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I Can't Go Out Like That

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Crazy Heart

You have habits. You have Hangouts you got broken hearts. What was up with you? You didn't get the job didn't get the raise. I stopped by to tell you you ain't going out.

Doesn't matter.

football game

I'm not sure what's going on.

I just need to know what 10 slip by and get her today. Who didn't shut up out of the cab is here. Almost.


women's basketball


See you ain't showed up yet. Call you don't know how many doors are already open on your behalf.

Sinclair Oil brands does when you poop

OK Google

OK Google testimony

Listen to this song every year. I don't know. I don't know what you're challenged. If I don't know what they've been through. I don't know what enemies have been surrounding you. I don't know what's troubling you on the inside.

relational issues Job need a new job.

I don't know what it is, but I just want you. The cash in on the anointing of that song and I want and I just wanted are you right where you are? I said quiet you can say it loud. You can text somebody when you say it. Can you get somebody to talk to agree with you when you say? But I'm going to dare you to move in faith. I said I'm up at 7:50. I'm going to bury him to move in faith. And I dare you to just say it.

Bad Teacher

What other map?


Guess what?

How's the weather?

What are you doing?

Get your hands off cozy. Scottsdale nails

You know why? You know why you came.

Dayton, Ohio Ask if I went over there and got too hot for you.

I took some annoying and put them on there. Staying behind me to put some more so I can get over there.

What's the name of Salamis good to know how to do something else?

something else


Okay, let's see if we can do this right quick.

Finish the series today.

Come up with me.

is the work to be done with my body Soul and Spirit that only I can do and only if I can feel this purpose will I realize

but the choice is mine. God will not force my will if I don't you. I can't live without purpose is salt mixed with drugs or drink or Ryan Pacific. I can go all the way you'll never find a good reason for being placed on the planet Earth, but the world would suffer and I ended it for my body my soul and my spirit.

Something within a said he'll create. Mysteries of the earth and the sky communicate with the great creator of the heavens and her leave yourself with his Green Love and power and experience real life. Since God has a plan for my life and a special work for me to do it. I'll accept this challenge. I will seek to live in harmony with God's physical spiritual and Atlanta online shopping Appleton and strengthen my body and soul and spirit so that I can come to life and a men.

Somebody point at somebody until next meeting.

Compromise and everything in it. That threatens my purpose.

Series that they're working on that we plan to conclude today.

I think that's the scripture comes from James chapter 1 verses 12 through 15 and their mind standing and reading with us. Here's what it says. God blesses those who patiently endure test and infection after work. They will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him and remember when you are being Do not say God is tempting me attempting to do wrong and he never tells anyone else Temptation comes from my own desires and drag us away. These desires give birth to simple actions and when sand is allowed to grow it gives birth to death. I got another guy.

Dryer vent go ahead and I'll understand if you want to sit that's up to you, but it's it's pretty late is about 11 vs. But if you Come over. So the king and Haven with the queen has this band click on this second occasion.

Tell me what you want. I will give it to you even if it is.

Queen Esther reply if I have found favor with the King and if it pleases the king to Grant my request I asked that my life.

Spare and annihilate us if we had clearly been sold as slaves, but that would be too and fibula matter to Warrant disturbing the kidney would do such a thing King Xerxes demanding.

Ask him if you fly this wicked. Hangman is our adversary and I Hannity payment failed with right before the king brothers. That's how you got to look out for your woman. I'm just telling you that that's the way you got to look out for your wife you want and you don't watch what happens?

Hey, man, how ever stayed behind? Queen Esther

interfering with Queen Esther was reclining just at the King was returning from the palace Gardens. Explain the Queen's Right Here in the past before my very eyes. And as soon as the king spoke his attendance payments paid signaling it do then I bought one of the Kings unit said hey man has set up a shopping Pitbull.

It is all Courtyard. He intended to use it to impaled Mordecai the man who saved the key from assassination then impaled Henning on it the game corner.

So they impale demon on the pole setup for Mordecai and the keys anger subsided.

