will Teddy Hart. So you know, what someone was someone is in that situation and you know what you can be a blessing.

We had before we started they give us a list of all the needs. And just to take salus and he start circling these names. They had some back to me and I'm like, what are you doing? You've never been here. You don't know the process. And I start looking at all these want to Circle. And all these new you say four of them in particular have no heating system for their Sanctuary or their bill. What he's doing is circling needs that he knows it's no we can help with we have the ability to do something. Not thinking of myself. It's a lot easier to give money then it is your time, right? The very first person we heard that morning get something and he's from Wyoming over by Cheyenne. And we help them with money for land and the get a building will finally they have a building. The haters in their building have been shut off cuz they're leaking carbon dioxide. You think you get sleepy sitting there not step you. Imagine going to church Lincoln car monoxide. It really be sleeping. So they found out they're leaking so that they got them shut off and had no key. It's all he's trying to raise some money to put the C system.

Sweetheart raising money and I'm said they're in the Lord's working on my hard on my timer.

I raise my hand I said he will take care of the HB AC system. You're going to do what kind of rice money for SNL will take care of it. Oh, okay. So what should we raise money for now? They say? Play race more punch brother needs to go out to this preacher after and talk to him you said so you're just going to like donate to labor and I will take care of the whole thing.

Are you coming to speak? Can't even talk. He's like, you know, what a blessing that is. We left Friday when Mets one of his members at the church, and we explain him know this is what we like to do to help. They're just floored by the The Compassion the willingness to help somebody. It all comes back to you know, what there was a time when a church planter came here to start this church. Some of you were a part of knowing that needs at this church have and now here we sit being blessed of the Lord greatly and can be used by God to show forth. Jesus to lift him up. Lastly. We see you don't chew success truly come to this point and rejoicing in this life to lift up Christ. that's what we ought to be doing lifting up Christ looking verse 30 John says he Jesus he must increase but I must decrease. He must increase but I must decrease.

Success that does not lift up Christ as its reason means if we're lifting up ourselves.

We're nothing up ourselves and we're not lifting up Christ. And if so easy, especially in church, you know what it's it's about us. It's about me. It's not it's about Jesus. It's about Jesus. That is so the whole reason why we're here this morning is because of Jesus. The whole reason we come to church the whole reason we minister to the kids everything we do ought to be to lift up Jesus you said? Well, that's what we do at church, but what do you do when you go home? What are you doing to go to work? What are you doing to go to school? You decrease yourself to lift him up. No, that's my time. No, it's still got time that he gives you.

John did not, so you know what I'm going to lift up Christ when he's around but when I'm on my own and round my own people then it's all about me.

True success in life has only one in and only one reason and only about one thing and that is about Jesus.

Success is living the good news with all your being.

True success leads to glory to the glory of God reflect history. You know what living out? first 30 memes says he must increase. I must decrease decrease.

So is going down, right? No one likes going down. But you know what? The Lord wants is not only the power down but get on her knees humble ourselves Lift Jesus up and often times. We let ourselves up so much that we forget how to come and bow before God say Lord, forgive me for I'm not worthy Lord, forgive me my soon. When we do that, we're lifting up Christ. Somerset you know what you're so good at your job. Should be proud of yourself.

When you're proud of your work or proud of your your your school work or anything that you do lifts you up and brings Jesus down. When someone gives you a compliment to the first words out to be Praise Jesus. Praise Jesus I think I mentioned this couple weeks ago when we found out we have someone at least our house and send a text. I'm in my bedroom and I'm writing this text and I shout as loud as I can Praise Jesus. Little did. I know there's someone in my house that I didn't know. But guess what? They knew that I was praising Jesus. You know, what is 4? They heard so much that they were scared when they saw my face. She was kind of shaking. He was coming to see shape. I don't know.

True success live to glorify to show glory of God through us.

He must increase but I must decrease what is success. know what we need today is is the success that it God glorifies you that success as you know, it's not about me. Not about you. all about Jesus and everything that I do

even when I'm alone with him reading his word Lord speak to me so I can apply to my life Lord speak to me so I can have another reason to Praise Jesus. Lift him up. True success in Life Begins by recognizing that there's no success that can happen without God's help.

Stop. L. True success in life rejoices in the gift that he has given you thank God for those gifts and when he gives them to use them for his glory.

Rejoice in the gifts that God has given others. And the most important thing is true success lives to lift Christ up. left

where you at this morning? Often times we feel down we feel downtrodden we feel like brother Adrian said this morning and send it to our maybe even depressed. Sometimes that happens because nobody is lifting us up.

We can't even lift ourselves up. You know what if we decrease so that the Lord gives the increase know he does along the way just like with Peter remember Peter stepped out of the boat. I hope you know Lord, let me walk to me. Okay, come on. Peter Park walking on water and it wasn't even ice. It was real water. Start walking on water and it looks around sees the the winds boisterous the storm and it begins to sink. Just going down, right?

Maybe he only did he take his eyes off Christ, but he's looking at what's the storm was doing? But then he looks back to Jesus and says save me. What is Jesus to the races down and listen up? Nor we humble ourselves. Allow God to get the increase. Allow God to get the glory. You know, what when we are down physically when we're down emotionally spiritually God lifts us up. Daughter to bring us along.

God deserves the glory Jesus Glory are we willing to give him?

Whatever the Lord has spoken you this morning? Maybe there's a time of your life and your lifting yourself up you so you know what? It's about me about what I can do and what I have done.

Uncle or spoken you is not about you. God wants to use you. Don't get me wrong. But he wants you to show forth praise to Jesus lift him up. Just like John says, you know what juice this isn't about me. I'm just doing God is call me dude and his job and what God has sent him it to take away the sin of the whole world and thank God these people are following you. right Lee Miller leaving me to go ahead that's what they're supposed to do.

Since you know what he must increase I must be. humbled himself Later on, we find he goes to Herod. And tells him pretty much you are dirty rotten C. You must repent.

You know what hair doesn't want to hear that. What gives you enough strength? Look at you enough gumption to go to Herod and say that to him. Cuz I must decrease he must increase find out well to go to Herod. I'm not worthy to go to anyone else. He goes to Army. We know the story were John John is kill to her by her. But you know what Jesus lifted John the Baptist though. There's no greater man born of a woman.

He did not get that place because he lifted himself up got there because of grace of God. Let's tan this morning with our has bad.

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