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Thirst Quenching water

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Intro needs some work
Where do you go when live lets you down?
Where do you go for life?
What do you worship?
All experience it. When thing we thought would make life perfect either isnt what we thought or is stripped away. I wonder what that thing is.
All looking for life. Where can we find it?
Ever felt dissatisfied. We all do from time to time. Actually our culture is one of discontent. However much or little we have, we are always searching.
“Everybody loves your life but you” Robbie Williams
“All you need is love” - but where do we find it?
searching for answer found in love. But soon find hurt and disappointment.
so search continues.
How can we have this insatiable thirst for life and love and contentment satisfied? Is it even possible? Or are our lives just doomed to be empty searches?
Let Jesus the Saviour of the world give you the life you really need.

Meet Jesus the Saviour of the world

who meets you where you’re at

J takes journey v 2-6. travels from Judea about 40 miles, a day and a half, arriving in Sychar about noon, tired, hungry, disciples go for food. We get to this unbelievable encounter. God ordained.
Jesus knows you
READ v9-10
Doesn’t seem so strange - until we understand culture at time. 2 words make this the most shocking of encounters. Samaritan and women.
Long history of tension between Jews and Samaritans. Same heritage up to a dividing point.
800 yrs before Jesus Northern Kingdom of Israel fell to Assyrians - most of population taken into exile, so to repopulate Assyrians brought in people from other parts of empire, other nations, who intermarried with those still left in land - creating a mixed race people later known as Samaritans.
600 years before Jesus, Southern Kingdom Judah, overrun by Babylonians, and again many taken into exile. But later when Babylonian empire fell to Persians, King let exiles of Judah return to Jerusalem where they began to rebuild temple and repair walls, at which point Samaritans offered to help but were rejected - Jews regards them as impure, Ever since great tension between including wars. Enemies. Samaritans built own temple on mountain. Never found worshipping together. Considered unclean.
Yet here is Jesus by nationality a pure Jew talking to a Samaritan women. She is shocked - response. probably a snub. v9. How can you Jew ask me for a drink?
But equally shocking because Jesus is speaking to a women. Now rightly nothing of it, but in society of day for a Jewish man to initiate conversation with any women let alone Samaritan was not okay. Saying of rabbi reads

“One does not speak with a women in the street, not even with his own wife, and certainly not with another women, because of peoples gossip”

This women not just any women, or even Samaritan women, but also a shameful women. We get this 1st by time of day - in hot country noon is not the time to gather water. You’d do it in the morning or evening to avoid the hottest part of the day, and it would be a social activity. But this women is out in the heat of the day alone - why? To avoid the shame of her life being talked about. She’s known about town. Subject to gossip.
5 husbands, and now with 6th who is not husband. Translation 2 meanings
husband could literally mean that - which means she has been married 5 times and husbands have either died or divorced her, and she is not with living with someone who she isn't married to, even someone else's husband.
Or could husband could simply mean “men” - 5 previous adulterous relationships and now on her 6th. Either way in religious community she would have been shamed.
[Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland - troubles] deep seated tension.
illustrate with two groups in recent history who would not mix.
Why does Jesus go out of his way to speak to this Samaritan women? That desperate for a drink? (No - could have just waited for disciples to return) It because Jesus wants to show his
Why does Jesus go out of his way to speak to this Samaritan women? That desperate for a drink? (No - could have just waited for disciples to return) It because Jesus wants to show his
ground break, shocking, fascinating, outrageous, counter cultural care! He cares about this women. He doesn’t care about what society will think. he isn’t worried. Conversation unfolds not about his need for refreshment but satisfying her greater spiritual thirst.
Jesus meets us where we are at. Doesn’t wait till we match certain socially acceptable criteria, or till we turn up at certain event, or buy the right outfit, or sort that bit of our lives out. Meets us where we are. Astonishing news of gospel is that Son Of God - one who was there at beginning, at creation, one who holds all things together, one who sits on heavenly throne in glory - came into this world to meet with sinners. There is no one whose level he will not come down to. Sinners. Tax collectors, adulterers, scum bags, sick, outcast, shamed. Lowly.
Maybe this morning you feel like you can’t come to God. You have this thirst - know you need help, know you need something, in your very soul you feel this need, restlessness, struggle. But maybe think that Jesus can’t be for you - can’t meet you yet - need to get yourself sorted first. Jesus wants to meet you where you are at. He’s here this morning with us by His Spirit. Let him in. Hear what he offers.
[Danger of pride in low self esteem].
Maybe say - but he doesn’t know me.
And heres the thing

and brings you to God.