I am talking about this morning. I can't go out like that.

I Ain't Goin out like that and you can't go out like that. I want to deal with overcoming distractions because everybody events Y'all remember? Back in the 70s that music will come on on Sunday.

I have a little hole in it.

Tell you what, all of us are in search of something. If you don't know what you're in search of somebody going to give you some reason why it's important for you to know. What's going on with you? the word for you today I want from you and for you. Many of our lives today are in places and spaces that we never thought we would be. When we were kids we didn't dream of being where we are today. We dream of a more glamorous like some of us some of us are more sturdy like some more of an official nature. Some of us have dream to be more educated than I

then I am. Some of us are planning to be married and have a family that flourishes in and should be by now watching us. Even our grandchildren getting ready to go to college. Somehow someway in my search I got distracted. And what I was searching for I didn't find somebody else had something for me. They made a decision for me. Masco suggests that we'll always in search of something. He suggested that we are in search of something we need or think we need. I think that's the confusion today that many people. Distinguish the difference between a want and a need.

Maslow's theory of hierarchy of needs gold want to say to us that a motivational theory gets a motivational theory that suggests that we are all in search of something in that. What motivates us to? and be hating The Way We Were that thing that we are in search of That's was pushing us. That's what's driving us. It's what's motivating on. to act like we Act to behave like we Behavior I use that word behave 120 my employer. She's not here today be glad when she was here today. She's a millennial and when she first started working for me, she said pop. I just don't like it when you use that word behave. I said why she said because it carries that it almost reminds me of when we were being oppressed and it was a word that was you.

and I said my mama used to say

My grandmother used to say boy you better behave When you were Church.

And somebody else is mama and daddy caught you doing. That you had no business doing then words. Were you need to learn how to behave yourself? Behavior is not a bad word. It's not a fact. It is Behavioral Science that we build Ministry around here at Joshua's Temple. that often times people believe that if we wait till we feel like doing something that will actually get what we are in search of but how did you know by now and are cold enough? I understand that if you wait till you see

Most of the time you won't get anything done. Because we really feel like doing what we really need to be doing. I mean who feels like eating right all the time? Come on. Feels like getting up in the morning and and going to the gym and and running and exhausting yourself who really feels like. You understand keeping a budget? Feels like doing the right thing all the time. I see I'm in here by myself. So I just go ahead.

what I need to be I'm glad I learned that behavior is a decision. Behavior is a choice and if I ever want better than like I better not wait till I feel like doing what I need to do a better learn to like what I don't like. To get what it is. I'm trying to achieve. Wish I had some help me. It doesn't feel good when you first start working out, but once you get going and the juices start flowing in his blood in your sweat a little while, you give a little pain but when you're done. So rewarded and you're glad that you're done it. And so Maslow says most of us are motivated by what we are in search of and what we are in search of is what motivates us to do what it is that we do and act the way we act when you behave so when I learn how to behave a certain way. Maybe I can achieve but there's when I get myself permission, but here's what you need to understand is that all all of us are human and we are

windows needs are not being met. It motivates us. to put into action

problem is minibus. Don't know what to put in action. We just start doing stuff. Now we are motivated to act towards trying to fulfill those needs. I want you to know this that I put quotations around. It's important that we focus on that word needs. The first set of means that his theory be classified as basic needs or watching this deficiency. Basic deficiency means so what is he saying what's happened here?

He says at the bottom of their physiological needs that we all had everybody needs hair. Irvine and Water Shelter sleep Clothing we all have need of these things and what they are saying is the moment these need a friend. Or you proceeding that they are not being mad. You get busy doing something to find a way to meet those needs. Am I right about it? The problem is what is it that we choose to do? delete those knees let's go. Let's go on the stack and the four remaining.

These are the roof need for watch this out like this right here.

