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Colossians 1_1-7

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(A Series on Colossians)

Westgate Chapel 5/23/93 a.m.                        Colossians 1:1-8

Proposition:   In the middle of the buffeting storms of life, the meaning of life that we all search for can only be found in the objective truth and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a truth that brings faith, love and hope into the lives of those who are "in Christ."

i. introduction

-     WHEN a nation throws off the restraint of objective truth, it is heading for serious trouble.

-     I SAW a surgeon on a TV talk show this week try to justify the harvesting of the brain cells from a baby BEFORE it is aborted so that the effects of Parkinson's disease could be partially reversed in an adult patient......and he praised President Clinton's lifting of the ban on the use of fetal tissue for research.

-     NOW the medical profession is in a stir as to when the use of fetal tissue is acceptable......If reversing the effects of Parkinson's disease is OK, then how about for cosmetic surgery or improving your athletic ability?

-     SO a huge debate is starting to take shape.....and will fill volumes and make great controversy for Phil Donahue and Sally Jesse Raphael.

-     WHEN a nation throws off the restraint of objective truth, it is heading for serious trouble.

-     AND in this week's issue of Time Magazine, regarding teenage sexuality the editor's agree that after years of sex education and Planned Parenthood.....the evidence is in that teens are more sexually active than ever.

-     SO we cave in and provide school-based clinics and distribute condoms in junior high.

-     TEEN suicide and teen pregnancy rates are soaring simultaneously. Should we be surprised?

-     WHEN a nation throws off the restraint of objective truth, it is heading for serious trouble.

-     BUT we shouldn't act surprised.

-     IN its present condition the world has never acted as if objective truth was a high priority. The darkness hates the light. Nothing new there. No need to read the PI and click our tongues.

-     WHEN Pilate was trying to justify giving in to the mob at Jesus' trial, and his loyalty to Rome was fighting against his desire for peace in Jerusalem, he asked Jesus "What is truth?"........but didn't stick around for Jesus' answer.

-     BUT there is something more alarming than a nation throwing off the restraint of objective truth.....and that is when the Church of Jesus struggles with living in objective truth.

-     WHEN the world rejects truth it is living true to form.

-     WHEN the Christian rejects truth, God's plan for mankind crumbles from the inside out.

-     THAT was what was happening to the Christians in a city in Asia Minor called Colosse.

*     The church in Colosse was a small band of struggling believers, with their faith being ground down by opposition.

*     They lived in a once thriving city that was now being overshadowed by their larger neighbors, Laodicea and Hierapolis.

*     Paul had sent Epaphras to plant the church in Colosse, probably while he was in Ephesus, about 100 miles to the west.

*     The church had started out great, and the Christians had a solid foundation of truth.

*     But then some different teachings had crept in and had corrupted the truth.

*     And many had fallen away.

-     IT is a dangerous thing when Christians are tempted to tamper with the absolute truth of God's Word, and it has eternal consequences.

-     AND for the next few Sundays we are going to follow Paul's concern and counsel for those who were barely hanging in there.

-     HERE were the basic points at which they were being tempted to dilute the truth.

*     Some had come in and were teaching that the body was evil and the only way to be saved from God's judgment was through a rigorous discipline of your physical appetites.

*     Now, on the surface that doesn't sound too bad.

*     But after trying and failing frequently to control the appetites of the body you have to come up with some solutions.....which the false teachers did.

*     They came up with an elaborate doctrine of demons to explain the failures.

*     And an even more elaborate doctrine of angels as intermediaries to gain favor with God.

*     And the ones who seemed to be successful controlling their appetites using these doctrines were considered those who had gained an elite intellectual and spiritual status.

*     A second branch of the same heresy reasoned that the body was evil and the soul was good. And when you died it was only the soul that would live whatever you did with your physical body was no problem, as long as your soul was saved.

*     For this group there was no emphasis on purity or morality.

