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            This article crossed my desk this past week from the Meigs Avenue Church bulletin:

            “Mr. William McPherson lost his EYES and HANDS in a dynamite explosion.  He found it very difficult to face the world of darkness.  God’s Word then became extremely important to him.  He wanted to read the Bible, but he couldn’t master Braille with artificial hands.  He tried to read the raised letters with his lips, but he had no feeling in them.  One day he discovered he could distinguish the letters with his TONGUE!  As he eagerly sought to learn Braille, his tongue became sore, raw and would bleed.  He would stay up all night just to learn one new letter of the alphabet.  He prayed for grace and help that he might continue to learn.  Over 65 years, spent in darkness, he read the entire Bible over four times with his tongue!”

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