You know, it's kind of like what we talked about you at the temple. I grow by the grace of God to become all I was meant to be. We help each other grow by the grace of God to become all we were meant to be. And then we'll help our church to grow by the grace of God to become all in one. Be and then our church will ultimately help our community grow. By the grace of God did become all it was meant. to be called the four remaining needs and four classify them as

they are pushing us to the place of self-actualization or beating the most that you are I can be. And out of all the things that you are striving for in life more than anything else. I believe that the highest order on your list of movies or even want or desire should be to be all that you were meant to be. I mean, it's logical because if you are not living the life that you always should later. It's probably because you haven't become who you needed to be in order to achieve what it is you want to achieve

So let's look at these personal security employment resources help property want to feel safe. Everybody want to feel safe love and belonging. Everybody want to be accepted.

We want friendship. We want intimacy. We want family. We want to set up connection everybody in here want that. It's steam. This is where it gets a little sticky. Because somewhere between physiological needs safety means somehow if we don't get these things we lose this.

Self-actualization becomes lower than what it ought to be and I don't worry. I don't see myself the way I need to be seeing myself. I see myself how the world wants me to look at me. I see myself big house. You know how I see myself as being the bad kid because that's all they ever said to me. Stop being bad. so bad so bad he is so


trying to act like she's a woman. She's trying to be something before her time.

She has to be that we are unable to achieve what that actually looks like.

We stopped looking at ourselves the way we are to look at ourselves, but the lately they've added three levels to this Tyrone you aware of it.

cognitively He's a stinging me. and Transcendence what's going on here? You see these deficiency needs all the things that if we don't get these we end up being deficient, but then these growth need the aesthetic. cognitive and Transcendence

Nah. and understanding chewy and predictability. my people perish for lack of knowledge in the book of Ephesians, what did he mean when he said that he said keeping information from

How do you spell squishy that you experience in life is just not knowing what to do about money. You think it's about? What about all that stuff but when you really don't know what to do if it's the greatest hits of frustration and don't have anybody here. Aesthetic appreciation and search for beauty balance. What beauty

Whose description of beauty are you accepting? Are you looking at yourself in the mirror? And because your nose is? If you don't have high cheekbones what because your brown is different than someone else's. Or your wife is a little. somebody else's why are you because

Sure that the person you are sitting next to are you looking at yourself? And you are saying based on what they say beauty is?

transcending meaning

Is motivated by Valium? Which transcends beyond the personal cell?

Is about making a decision this is about getting the knowledge that's necessary allow them knowledge. I tested and tried and what you discovered through your hypothesis for your scientific or your scientific experiments with yourself. You do know what your life you have to learn how to beat the scientist and the project.

You may as well get buddy else is putting you under their microscope. On Facebook. Is it put you under the microscope Instagram Twitter? YouTube the blue Good Morning America

They're performing experiments on you. You perform some experiment on yourself some information and try it out and see if you can. About you why are you allowing other people to know you better than you?

Okay. What do you mean by that mystical experiences certain experiences with nature aesthetic experiences? Service to others with the pursuit of science religious faith. It started code of belief. You mean to tell me that some people live their whole life.

American life changing decisions baseball

I'm leaving at Major in.

So maybe we need to ask the question what is need? What is the meaning of let's go back cuz I think sometime or what we want to become a fly Anthony. Let's go back to his original child cuz I think the only thing we really need that there is are.

shelter sleep Clothing and reproduction. Everything else can be manipulated.

I will stop in a minute James but I do want I do want to get this out here cuz I want I want you to think about this all the rest of this can be pissed because you can think you are safe and you're really

nobody can make you feel like you're sinking then pull the rug right from up under you. Answer why you've been divorced after 20 or 30? You can feel that somebody can make you feel love. That's the reason why we need to understand that more love is way more Than A Feeling.

Because sometimes people are trying to love you and it don't feel like you're trying to love you. But what they're doing is for your doing that's the reason why God don't let you have everything that you want when you think you want it because he loves you too much.

So what happens when all I needs are met. and it still

stop behaving about that. Football won't be camouflage.