*     You could do whatever felt good until you had satisfactorily silenced your conscience.

*     As long as you pursued God with your intellect, you would be saved by knowledge alone regardless of how you lived.

-     DO you see how devastating it is when the Church rejects truth?

-     TURN with me to the book of Colossians.

-     SINCE Paul has never met these believers he begins by establishing his authority to write them and challenge those who are still hanging in there.

-     VERSES 1-2,

      "Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and Timothy our brother, To the holy and faithful brothers in Christ at Colosse: Grace and peace to you from God our Father."

-     TWO things I want you to see in these first two verses of introduction.

*     First, Paul is not a self-made apostle. He sees himself as only what God has made him to be.

*     There is no such thing as a self-made person in the kingdom of God.

*     You and I are what we are only by the will and calling of God.

*     Secondly, Paul identifies those who have remained faithful in Colosse as being in two geographic locations.

*     They live in a city called Colosse, with houses and businesses and transportation.

*     But they are also in another geographic location. They are "in Christ."

*     Colosse was the temporary place they happened to be living in at the time. That may have changed at any moment as circumstances changed.

*     But their real environment, the real place they lived was "in Christ."

-     THAT is the place of absolute security where objective truth begins and Christ.

-     THAT is the place where Jesus is everything to you.

*     Your life.

*     Your joy.

*     Your purpose.

*     Your reason for living.

*     Your offense.

*     Your defense.

-     THAT is the only place to find truth. Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life."

-     SO while you may live in Edmonds, or Lynnwood, or Bothell......are you "in Christ."

ii. the effects of the truth

-     WELL, what was the effect of living in the Truth,  or, "in Christ?"

-     IT is the very opposite of living in fear and guilt and constant confusion about right and wrong.

-     PAUL tells us in the next three verses.

      "We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you, because we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all the saints-- the faith and love that spring from the hope that is stored up for you in heaven...."  (Verses 3-5a)

-     THREE effects of living in truth that Paul is elated to hear exists in the believers in Colosse.

-     HE is not giving them the credit because it is the work of God's grace. So Paul thanks God for the effects of truth in their lives.....but here they are;


-     THESE people are being persecuted, beaten down, oppressed. They are in the minority in a culture where paganism and emperor worship reign.

-     BUT they had faith that Paul gives God thanks for.

-     FAITH is the confidence that God reigns, Jesus has done all that needs to be done for you to be all that you need to be,  and that He holds your future in His hands.

-     WHY did they have this kind of faith?

-     BECAUSE they were "in Christ."

*     He is the source of all faith.

*     He was the environment they lived their lives in.

*     Their thinking and dreaming was done "in Christ."

*     Their planning was done "in Christ."

*     Their business was conducted "in Christ."

*     They got married "in Christ."

*     They raised their families "in Christ."

*     They drew their life from Christ.

*     All that they had and all that they hoped to be was due to their intimate relationship with Jesus.

-     SO dependence on yourself goes.

*     And dependence on the world goes.

*     And dependence on your education goes.

*     And dependence on your gifts.

*     And dependence on the government.

*     Dependence on your salary, or your savings.

*     Even dependence on other people to bring your through.

-     AND while you enjoy the gifts and things and people that the Lord has placed in your life....YOUR FAITH IS IN CHRIST.

-     PAUL thanks God for the faith in the believers at was the effect of living in objective truth.


-     THERE is another effect of objective truth that Paul references in verse 4.

-     IT is their love for all the saints.

-     IT is inevitable that with faith that is that alive, you will have love for all the saints.

-     REAL faith is not a lone ranger.

-     WHEN your focus is on Jesus Christ, and if your faith is the real thing, He purges you of selfishness.

-     YOUR heart goes out to those who share your faith "in Christ."

*     All the saints...without exception of race, doctrine, socio-economic status, education, dress, temperament.

*     Not just selected cliques, but an all-embracing fellowship with all those who are also "in Christ."

