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To A Place Of LOL - March 3, 2019

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Fruit mentioned in the Book of Proverbs. So that's where we're going to be heading to this morning. Want you to follow me over there. It's amazing how

so many Christians are so serious all the time.

Way too serious about way too much.

And I say that because we look sometimes and we look at people's faces in the house of God, and they look totally miserable.

It instead of looking like we're ready to worship. It looks like we're at at at at at at at a funeral.

And I want to tell you something if we're going to have people come in the house of God, they need to see Smiles on your face. I need to know that you're excited about what God is doing in your life. You know Smiles are contagious. We've talked about that in times past but you ever noticed that she can be looking at somebody or watching something on television. They're smiling. And in the second you're smiling, like what am I smiling about smiles are contagious. And so this past week or so I've been thinking about I've been texting you many different people times during the day and a lot of times you'll send him something poking at him you put LOL on it laugh out loud sometimes our texts come rolling back in and I do laugh out loud, especially if you saw some of the texts that I get through the week I erase them cuz I don't want my wife to see them. But anyway, it's funny. You should will the Bible's not funny. Yes it is. Yes, it certainly is. Who do you think invented laughter? Amen? What do you think? Probably bad gut-wrenching laugh watching his his disciples do stupid stuff? Hey, man, I mean if your kids ever just jacked up something so bad and you look at it and still getting ready to start laughing cuz you want you know what this could not happen anywhere but in my home. I used to do that. I tell Pam I say you know what there is no way on God's green earth that could happen anywhere on this planet, but here in this house.

If God didn't have a sense of humor. Then look around at the wildlife. Why would we have a penguin? They cannot fly but they swim in the ocean. They don't want but they waddle. Amen. I mean what a funny looking animal kangaroos instead of having birth in a pouch and just got a little head sticking out all the time. What a weird animal. And I can box your eyes out. If you get too close to Honeyman me what a weird strange animal God got a very big sense of humor. Look at some of us. Amen, whatever happened the days when we can laugh at ourselves your nose have people gotten so angry here anymore. You can't even laugh at your own self anymore. Do you ever just jack up something you'll be the only one you look at what I screw up and just start laughing about it wipe it out of way and go again. I do it all the time because otherwise I just stay mad all the time. Amen. Whatever happened. Did you laugh and out loud and smiling? Cuz your scripture in Bible in the Bible, but some of you probably don't want to look at it cuz you want to be serious all the time bless God. This is God's word. Yeah it is and that's just word to there's some LOL moments in here. Anyway, let me get rid of gum. Tell my wife what my mother would probably say. Oh my gosh, so let's look at some LOL moments here. We're going to Book of Proverbs. Don't normally you'd say if you're going to the Book of Proverbs. You going to be talking about serious stuff here and we are I mean Proverbs is a serious book. In fact Proverbs is a it is a course of instruction in wisdom covers of prep for Life preparation for life and the ways of life in God's will it Gibson and addresses? All those things are tongues all those things but there are some funny verses in its am LOL verses in Proverbs, you know, I know there's not yes there is yes. There is Proverbs 11:22 look over here.

a ring of gold in a swine's snout Okay. Are you picturing it in your mind's eye right now. With a ring of gold and it's okay. So is a lovely woman who lacks discretion. He's using this funny analogy here to describe an immoral person. No matter what the outward appearance looks like. He's describing what it looks like on the inside or just okay.

You guys what what?

Did you have breakfast this morning? Okay, did you get out of bed man? Okay. I'm just going to say something here to his right now. If you got mad at your wife your husband last night and went to bed mad you committed to seeing number one. But number to you probably got up still ticked off about the same thing. You said was how do you know all that? Cuz I've done it before but we're in the house of God. I'm going to look at some LOL moments in the Bible this morning. So I want you to just discard all that and shot. We're going to smile. We're going to laugh today. And if you can't do that, you're going to be totally miserable in the next few minutes. Okay, and we're going to pray for you. now

look in Proverbs 21 verse 9.

