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Family in Transition

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Children are to honor their parents

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The Second Table of the Commandments

In the introduction to the Ten Commandments, the arrangement (or the formatting) was discussed. Most commentators see a two-part division, with the first four (1-4) commandments dealing with the vertical (man’s relationship to God) and with the second six (5-10) dealing with the horizontal (man’s relationship to man). This arrangement is not accidental or coincidental; if one doesn’t get the First Table correctly, the commandments of the Second Table will never be correctly understood or followed.
The fifth Commandment specifically deals with the family unit. God has given the crucial responsibility of transmitting moral values and spiritual precepts to the family (). The family has been given this privilege - not the church or the school or the government, but the family. Of all of these other entities, the Church is best suited to assist in the shaping of positive moral values. But, notice: the Church can only reinforce what is done in the home, not substitute for what is not done in the home. Therefore, it is vital that as believers we hold fast to the priority of biblical family values and do all that is in our power to protect and stabilize the family.
And this value of family has never been more needed in our society that is in the midst of a moral revolution. The societal forces of the secular left are ripping apart the basic definition of what it means to be family. They have won the first several rounds by making normal what was once considered sinful and abnormal. Make no mistake - they are not finished! They are now in the business of ensuring what was once sinful is now being celebrated. And woe to those who want to remain on the wrong side of history and refuse to celebrate with them! The secular left is on the attack and they are coming after the biblical holdouts and they are coming hard!

Discuss the USA Today article “LGBTQ families are on the cusp of dramatic growth” by Susan Miller (2/6/19)

One of the key findings from the survey by the Family Equality Council shows that 63 percent of LGBTQ millennials, those 18-35, are considering expanding their families by becoming first-time parents or by having more children … . “Five years ago we were on the cutting edge of gays getting married. Now we are on the cutting edge of LGBTQ couples wanting to have kids” Homosexuals who want to have children have encountered a problem: Despite having what they thought was good health care coverage . . . They are paying out of pocket for the first six months for every doctor’s visit and every procedure – “thousands of dollars a month” – before insurance kicks in . . . “because they don’t meet the definition of infertility.” Despite the hurdles . . . the survey is “eye-opening” and documents the number of young people pursuing parenthood. “It is really empowering. They are not scared, they are happy, and they feel safe. They are unabashed about the fact that they want to have kids.”
They are paying out of pocket for the first six months for every doctor’s visit and every procedure – “thousands of dollars a month” – before insurance kicks in, Koehler said.
Couples have to pay out of pocket “because they don’t meet the definition of infertility,”
The ongoing efforts to redefine family in ways that are hostile to the biblical standard are worthy of our resistance. Christ-followers are to be pro-family! We must not cave in to the pressures of the world system, but instead be champions of traditional biblical definition of the family and of the biological reality of gender: male & female.
A real time survey of our culture such as the above simply highlights the need for Christians to embrace God’s moral code. The 10 Commandments are still applicable for Christians, and we are to do all we can to strengthen and maintain the family: God’s established unit that He designed to convey and transmit moral values
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