Before we start talking about Haman. Do not overwork to be rich.

please now here's what a worldly perspective would do with that Solomon can speak until you can say that he already

Yes, I will think you can say that. Will you set your eyes on that which is not for riches certainly make themselves when they fly away like an eagle torch.

Do not eat the bread of a miser nor desire his Delicacies.

If not with you as a man thinketh, so is he what was hemans robbed? Let's see if we can give them nothing if we can give you some background behind when you start in the Book of Esther. There are about seven other names who were the highest rank in the kingdom and haman's name is no.

By the time we get the chapter 7 Heyman out of nowhere has risen to number two above the other seven. Nobody has more Authority in the kitchen.

Who was the background here? Jessica Mordecai

And we start off talking about her.

I need to know you need to know your Biblical history. Bhaskar Bhaskar, I have decided that her husband is not going to parade her in front of his friends. She gives up the throne. She gives up the throne to maintain her dignity. She does not fall into the throes of what's happening in society. She said Y'all can shake it all y'all on y'all can show all y'all want to show.

We don't know what happens if a star but we do know that she did give up her dignity.

What's the meaning of Monica? Yesterday was raised by Mordecai because her parents have been killed. What's the running time of Mordecai and water? God has been working around the kingdom? Now they are Hebrew. Help with Walker today are actually in captivity. Augusta is fine.

And it's been done with the tree for all the virgins. Who would consider themselves?

And Mordecai says to ask a girl you better get in that line. Have you forgotten about you? He said don't worry about that you so beautiful gong get it aligned. Egypt in the mix and when she gets in the mix, nobody recognizes that she's a Jew. Time goes by and his number is called when her number is called when the kitten sees her when when when when he sees her. And he's taken. And she becomes the queen. In the movie time in the background political stuff going on and Heyman is working his way up to the top. But one thing about all this is going on. That's two guys who work for the team who got angry with the decision at the Kingman and it decided to a place to kill the king

poses the conspiracy never rewards for doing what he done. What is elevated? How do you manage all of this glorious split to make sure that everybody recognizes his power one man? And his name is Mordecai. Mana Kai saying I ain't going to nobody but my God and the kids and I'm only bouncing is King because the Lord said I need to buy for sorry, but I'm not. Personal stuff that went on between but not file. angry, but is consumed by one thing one thing is I can't get it more ricotta to what I want him until What is that song you want something go get the taxes get self to us.

You understand? We don't want to. And we forget about all. Look up that we got going on. That's good. But this one.

Just like like the woman who set the table for dinner with the white tablecloth, and there's one spec. The claw she can't get that one spec.

People's lives are burning up around then because that's one thing that has. But you can't have her because you can't. You're willing to sacrifice everything else you have. Try to get what it is that you want Oh My God. Don't text me back to the garden.

hotels one tree because they said they couldn't have the one tree. Why did we're done? He's almost there.

if the signing of the treaty for all the juice

Have you ever met anybody like that? They don't care how it affects the rest of your life.

He doesn't care. What's happening to your daughter's all he wants is what? Okay when you get home.

What happened to Monica? Listen?

She says now, you know, you can't just go to the kidney. But listen, if you don't go to the gym, I need to realize I believe that the Lord.

For such a time as this.

There's a reason for everything that's happening.

Call of Duty version of there for a reason and she says I'll tell you what I love my people I love your butt here, but y'all got to do y'all play with me cuz y'all know my husband can get crazy. And he don't care. How fine you are. You see what happened to bash time? I don't want that happening to me. So I need y'all to fast and pray.

when you get ready to make

give me somebody.

You just telling you what you want to hear you did some people in your life.

I'm so you just read it. She told the king. What was about to happen? But not before the king. God wouldn't let him sleep one night.

Don't worry about the Emmys. How come you don't feel whole. I'm worried about you and your goddamn.

dog with that machine sleep he got up and he stopped going to the Chronicles.

Turn everyone in Molokai for saving his life. And so he comes to he's already the king is on his way in and that the king is on his way in payment is getting ready to tell him about the keys, but you can tell him.