I bet Solomon was having a jacked up day with one of his wives when he wrote this look at this. Proverbs 21 verse 9. He says better to dwell in the corner of a housetop then in the house shared with a contentious woman.

Do you say Solomon Jacked Up on the Rooftop kick back with his iPad just scrolling through stuff just real, you know, when you're mad and you're hitting the just getting the screen just scrolling past. I can see Solomon Up on the Roof just jacked up. He's bringing him some kind of altercation with one of his wives, you know, Course I use that word wives cuz he's got more than one that which is way too many more than ones too many, correct. Okay, good grief. I'm here all week.

Proverbs 22 and 13. You said? Oh my gosh. Can we get out of proverb? No, we're not. No, we're not we will jump around but we're going to we're going to camp out with Proverbs today. looking Barbers 22 + 13 The lazy man says there's a line outside. I shall be slain in the streets. This dude is trying to get out of mowing the lawn. He don't want to take out the trash a man guys. Next time you don't want to mow the yard or take out the trash. There's a lion loose in the neighborhood if I go out take out the trash garbage. a Michigan which ones which

I like this verse I'm using it. I'm going to use it. I bet my wife will believe it too. talking about funny things We talked about penguins while ago, you know, you're watching the got no legs or just got a foot coming off the bottom of your body. I feel sorry for him. You ever seen him trying to get up the hill. I got a balance that was a good uphill man. And God knows where they can have their nests or two miles from the shoreline. I mean, who does that I'd be on the shoreline a man. But I remember when Pam we had our first child.

She is pregnant with with Corey and I'll never forget when she not so far along. She started wobbling. And I said honey ice I was watching when they walk through this.

That wasn't funny to hurt was to me. She just want to tell you what then I can't even see my feet. She really couldn't. But I'll never forget she so I'll tell you one thing since I since I'm wobbling and I can't bend over and see my own throat. You're painting my toenails.

I see you really want me to paint your toenails. She was I sure do cuz I can't reach him and I can't even see him I said then why do you care?

Well, the deal is she's going to the hospital have children. She doesn't want her toenails looking bad.

Okay. Now let's go into the birthing room. I want you to go with me. Everybody's preparing for birth. Okay, here we are and all the stuff the doctors as well, but wait just a minute. Just hang on a minute. Now she's fixing to get birthing cuz man, I can't deliver this child. Somebody get some fingernail polish and Paint This Woman's toes. Can you see it? What's the matter land for the winter? Like? No, I don't see it. So I painted her toenails. They did not look good, but they were painted.

Okay, the women are not finding this humorous in the least. That's not an LOL moment for them. Let's go to Hebrews then chapter 11. You better start smiling laughing cuz we're not leaving. That's okay. You just better hang on some of your like I'm not laughing. I don't care what they don't you need to get saved. 11 + 12 I'm going to have a good time. Even if it's at your expense today. Hebrews 11 verse 12 lookie here therefore from one man and him as a good as good as dead were born as many as the stars of the sky in the molten multitude and normal is the sandwiches by the seashore. He's talking about Abraham and Sarah Mann You remember Isaac, right? She's having she's giving birth when she's about 5,000 years old. Remember she she comes inside you're going to have a baby. She's like that's a hilarious thing. I've ever heard of a billion years old. Okay. I'm well past having children. He's not much more. He's like Methuselah.

Amen, it's like your great-great-great-grandparents giving birth and having an infant. Oh my God. I'm 55 had to go back and do that again. I just shoot myself. amen Thank you. There's an amen in the house phone where thank you. I'll be here all week. Just leave a tip at the door. Good grief, man.

Okay, I found this corn here. I'm going to feed you little corn, okay? Why are atoms?

Why are atoms an atom you what an atom is? Why are atoms Catholic?

Because I have mass. but on phone

Why couldn't Jonah trust the ocean? He just knew there was something fishy about it.

You like that corn I put a little sugar and it's just candy corn the good Lord didn't create anything without a purpose. Mosquitoes come in pretty close, don't they? Are you in? What excuse? What excuse did Adam give his children about why he no longer lived in the in the in Garden of Eden? Your mother ate us out of house and home.

