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Series that will take us to Easter Sunday.
FRAN - people will come to church on Easter more than any other time.
A lot of people have ideas about Jesus but they are not based on the Bible.
They are based on tradition, culture, Christmas stories… movies.
We are going to keep it simple.
The phrase we will use is Jesus is…
Pray that we will come to know Jesus… open our eyes.
Today… Jesus is my best friend.
He wants to relate to us personally.
Knick names - these indicate closeness.
They are descriptive.
It’s a guy thing.
Baseball - always add a y to their name… Robbie… Billy… Bull - bull headed…
Jesus had a given name...
This was Jesus given name.
Look at this…
This was a nickname for Jesus… it endears us to him and describes him.
Immanuel - God with us.
The most unique characteristic about him was that Jesus was actually God with us.
You need to understand that Jesus is up close and personal with us…
Jesus Immanuel is actually....
Jesus understands
From birth to 30, Jesus lived life just like you and me.
He was a person going though life.
He was identifying with us and one of us.
He worked as a carpenter.
Before he preached, did any miracles… he lived life.
Because he went through everything that we went through - He understands.
If you have gone through cancer treatments… you understand what someone else is going through...
If you go through a divorce, you understand...
If you lose a loved one, you understand...
There is nothing in life that you or I will go through in this life that Jesus did not experience or that he will understand.
That’s what he was doing during the first 30 years of his life.
He understands relationships.
Jesus had a family…
He had brothers and sisters… when there is a bunch of kids, it’s active.
This did not mention Joseph… he may have died by this time.
He understood the dynamic of a big family.
He was tempted as all points just like us.
He understand singleness.
He even understands marriage because the Bible describes him as the groom and the church as the bride and we as the church are unfaithful to him every day.
He knows what it’s like to have friends that betray him.... Peter… Judas...
At one point, his natural brothers and sisters thought he was crazy…
Imagine… his family did not even believe in him.
He understands life.
He understands what it’s like for you to have to get up and go to work in the morning.
He worked probably from 12 to 30… 18 years.
Most of the soft pictures of Jesus are not accurate.
He was a builder… probably rough looking.
He worked for his dad until his dad died and then he had to provide for his mom and his siblings.
He did this longer than he preached.
Jesus knew what it was like.
He understands pain.
He understood physical and emotional pain.
Look at Isaiah…
He probably experienced this from early.
His mom was an unmarried teenager when she became pregnant.
I am more than sure he was picked on and made fun of.
Have you ever been bullied at school or on the playground?
Jesus understands.
“a man of sorrows” - he may have cried himself to sleep at times...
“acquainted with deepest grief”
He understands...
Physical -
Jesus was physically tortured and killed for us.
Jesus qualifies to be...
My Best Friend
This is my desire today that you would come to know Jesus as your best friend.
That friend is Jesus.
He is my best friend.
1. Make Jesus your best friend.
Do that.
Make him your best friend.
Change your relationship status with Jesus.
Make him your BFF.
Jesus talks about people who know hi as only a Sunday God and he has something to say about those...
He wants you to have him as Your BFF.
He wants you to know him up close and personal.
He thinks of you as friends…
He calls us his friends.
He doesn’t need servants…thats what the angels do.
If he understands life, then...
2. Talk to Him.
Stop praying formally… talk to Him.
He is not some distant God.
Prayer is a conversation with God.
ILL - kids texting all the time… FB all the time and putting stuff on there.
Talk to Jesus about your life.
Jesus is seated on the throne talking to the Father on your behalf.
When you talk to him, he remembers what is was like.
Because of Jesus we can come to God with confidence.
When you do, you will find mercy, grace and help.
You will not get judgement.
3. Trust Him with your life.
Hand the controls of your life over to Him.
Heads bowed and eyes closed.
Music beginning to play soft.
Some of you today need to change your relationship status today.
You invite him in.
This means you repent from your life without him and turn towards him.
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