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Heaven’s Laws Come To Earth

Your Kingdom Come!  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  1:28:58
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The Heavenly Kingdom that will be set up on this Earth will be similar to our current world, yet also vastly different. Every organized society needs to have laws, and they need to be enforced. With a new populace established on the Earth, the laws will need to be at a higher level. With the government of today, we are (for example ) not allowed to steal, but we will not be convicted of jealousy. With God's new laws, we will be required to keep our feelings in check, too. In fact, we are required to do that today if we want to be part of the coming Kingdom (1 Pet 2:1). Furthermore, there will be ONE set of laws for the entire Earth, not laws for each country, state, province, city, town, village, etc. Listen in and read the evidence with us as we discover the future of government for Earth!

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