Here's a good one. Some of you need to really read on this one. How do you make holy water?

You take some regular water you boil the devil out of it. You mean there's a good one.

Here's the best one. Why did God create man before woman? Cuz he didn't want any advice on how to do it.

Here you go.

Which oh good grief. It's be my last Sunday. Take a good look at this. Which Bible character had no parents. Joshua the son of nun

Oh good grief. You are such a hard audience a man. So get them back over to Proverbs 14. laughter the land of LOL laughter as a coping mechanism Proverbs 14 and verse 13

Even in laughter the heart May sorrow.

At the end of Mirth maybe green. UC life is hard sometimes isn't it?

Sometimes wife is compounded with sadness and sometimes it's compounded sadness all around us.

While we're unable to do deny the pain of frustration. We have access to someone who can bring laughter kit don't we wear fixes to the holy spirit of God?

The one sure thing about it. A time when you can laugh in the face of frustration you laugh in the face of disasters. Is knowing that you have God his presence in your life. I see it took me a lot of years to understand that it took me a lot of years down Durst and why is it some of these people that were much older than I was back in those days and they would stable just say, you know what I can't do anything about that. I would look at it go. This is disastrous. How exactly can you smile and be even joyful about this, but now that I'm older. I see now what those older people saw back in the day? Because they knew without anything they had the presence of the holy spirit of God in their life. And with that being said they could smile in the face of anything and laugh anything off and let me tell you that generation knew how to laugh at themselves. They knew how to laugh. I was with some of the family members. I'm going to tell you something if you don't ever go out and have dinner or lunch. With any of your fellowship members your congregation family. You're smart.

I wouldn't have dinner with two three families Wednesday night. And I'm not going to tell you what we talked about don't even ask me afterwards cuz I'm not going to do it something came up with Charlie's Angels from back in the day. And I anyway, I just I don't even I can't even tell you what I was but I remember somebody said something at one point. And I laughed out so loud in Popeye's Chicken.

That I was literally crying and then somebody bounced off today. I didn't said something and Carla pinard was there and I'm not going to tell you what she said, but that I was laughing so hard I literally was crying. And if you ever laugh so hard that you're literally out of breath and just gagging. I know the people at Popeye's going out these people leave to So we can enjoy our chicken.

listen I believe when we're laughing in gut-wrenching laugh like that. I think the Lord's laughing to I Believe In Father looking down laughing his guts out to going. Why did I make how in the world did I put this one on a planet? Amen? The father laughs with us he done just weep with us when we weep he last with you.

We need to learn to resist the temptation of electronic files and troubles consume our hearts. Don't let those be the things that define you. If you walk around with a pruned face all the time, that's what you're being to find by. What why not? Let a smile be the thing that defines you why not a smile or laugh be the thing that defines you when people think of you and picture you and their minds I let a smile and a laugh be the thing that defines you to them and said when I think about you they think of a scout look pruned uplift like you been sucking on a lemon. Don't let that be the thing that defines you laughing is a coping mechanism. It will diffuse a great many things. Proverbs 7:22

laughter Is a medicine for the busted in Broken Heart?

Look in Proverbs 17 and verse 22.

A merry heart does good, but he doesn't stop there look at it as he says it's locked medicine.

But a broken Spirit dries the bones.

If you look at their see users and he's using an analogy a medical term. Dry Bones mean that you're dead

He speaking about the bones.

The bones dried Under the Sun a man. the Valley of the dry bones

He's using this medical term here because he's saying when laughter comes and you're laughing, even when there's some people go wouldn't laughing about idiots. There's nothing to laugh about here. There is something to laugh about everywhere. I'm telling her something to laugh about everywhere. If you'll just look and did you'll find something that you muris. he swears Campbell a few other is there sure is Bump tell you something. if I live long enough and I'm on my deathbed and you come to see my family do not walk in their all drawn up boohoo and man cuz I'm going to tell you I'm not going to be I'm going home. I'm a man. I'm can't wait to see everybody that has already gone before me and I'm going to tell you something. They're going to be laughing and whooping and crying and hollering at the gate each time we come rolling in. So you come to see what's left of this don't be coming in here crying because just think back of all the times we worked on this bill. We get things together. I blew my foot off. I fell off ladders or something. There's something I did. It was stupid that we can laugh about They're Newton new mobile. I'm telling you my wife told me that she has oh my gosh, honey. Don't do that. That's why she goes cuz you're just going to break an arm off or an eye out or something because you do it all the time.