What did you do for somebody cheating do for someone that he's pleased with?

And thank you for reading it through the city and then you have to call their names and let the music be playing and he said, okay.

I hate this song of himself. Oh my God.

No, not you. Got to see this word because all he's been doing everything is going home until this.

I'm the dude. I am the one I'm so large and in charge.

Pizza King

But he's a big one of those.

friends and family

If the king finds out what you been up to it's going to be problem with you. the Jones to the second banquet and when he gets to the second banquet, oh my God.

Skip this Melody Got her hair. All right. cheap recliners on her couch. She didn't already said to them I'm going to do this and if I die Imma die in style. She told him if I perish let me perish. But I'm going to do it in style.

She's not looking to happen.


my peoples in trouble

and if we were going to be sold into slavery, it wouldn't even be an issue, but they trying to kill. Who tried to kill you?

Are you trying to kill me? God damn

There it is right there.

an innocent man

watch the ditches that you're digging.

What's the weather man?

Watch your mouth watch your mouth.

He's distracted. He's distracted by the.

he got everything he

and let me tell you about the car. Because when you allow yourself to be distracted by things that you really don't.

disappointments at 10

because here's what happened life is still going on and other people are prosperous and you are distant from the point. that your life should have been then and now

get discouraged.

And you can't move forward because you're so fucken to what you're distracted. You can't even find the courage to do something different you living in sand. something different same thing that you keep on.

Pizza Town in Alaska

Come on somebody.

But they got the same quality.

Is idea this lifestyle is still providing what it did for others. See you think you can make it better. Pickup Toppers have failed in it. You think?

UTC you don't think you're the one

And don't move for cuz you buying the stuff you buying all the stuff that they're putting out there telling you that you don't know.

the knowledge that you know to expose the natural gifts and talents that God has placed in you know, what you're looking for is a lifestyle. And you sold yourself to a lifestyle you auction?

for lifestyle Call Lord have mercy, do do do do-do-do-do. Shopify call


you so discouraged by what you were dispatched. But until you don't even take the time to do something better with you.

You want to manipulate everything and everybody around you? So that they can help you. Do what you want to do.

He should be living.

He should have been so high in his mind that he couldn't even see. Mordecai

And if you hang out in the week. You get call if you know by the stuff.

What's the reason why giraffes?

from the top of the tree

looking for something to eat on the ground around.

wish I had some help up in this place this place in life because

you forgot what God said to you. You've been distracted by what you thought were.

only designers

not by a career career that you are active lifestyle.

People think they're after substitute.

stop question

lottery ticket It went back and got it.

Hang up all night trying to figure out the problem.

you get on my nerves for the last five years, but we going Don't give this marriage today.


we can make out of a pro football player.

45 and 30 years old

what bill today? Never got a chance to be. I calling because I can't keep running his head up again.

You want to buy stock?

Ignore what he does on the side. We don't care what that does.

So what's up?

Got to stay in the moment, you know is right and when you stand up what you know is right. I'll give you a call to see how old is walking in Authority in Earth.

You know, why because he promised that to those.

So when you say that you are tempted don't go put that on God

God knew what I was going to be going through anyway. It's just a part of my life knows he use the wreck today. Your choices are limited to who you can date now because of who you dated then.

The ones that you cook a merry.

No, you going to do one?

Just like you want the bad girl.

Little girl that couldn't go out.

You want to go home?

You know, you don't want to know. You wanted to manage one?

90 reputation You think is she? Tell somebody but it ain't over but you do need to know this that when you are tempted Temptation doesn't come from outside. How much are both is my last sermon on this temptation? Does it come from?

coming from Showtime HBO schedule

c c c c c c

and we'll need you bringing me. No snails. to my dinner table And I don't care how high.

So you ain't going to chip me. About bringing some snails. to my table top and bottom

You can get in a NASCAR results.

but now wow. Observing Lent I went down to the basement and I told sister my sister bake my chicken wings. Cuz if you bring them fried wings on my table today. Imma be tempted to eat. Some of them are probably going to break my lent committed. So be a dear heart and love your pastor and put those wings in the oven.