-     THAT is what happens when you live in objective truth instead of living by feelings or by your felt needs.

*     Bitterness has to yield to the truth about love.

*     Gossip has to yield to the truth about love.

*     Favoritism gives way to truth about love.

*     Selfishness yields to truth about love.


-     THE third effect of objective truth in the lives of the believers in Colosse is hope.

-     VERSE 5a says that it is  " and love that spring from the hope that is stored up for you in heaven."

-     FAITH and love SPRING from hope stored up in heaven for you.

-     IT means that the fuel for living in faith and other words the fuel for living in obedience to the Lord is the hope that we are leaning towards, that is waiting for us in heaven.

-     IF we only live in the NOW for the NOW then faith is a mockery and morality is a waste of time.

-     PEOPLE who only live for the TODAY have one philosophy........"Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die."

-     THAT is life that has lost its the only meaning there is is the pleasure you can get for yourself today.

*     Why else would a mother leave her little children and run off with another man?

*     Why else would a dad take up with his secretary and convince himself that his children will adjust just fine?

*     Why else would two thirteen year olds derail an AMTRAK commuter train and show no remorse for the damage they caused?

*     Why else would a business man give up his family to advance his career?

*     Why would an evangelist exchange his ministry for a night of pleasure?

-     BECAUSE he has forgotten the "hope that is stored up for him in heaven."

-     WHY be faithful and loving?

*     Why be faithful to my wife?

*     Why make the house of God a priority for my kids instead of baseball or work or school?

*     Why tithe to the church that is your spiritual home?

*     Why give to mission?

*     Why use your talents for the kingdom of God?

*     Why study God's Word?

*     Why come to a Wednesday night prayer meeting....and make sure your children and young people are with you?

-     BECAUSE our lives spring from a hope that is stored up in heaven for us.

-     WE have to be leaning into the hope that is waiting for us in that faith and love are fueled down here.

-     WHAT is that hope?

*     That there is a Savior who is coming for us to take us to the place He has prepared for us.

*     That there is a resurrection of the body for us all, just like Jesus' resurrection.

*     That the gift of eternal life is given to those who receive Jesus as Savior.

-     FAITH and love are not nourished by personal effort, but by the solid fact of the truth of God's promises.

iii. the nature of the truth

-     WELL, what is this objective truth that has such a life-changing effect on people?

-     IT is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

-     LET'S go back to Colossians 1:5b. Paul says that they learned about the hope,

      " the word of truth, the gospel that has come to you. All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing, just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and understood God's grace in all its truth. You learned it from Epaphras, our dear fellow servant, who is a faithful minister of Christ on our behalf, and who also told us of your love in the Spirit."

-     SIX characteristics that Paul gives us about this objective truth that is life-transforming.

1.   IT is a word of TRUTH!

*     It is not some guesswork about what God is like, who man is, what sin is, where we can go for the only remedy.

2.   IT is the Gospel.....the Good News about God.

*     It is not bad news. Only the world portrays it as bad news because they have rejected the truth and no one likes to admit they are on the losing team.

3.   IT is the universal Word of God for all mankind.

*     "ALL over the world this gospel is bearing fruit..."

*     It is not for some select breed of intellectuals or special holy people.

4.   IT is growing and fruitful.

*     When God's truth drops into the soil of divinely prepared works like no human words have ever worked.

*     It is fruitful to reconcile God to man....and to transform man's character.

5.   IT is God's GRACE.

*     It is NOT the result of any human effort or work.

6.   IT is humanly transmitted.

*     Paul passed it on to Epaphras. Epaphras passed it on to the Colossians.....and they passed it on to us.

iv. conclusion

-     HAS this objective truth taken your life captive?

-     HAVE you received the TRUTH into your life through faith in Jesus Christ?

-     IF not, you are living in the confusion of subjective truth and trying to find meaning for life where there is none to be found.

-     AND if you have received the TRUTH, are you living in faith, love and hope?

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