READ v10.
He knows you completely v
READ v10.
Gift of God = Holy Spirit = living water
Conversation unfolds. Jesus came asking for a drink but really wants to deal with her greatest thirst. She might not even realise she has it. Conversation takes time to click between them. But through it Jesus is cutting across to her deepest issue - and it’s an issue of worship. where conversation lands in v21.
We all worship. We think of worship in relation to some form of deity. But worship is really a act of placing our trust, putting our hope, depending on someone or something to bring us the life we believe we need.
For this women what ever her religious affiliation with Samaritans, what is really clear is that she thought she could find what she needed in relationships. Don’t know exactly nature or details - but has gone from one to another - and all its left is hurt and shame.
We don’t know much about the women, other than he religious affiliation, and he messy past. We can’t even be sure of her understanding - though its clear she isn’t getting what Jesus is offering. She’s not sure about Jesus until later. But Jesus knows her.
Read v13-18
Jesus knows her - we see that. Miraculous, supernatural understanding. He knows her past. He knows her life. But as he picks up her dating profile - he really starts to cross a line to show her what her real issue is. And it’s all about worship. It is about relationship - but a relationship with God. Bible says we were made by God for relationship with him. At creation he makes man to enjoy creation, but mostly to enjoy intimate fulfilling relationship. But man’s desire to play God gets in the way, and soon everything is ruined. Mankind turns back on God, and searching for meaning away from him. And instead find devastation, and emptiness and death. Separation from God because of sin.
Story of bible is one of the journey of God restoring this broken relationship. OT we see God choose a people for himself and promise to bless them and protect them if they trust him. We get a picture of God’s desire to dwell with his people, but because of our sin there are barriers. Blood has to be paid. Sacrifices need to be made, God speaks but through cloud and fire, and eventually a curtain in the temple thats built. Question through the bible time line is how can sinful people enjoy a relationship with the living, perfect and mighty God. The relationship we all were made for. We are worshipping creatures - we were made to put our trust in Him, to bring Glory to him but have misplaced our worship - and it leaves us all empty, dissatisfied, restless, discontent, and dying.
This women has put her hope in relationships with men, and been left hurting and broken and shamed, but see as Jesus meets her where she is where he is taking her. Right from the start of the conversation. v10, - then 14. He wants to offer her life. eternal life. This is about a restored relationship with God. That is what Jesus is offering you today. Just as he offered this women. And as he reveals her life to her, do you see where conversation leads.
READ v20
v20 - How do we enjoy this relationship. God’s people built this incredible temple - represented in small way the glory of God, and was where they could approach him through priest and sacrifices. It was built in Jerusalem - and after destruction in captivity was rebuilt - but Samaritans were kept away - so they went up to near by mountain and created on place to worship God. How it had been for many years. Which was right. Jesus cuts straight across with a huge statement. v23.
For years you have approached God through a certain place at a certain time by doing certain things - faith was a series of outward actions but from now you will approach to God will be from the heart by placing your faith in a person - God’s Messiah - the one you’ve been waiting for. God doesn’t desire you to worship in Jerusalem or on the mountain but in your hearts - Spirit - “pnuema” - very centred of who you are - and in truth - by listening to his voice.
And this is where conversation all begins to make sense. what is it about Jesus that causes this woman to run back to her town and disclose to everyone her relationship drama. Again remember the culture - women speaking out like this at all never-mind about intimate matters no no. But she runs back and tells everyone - and it’s not just that Jesus knew about her yes - amazing, but it’s what she discovered - she runs back notice her words - v28.
And what is it that the towns people think as they hear her testimony.
Could this be the Messiah. Jews, and Samaritans had been waiting for hundreds of years. Prophets had heard from God about a Saviour who would come to rescue and restore, to rule and reign. And as she thinks about Jesus words - and joins the dots. And as Jesus says I am he. She realises what it is he really offers her - what she truly needs. Living water that wells up to eternal life. A restored relationship with God. Jesus is saying forget the temple. Let me bring you back to God.