And that way I don't even have to worry about me template.

You got it. You can't keep blaming the neighborhood. You can't keep blaming your girlfriend to what you learned in the movie or read in the book. You can't keep blaming that it's inside of you. But here's what you need to know. Is that when lust Take over it turns into sin. And When sin is full-grown it brings forth death and you're wondering why does my life stink? the way it does I can't breathe Everywhere I Go.

He could not beat the kid. Would things that he have so as I close? Can I give you this passage of scripture that turn my life around?

Telling you what I know.

I know what it's like for saying to get its hooks in you. John Maxwell said sin will make you pay more than you never plan the pain. It'll make you go further than you plan to God. And it will make you stay longer than you plan to stand.

Take it from somebody. Who almost crashed and burger?

Because he didn't manage the sin contact pain in his life ain't talked about him and now I'm talkin about me.

Who had it all? And couldn't get his lust under control.

Nothing just about sex now.

Is about wanting something so bad.

until you can't see nothing else, but that and then

When you are telling yourself you shouldn't be.

Let your car.

Be content with things such as you have. My truck didn't start going again until I got them tick with the 20.

I wish I had help again.

Thank you for being 20.

My life didn't start getting better until I started being content with what I have.

And you won't find lease.

But I thank you that I can see.

Stop war video buddy else's house. Lufkin over everything you see

You won't find No Rest no, peace and contentment until you get off of Instagram and Facebook. every story that stole and jumping on every get rich quick schemes that you can because your afterlife Style.

He said the things that you have for he himself has said I will never or forsake you. So we may boldly say who is your helper?

not downloading not my nose skin. The lure Is my helper if I don't have it?

But I'm going to go for what I have. I have

do I have anybody here?

And now you don't live in fear of what man can do.

People can't pull me around anymore, because I let people know that I needed them too bad. Cuz I didn't have a good self-image of myself so that other people determine the lifestyle. I need to be living so that I could feel good about myself. Don't be like that baby beautiful for that. You don't have to let anybody determine. You should be proud of who you are and Pooh.

every time you step and let them know I'm coming back.

Tell you what, if you stab yourself like that. There's a somebody see you like you are and then try to get you to be somebody else.

I wish I had some help.

When the spirit really come in.

But I like doing what you see me doing right now, like this. And I had to learn how to stop being beautiful of people not wanting to be bothered with me. Now all those who didn't want to be bothered with me. Wish they could be bother with me.

But now I know. You need to get to know you and your God. And you don't have to what man can will or will not do for you?

But I don't need to drive one. Good morning netlink. As I called this series today. Thank you for your patience and let me go over. Finish don't be like, hangman. don't be like Heyman have

because the one thing you can't have You allow that to consume you.

That's how people get engraved before their time. the reason why marriages break up before

you can get yourself that you can't constipated.

That's all that is stop. Get your esteem, right? Stop thanking God for what?

a man

what year did

what's keeping me? from becoming

and make up your mind. I can't go out like that. I'm not going to be driven by some human. Some days, I like some love. I am going to let that take

For you and you and you and you if you did the second half of your life you've learned enough now.

I'm going to be ready to go if you again and did not accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior.

You're not a part of a church. No, you need to become a pilot. Don't leave today. indecisive

because here we teach you how to live Cigna.

value the virgin

challenge everyone to stand right where you

and those of you who are looking for church on as you stand.

Star Wok. Discover Where You Are. Good place to call home to drop your anchor. This is a good place. This is the place where people have made real mistakes.

Come from where you are. Just come from where you are. If you're that person today is a good day to come and visit.

Come on. We love you. We want to love on you. We want to be a pain.

Come on. Today's a good day for come on again. I know that's right.

Just come on from where you are.

Come on.

Come on.

God bless your heart. God loves you. If you're not one that comes that that like to come out front.

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