I said, okay, I won't do it. I got too many things to do this week. I can't be incapacitated.

Both patients may experience the same pain. I found this of this will interest you send both patients may experience the same pain. the same inconveniences and the same diagnosis Get the one whose heart is filled with joy can experience a greater degree of healing than the one that doesn't? Also, did you realize this people who are diagnosed with cancer? Even if it's in the last stages will actually live longer. With the same diagnosis as two people will live longer because of how they experience it how they take it and how they view their life up until that point in after they'll continue living longer than the one that says. Oh my dear God. I'm going to die. They'll die sooner than this guy. Well, there must be something in this thing called laughter. Must be something in it. It sounds like good medicine, doesn't it? I want to tell you something. Laughter is one of the best things you'll ever do for yourself. Even if there's no one around but you and God. You need to learn how to laugh some of you need to learn how to laugh. I'm not come at a high. Haha. My wife does have to be all the time.

Cuz you stop my music doing to her that she doesn't like.

I'm talking about one of those right down here that clinches you up and then your face distorts and then the tears come cuz you can't breathe and you're suffocating from laughing. Do you ever do that to me? Like no, I wouldn't do that. Okay, there's why you're sick all the time. You just laughed that old sitting at Rideout. Amen. I'm not making this up. This is biblical. I'm not I'm not taking it out of context. This is biblical. This is what he's riding. This is what he's really saying to you. I'm telling you the bottles. Funny stuff in it, man. These people are people their living life. They're screwing up just like me and you do And you look at Uganda. Oh my gosh. I've done that what an idiot. Please be greedy and he's already done it and I'd you doing it again. It's figure it out.

God heals ailments. In many different ways including the medicine to Joy cheerfulness and laughter.

Listen, not everything not everything is the wind of the world and back very few things really are the end of the world. Do you live like everything is always just on the verge of the end. Is that how you live your life? Are you one of those people that are always just on the edge of odor God? I'm just one step from falling to my dad. The whole world's going to stop on its axis at somebody called me the other day and said press I need to apologize to you about something. I should really what they go. Well something happened the other day and they were going to tell me about asagai. I don't even remember that. That you will I still need to apologize to this will go right ahead. I don't remember it's fine. I'm not worried about it. The world didn't stop on its axis and fling us out into space. I guess we're good. Sometimes things go right past me and I never even think about it. You know, why because it just really doesn't matter. Not everything always matters. Did you know that? You should get I don't listen to my wife that. Yeah, it'll do that brother. I'm not advocating for that some years on my wife a few weeks. I told you that the other day. You know when you go in the courtroom of The Wire? And you're on the witness stand and packing those wild about you so I didn't take it out. Yeah, you did when you said I do you took a no. and she goes you remember a few weeks ago when I told you this and you go

some of you will do this bill do this or that you're lying and you know it and you go and then she'll go or what. Did I say? Where are the jig's up? How you going to lie out of that one? Right? Just don't do it guys just say no. And then she's going to say and you just need to be truthful say cuz I wasn't listening to you.

I'm going to tell you brother. It is better to be truthful now, she'll be mad at you for a little while. You might not eat for a few days. Unless you're willing to cook your own food and you may sleep on the couch or Up on the Roof.

Some of you already got the shingles wore out anyway, so you're in good shape. Just be truthful a man just say no. I don't cuz I wasn't listening.

The guys are going now brother quit you're killing us and I'll be here all week.

Well, we better keep moving. While we still can a man you said let's go to job. No.