That’s what he offers all of us. Later in John he says I am the way the truth and the life - no one comes to the Father except through me. This is what is so ground breaking and incredible about Christianity - why we talk about the gospel - good news. Because the story of the bible is of a loving and powerful creator God who made us to enjoy a good world in relationship with him, whom we rejected, and as a result face his just judgement for our rebellion, (just first few chapters) but rest of bible is story of God working to restore that relationship - showing us state of our hearts, but also his goodness. OT people were separated from God and could only have limited access through sacrifice and ceremonies and barriers and priests, what we see is that man on our own could never fix what was broken. So what does God doe. Christmas story - he sends his own Son - as a baby born in humility and darkness and scandal and shame. God came and walked this earth 33 years. He brought light and life. He brought healing and restoration. He brought promise and hope. The one the Jews were waiting for - but what did they do with him. They killed him on a cross. But it was there that he became the sacrifice that was needed. Once and for all. As he took our punishment for our sin, and suffered the separation we deserve. And in defeating death he proves to be God’s eternal King - who gives life to those who trust him. And as he ascends to heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father he becomes our perfect priest - interceding on our behalf so that we can approach God with confidence. Friends how can we have a relationship with God? We don’t need a temple or a mountain we just need to come to Jesus! He is the way the truth and the life.
aration we deserve. And then defeated death,. Interesting moment, as Jesus died -thick curtain in temple - barrier between court and inner holy place, thick, torn in two from top to bottom. and some say its to show barrier between us and God is now gone - true - but it also shows that God isnt confined to a temple! God is Spirit. Where should people go to worship God - to Jesus. Once dead, but not risen, he came back to show that he offers life, and then ascended to be with His Father
He is the truth. As he speaks - it is God speaking. How then do we worship God - its by giving the very core of our being over to Jesus through faith. And what is the living water he gives us - its his Spirit. The Holy Spirit. Who he pours out on all believers. The Spirit that is like a Spiring welling up to eternal life. Pouring out life in us constantly. How then do we respond.
Conversation starts with water becomes almost a theological debate.
READ v13-14
v15 - sense of desperate longing. 16 we see why.
Jesus steps it up - v13-14.
Wants to move conversation to talk about eternity.
Highlights her relationship past not to make her feel ashamed or guilty but to confront the pain in her relationships with men and the search behind it all. This women longs for meaningful, lasting fulfilling relationship.
He knows this woman. Because he knows all people. How does he know what she needs more than anything else. Because he was there when the world was made. He knew this women before time began. Before he mother conceived her. Highlights her relationship past not to make her feel ashamed or guilty but to confront the pain in her relationships with men and the search behind it all. This women longs for meaningful, lasting fulfilling relationship.
v15. Don’t know motive of women response. Maybe sarcastic suspicion, maybe weary desire for water, to safe daily toil. Maybe there is some deep seated desire, but it’s clear she misunderstands what Jesus is offering and fails to see her truly deep need. Other than what we read we don’t know much of this women. A messy relationship history. Spiritually counts her self with Samaritans - and is willing to talk with Jesus about right worship. Maybe despite her shame, she assumes to some degree that because of her Samaritan religion she has a relationship with God - it
Isn’t that what life is all about. As a humanity we were not made to live in isolation. We were made for relationship. With each other yes - but primarily we were made for a relationship with the God who made us. That’s where this conversation with Jesus is going. He knows her. He knows us. Why do we spend whole life searching - because were made for one fulfilling, satisfying, life giving relationship with God that flows out into rest of life.
Jesus knows what we need.
Read v19
Worship is about relationships. If I worship my wife, I have a relationship with her in which my very happiness and life is dependent on her. Worship is about who or what we put our trust in, what we depend on to bring us life and happiness. And the problem for this women is she has been looking to men - but Jesus says don’t look to men - look to me. I can give you water that becomes a spring of water welling up to everlasting life.
And you see how when Jesus exposes her real issue the conversation turns to worship. What is your relationship with God like? How do we worship hi
v15 - sense of desperate longing. 16 we see why.
v15 - sense of desperate longing. 16 we see why.
v16 uncomfortable, exposing, meets her where shes hurting - behind it all is thirst that hasn’t been met. Looked for it in love - good place to start, but looked for love in all wrong places. heartbreak, hurt, shame and scandal.

