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He Came, He was Tempted, He Conquered

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Matthew 4:1-11                                 

Introduction:  How many have had braces? 

Background: We find Jesus right before the start of His ministry, He had just been baptized and was led by the Holy Spirit in the wilderness.  AFTER fasting for forty days and forty nights Satan shows up and tempts Jesus.  Some of you might be thinking why the heck did God lead Jesus in the Wilderness?

Let’s look at each of the temptations and see what we can learn:

I. The First Temptation


   a. The Temptation of Satan (v. 3)

  • Jesus was fasting for 40 days and 40 nights and we see Satan comes in and tempts Jesus at this point.
  • Satan is very sly, he knows the best times to tempt us and in this case its Jesus when He is most hungry and weak.
  • He knows when we most long and desire something, and will try to tempt us then.
  • We know that Jesus is hungry and Satan taps into Jesus’ mind to use His divine powers to get himself food as we see in verse 3.
  • Not only does Satan do this but he says “if you are the Son of God”, testing to prove that if He does belong to the Father as God Himself called Jesus this when He was baptized.

   b. The Response of Jesus (v. 4)

  • But Jesus response was not to give into the temptation and to prove that He belongs to God through Satan’s way and to feed himself, He chose to speak and obey the Words of His Father to show that He belongs to Him.
  • Jesus knew the will and heart of God as it was Scripture that formed His response as He quotes from Deut 8:3.
  • Jesus understood the Father’s heart and knew that man was not meant to live on physical temporary food alone but on more importantly the spiritual food.
  • Jesus knew obedience was top priority.
  • But ultimately Jesus knew God will provide and is trustworthy.

II. The Second Temptation


   a. The Temptation of Satan (v. 5-6)

  • Jesus is led up to top of the temple in Jerusalem and told to throw Himself off.
  • Ah Satan is a sly one, since Jesus used Scripture, Satan knew He needed to use Scripture and twist it.
  • He quotes from Psalm 91 in which he omits and takes out a part of the text. 

     11     For he will command his angels concerning you

to guard you in all your ways.

     12     On their hands they will bear you up,

lest you strike your foot against a stone.

  • Just because it comes from scripture doesn’t make it true, it must be in context and the way God meant it.
  • And the only way to know it is if we know the Bible and the truths of God collectively.
  • In essence telling Jesus to show the world that “if” you are truly the “Son of God” then throw yourself off the temple and the angels will protect and catch you.
  • “If you are truly His, then this will truly happen, so show me”.


   b. The Response of Jesus (v. 7)

  • Jesus knows better as He immediately quotes The Word of God as He says “Again it is written…you shall not put the Lord Your God to the test.” (Deut 6:16).
  • If Jesus did this, He could have easily gotten His angels to bring Him safely.
  • Jesus being the Son of God is perfectly submissive to the Father and obedient to Him.
  • Jesus will not move a muscle without God.
  • If Jesus did this act it would be an act of manipulating God, to force God to act according to one’s desire.

***We do this often times, twisting God’s arm saying “God if you were good you’d give me this, or God if you are loving then do this for me, or God, I’m not going to follow you unless you give me a sign, etc.

We play all these manipulative games, but who is God? you or God?

Let’s go onto the next and last temptation:

III. The Third Temptation

   a. The Temptation of Satan (v.8-9)

  • Satan now brings Jesus to the top of the mountain and giving Jesus a bird’s eye view of the world.
  • Satan offers all the kingdoms of the world and glory only if Jesus would bow down only once to Satan and worship him.
  • Think about just once and Jesus would rule and be worshipped, a definite short cut without suffering.
  • Jesus would not have to walk the road to Calvary carrying the cross, Jesus wouldn’t have to be spit and beaten nor die, and could even avoid the cross.

   b. The Response of Jesus (v.10)

  • Jesus knew the heart and the will of God for Him and the world.
  • Jesus rebuked the Devil knowing that his very act would forever ruin God’s redemptive plans and ultimately reject the Father thereby eternal separation from God the Father.
  • But Jesus knew the Word and to refute Satan’s tricks, He quotes Deut 6:13.
  • Jesus knew Satan’s lies and that God the Father was whom He served and followed only.
  • Jesus knows all authority is given by God the Father and Him alone, even Satan’s limited authority on earth.
  • Satan runs and awesome to see God fulfills His promise in the 2nd temptation in verse 11.


So what does this all mean?

I.  Jesus the Sympathizing High Priest

  • We have God who can sympathize with us (Hebrew 4:15), knowing what we go through.


15 For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. 16 Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

  • Jesus has compassion on us because He went through all the temptations we go through, though He was blameless.
  • But we have Jesus, fully God, who came from heaven to enter the world, experiencing what man goes through as fully man, who was able to be tempted because He was man but unable to sin for He was God.
  • Jesus knows our hearts and our pains, we can speak to the one who conquered all and find strength and comfort.

II. Jesus the Second Adam

  • Jesus loved God too much to disobey Him, and He loves us so much that He would die for us.
  • What ultimately Satan was trying to get Jesus to do was to act apart from God, thereby acting independently of God and disobeying Him.
  • But instead Jesus was faithful though the temptations were very real and very difficult, Jesus was found blameless and conquered sin.

  • That is why Jesus is the second Adam:
  • I believe this first confrontation was needed to show a contrast between Jesus and Adam.
  • Jesus was known to be the second Adam as where Adam failed, Jesus was superior and conquered.
  • We see that Adam was in the garden with everything he needed and yet feel into the temptation of Satan while Jesus who was hungry and was able to withstand Satan’s temptation.
  • We also see that Adam who given a command by God and was to obey those words and yet when Satan came and twisted God’s words and therefore Adam was deceived by not knowing the Word of God and giving into Satan’s deception.

  • So through one man (Adam) we were condemned as sinners but through another man (God) we were redeemed as saints.
  • Brothers and sisters Jesus needed die so we can live, His body needed to be broken and His blood must be spilled so we can be forgiven.
  • He needed to be sinless so He can be our unblemished sacrifice to conquer sin so we may live.
  • So as followers of Jesus may we learn to fight temptation and Satan by knowing the Scriptures and following in obedience to the God.

  • So as we take communion may we remember of Christ and the greatest act of love and the greatest sacrifice made, was upon the cross.
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