Joe chapter 8 and 21 you go. There's nothing funny there.

Okay. What she want Joe says about what you don't know Joe chapter 8 verse 21. Laughter is a fruit as it is a the fruit of joy.

He will yet. There's a capital H. They are you referring to the Lord. He will yet fill your mouth with laughing and your lips with what rejoicing? What? You know who Joe be as right this the cat that lost everything.

This a cat. That's why I said old. Why don't you just Curse God and die and get us all out of this mess.

To every believer there is given the fruit of the spirit including and escape and explainable Joy from God.

Every one of you have that that gift been given to every redeemed believer.

Now, what do you exercise hit is a totally different thing. Can I say this to us in all seriousness? I know we said we're going to be Joker, but I want to say this to us. If you're married.

listen I'm talkin men and women not everything is the end of the world. I'm going to say this one. I'm going to step on out here. I've already started cutting them off. I'll just saw it right on I'll find me not everything is worth an argument.

I'm going to tell you something. I wish I had learned this early on in life. I've learned it later and not everything is worth being not everything is worth standing ground and battling and having 15000 casualties for it. You ever heard the saying you want to be happier. You'll be right. Well, I used to say I'm happy when I'm right.

You get that? Okay. Scratch that you stole that out. Guys only say something. Have you noticed that your wife is a lot different than you are I'm not talking about physical. We know that.

I'm talkin about here. Right right in here. And you know, she's completely different than you are.

Women have you noticed that he is completely different than you are right here. Hey old women are saying a man in the mirror too afraid.

listen There's a reason why God made us that way.

You need to learn to enjoy the differences instead of them being a source of conflict in fighting. Need to learn to enjoy and embrace those differences sometimes do you still win her first got married Pam and do something to look at and go what in the world. Am I married to what who is this person? And why are they in my house? But I've looked at on go and I will have this look on my face and say Why don't you do that? She go? What do you mean to hurt all completely normal in the Woman's World Kelly Regan? I say hey, I'm just asking chick. I don't know what you're doing. It makes no sense at all. Well, then in free days would be blue only be Clash of the Titans Kraken.

And then I as I got older I want you know what I don't even give a rip. You get older you like? I don't care. I don't even ask for that anymore. I never even I don't do this anymore. She don't like that. What are you doing? And don't say that's a stupidest thing I've ever seen. Don't say that.

But I'll tell you what, I do and join I do enjoy her watch. I watch her moving and make it her Maneuvers. I'm just keep backing. Wow, I wouldn't have done that. She's sometimes a honey. You're tough, man. I watch a movie on a boy. You got more testosterone than I do lady. She's just moving man. I like it. But I'm older now. Give her no saying pick your battles. Man, pick your battles. I'm going to say this don't even pick battles. Just enjoy the difference is man. I don't want to in fact that I'm older. I don't want to act like a man. Cuz you don't that makes me so I don't want that. I want her to be a girl. I wanted to do girly goofy things. I enjoyed a man space when they blow up. I'm kidding somebody's texting right now.

Even in the midst of persecution there can be Joy.

He's like what that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard yet. Can you need to learn? You got to teach yourself how to let go and stop hanging your hat on every stupid thing. Quit getting mad about everything man. Quit getting upset all the time of you a person that stays upset all the time. Doll come on. You never met a person who stays upset all the time. They're in fact that they're not upset. They're looking for an excuse to be upset. They're watching you so you can take them also, leave me upset. They're looking for an excuse to be upset.

You can't be a victim all the time.

Year that you cannot be a victim all the time. You know how you can't be? Because he paid a price for you. This is your no longer a victim to your sin.

You said I'll wait a minute. Yeah, he took the crutch out of way from you. Can be a victim all the time man. He's going to have to learn to roll with the flow. And it's not always lead until the Niagara Falls drop off. amen We watched Christopher Robin the other day you ever seen that movie. You need to watch it me or has a very very good part in this you know who you are.

Nobody knows I'm here. You know, he's always losing his tail is always upset between shaggs. It's going to rain this is going to lead. I'll be flooded.