Trust him!

Jesus offers you his life giving spirit
v23. True worshippers do what - worship the Father in Spirit and truth. In the very core of our being - we out our trust in Jesus and give our lives over to him. Let his truth - the truth become our truth.
What the Samaritan women did. She met Jesus. Before she looked to men to give her life she thought she needed, but when she meets Jesus she meets the one who can give her what she really needs. Life forever in an intimate close relationship with her creator and promise of a place in his new perfect world. No wonder she’s excited.
What happens when townspeople hear her testimony - many believer. And they invite Jesus to spend time with them, they want to meet him, this man who could tell her everything. And when they meet Jesus and spend time with him what is the result - they trust him. They trust him.
If you haven’t met Jesus yet can I urge come and meet him. Open up the bible and meet him. Talk to a Christian and ask them to introduce you. Come to church. Let him show you what he is like. If you dont think he is good news then you haven’t understood him rightly. He offers you life. a restored relationship with the God who made you, and a life without this underlying soul destroying thirst.
Like a light switches on in the women’s mind. She starts joining the dots - living water - eternal life - brings the conversation to worship.
Maybe you need time to get to know him - keep coming Sunday by Sunday. In summer we’ll be running a course thinking about who Jesus is and why he came. Plan to come to that.
Read v19
Like a light switches on in the women’s mind. She starts joining the dots - living water - eternal life - brings the conversation to worship.
Read v19
Read v19
How can sinful people, creation, falled approach a perfect and Holy God. In OT God dwelled with his people but at a distance. Sacrificial system, ceremonies, fire and smoke. In Solomons time glorious temple was built in Jerusalem. Then rebuilt. Jesus says to women, technically, historically, Jews are right - but look what he says in v23.
What he is saying is this. With him worship changes forever. With him all this previous places and practices of worship will be shown to be the shadow of a new reality. As worship will no longer be confined to a place - but to a person. How do we worship God - not in a temple but in Spirit and truth.
Historically - Jews are right. Through OT people of God had system of worship that involved sacrifice - so that sinful people could approach holy God sm
Come and meet Jesus. He meets you wehre you’re at. Dont wait till youve got things sorted, Let him in now. He brings you to God. Don’t keep searching else hwere for the life only Jesus can give you with the God who made you. Come to him and give your life to him. Let him give you water that will become in you a spring welling up to vibrant, refreshing, satisfying, thirst quenching, eternal life. Maybe your hear and your a Christian. Do you feel thirsty? Dry? Lost? Come back to Jesus. Let him fill up your bucket with his life giving water again.
How do we worship God - through faith in the Son of God - by believing the truth of
And you see how when Jesus exposes her real issue the conversation turns to worship. What is your relationship with God like? How do we worship hi
Living water - HS
He offers you his life giving Spirit
discussion about where they worship - Jesus says actually Jews have it right, but goes beyond to get to point. We worship God in Spirit and truth - by receiving living water.
Wells up inside. Satisfied our spiritual thirst - a real satisfying, deep, intimate relationship with God, that surpasses everything. Creator who you can trust. Offers eternal life! v14
“We are far too easily pleased”
Worse - in our search else where, we push God aside, and trust in other things - in rejection we not only don’t find what we’re looking for but face a Spiritual death. Just judgement for our rebellion against him. Stuck in our shame and guilt and cycle of destruction and despair.
Feeling thirst? Come to Jesus. Put your faith in Jesus. Ask Jesus to give you his living water - His Holy Spirit - pouring out of eternal life.
Maybe Christian this morning - feeling thirsty. Maybe spiritual dehydrated. Fallen back into searching for worldly thirst quenches, - come back to the font of living water. Let the indwelling Spirit of God be your refreshment and satisfaction and spiritual food again.

because he is the Saviour of the world

v26, 42.
Can trust him because doesnt just know us, but made us. Death defying, Satan Sinking, Curse crushing Life giving, ressurected Saviour of the World. You can trust him.
Had been waiting for Messiah. Promised King from God - to rescue.
Will you trust him??
v 16 Jesus talks straight -
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