Here's Christopher Robin standing on the bridge looking this Creek over and out from one of the creek flows he or on his back he slowing down. Christopher Robin says, what are you doing here? He was floating away the wind blew me in the creek. And now I'm flow into the waterfall. I'll be gone in a minute. Chris Robinson, I don't know and runs around he takes his shoes off. He's just ready to jump in the Stray Cats about this deep.

There's a good analogy here. Most of the stuff we get upset about is only about that d. We act like we're heading to the Niagara Falls. I boring over. getting ready

Oh my gosh. I read over all this because I need to learn some of this tooth.

Laughter is never used to be cruel.

Proverbs 16:24

There's a time to laugh we talked about while ago. And then there was a time not to laugh.

when someone's being made fun of her talked about even if they're not present. You know what I'm talking about? You know the ones we talk about are we hear people talking about it's called use it behind there. back

They say things about them that are crude or misleading and you'll laugh at it. That's what I'm not to laugh. That really is a teaching moment for you to teach another person how to stop being a hypocrite or how to stop talking about people behind their back. To use that moment. It's not a funny moment, but it's a moment teaching everything's a teaching moment.

Or if someone is in school.

It was funny as you get older. Sometimes you start looking backwards in time.

and I want to be guilty of doing that all the time, but when I Was preparing this message, I thought

I thought about this this little kid. that I was in school with I can't remember his name anymore, but I can still see him. And he came from a very poor family. I mean to tell you. These people are poor. And I didn't have a whole lot. They were not really the cleanest people in the world. at all But they were nice people. They were just nice people. I remember he his mother had left him. I guess on a hard feather pillow or something when he was born, but he weighed misshapen his head in the back. And but he was a nice kid.

And I remember cuz I'mma tell you something you don't hear that old saying kids can be cruel. I let me tell you something. People can be cruel. Don't even don't even put that on Elementary kid, cuz I've seen adults do the same thing. So don't even try to push it off on kid cuz people can be cruel. I remember them laughing at him and lunch one day and I haven't gotten out of line yet. I was I think we're probably third grade and they were laughing at him and making fun of his head.

And then people wouldn't sit with him. They're always making fun of him calling him pointed head or I don't know just cruel stuff. I'll never forget him sitting in the lunchroom that day. I just got out of line with the prayer. You know that break food. We got in school. anyway I'm walking over there and I see them laughing and they're walking off and I see him crying. And normally I wouldn't think anything but the day that day I went and sat with him just sitting on poop, but he's over here I went and sat with him.

I remember saying what are you crying about man? Because all nothing you're just making fun of me. I said really who I want to know is cuz I'll beat him up on the playground the next day. I don't like bullies, man. I don't like it. I do not like boys.

But you know, there's a time not to laugh. I could have joined you about poop buddies and laughed at him. That's what I'm not to be laughing. Especially when that laughter is done in a cruel intent to destroy and hurt another person.

That's what I'm not to laugh. That's not an LOL moment. That's a moment for you to stand up and say hey, you know, what what you're doing is wrong and if it costs us my friendship with you then I'm okay with that too, buddy.

It's a teaching moment to teach that other person. What you doing is not right what you're saying is not right and it's certainly not a laughable moment.

Watch the deal the other day on YouTube every once in awhile.

I watch this deal you've seen those deals are silent there just music playing as God knows most of the time with your young girl. And she'll say hi and she's got these card. My name is so-and-so. I got it. I'm 16 bone and she's putting the cards. She's really telling a story through these cards and you can look in her face and she's dropping the cards.

My mom and dad got divorced when I was 12. She's dropping these cards and I'm watching I'm watching her story unfold. And she says and at school I got my phone up for this once they put paste in my hair. Oh my gosh, they terrorized is Scrum.

But they terrorized this girl they cut her hair once in class cut a chunk out of the back of her hair. I'm like what in the world where is the adults in all this man? It just infuriated me, but that the end of the last card she says and I don't want to live anymore. And according to what was written below she took her life after making that video.

Wow. Well, that's not funny. And the stuff they were doing to her is not funny.

And as a Christian Movement, we shouldn't ignore it. We should actually embrace it and be praying about it and try to make moves to stop it. I don't know about you guys these young people here with us this morning. I don't know if you do stuff like that in your school and girls are really bad about being on other girls.

I'm going to say something. You need to think about what you saying do because that person will take that into adulthood. Or they'll take their own life.

I never want somebody else's blood on my hand a man. That's not funny. That's not an LOL moment. Is it? that's serious when another person takes their life because of the things you said or done or joined in with I'm going to say this to you.

To do the right thing if it means you're the last person standing. And everybody else is against you you do the right thing. Be brave enough to stand alone. If you have to stand alone, if that means you have to stand between someone and a group that's being made fun of that's not it LOL moment. The song Preacher I don't like confrontation. Will you better learn to like it? You better learn to embrace it because we're in those times. Christianity is not for the faint of heart if you haven't noticed. From the Old Testament to now to what we're doing now.

Those are not LOL moments. Animal tell you something the Lord never created humor or laughter to be cruel. You should watch how do you know free child? Come on. We don't serve a cruel God. We do not serve an inhumane God. The only thing that's inhumane in this life is the one your enemy that has turned it that way for all the things he's perverted.

Johnson humor is untainted.

Filthy jokes are really just filthy jokes. McKay I'm just going to take a nap heard all these jokes eyes of law-enforcement. I heard stuff. I heard cuss words that I didn't know existed. I think they make them up.

Filth is not funny. Okay can on homosexuality all those things are not funny. Those are just sad that's not an LOL moment.

Us laughing at ourselves, we do things funny or a clean joke or something family life is some of the most hilarious things you'll ever see. That's funny.

I hope you learn to things today. Have a laugh laugh at yourself. laugh when it's funny and laugh d It's very good medicine. It brings down. It does physical things. Did you know that it will reduce your blood pressure. Did you know that it literally physically affect your blood pressure? That's a really red in the face when I'm laughing hard. That's just cuz I'm suffocating.

And then there's. The second thing. Laughter is not cruel at the expense of someone. It's just not.

I've got this one for you. I told Pam about it last night. She like oh my God.

there is a restart a minister and a rabbi.

Each one had the job. To go and find a bear in the woods to convert them. And it'll end of the deal. I come back together and talked about which one had the best conversion.

Just a priest begins when I found the bear. He's telling other through other two guys are right behind the pastor. He says when I found the bear I read to him the catechism and sprinkle them with holy water and next week. He's having his first communion. UK the pastor says I found a bear by the stream says the pastor and preach God's holy word. The bear was so mesmerized that he let me baptize him right there in the Stream. amen Here we go with the rabbi. They both look down at the rabbi. Who's laying on a gurney in a body cast?

the rapper

Here we go. This is what my wife is. Oh my gosh. Looking back the Rabbi says maybe I shouldn't have begin with circumcision first.

That'll put you in a body cast you deal with a Grizzly, right?

You see that's funny. That's funny. It's wrong, but it's funny. listen a long time start laughing Do you know how to do it more. Everything's the end of the world? Not if things would have bring things to an end.

If your married you need to learn how to start in. embracing each other and loving each other

alarm that comes with forgiveness and ignoring ignoring those things netbrain conflict

nobody's perfect. And the only perfect person that we ever had them on this we did kill him. We put in my phone at that was the last perfect person. That was with us. My grandmother used to say this to me I never understood it first then I started dating and I tell her I was dating this one girl. Tell her about it and mom always washing the dishes I'll never forget. My mom always had her apron she was from the old days a man always had her apron on she's at the bishop. She didn't have a dishwasher. He was the dishwasher sink and Mom all with a tall light and she's nothing but lay eggs. She's washing those dishes and I'm bringing over the counter and I'm talking to her. I'm 17 16 in my mouth washing audition. She's making them off and it wants you to look at me and I'll be telling about this girl. I was dating in the house. I want to date you anymore. Cuz she does the answer