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Welsh Revival - 1904

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1904 Welsh Revival.

- Evan Roberts - 26 years coal miner/blacksmith

- Very little education

- 1904 Welsh Revival - 100,000 came to Christ

- Often his meetings had no preaching just Prayer or reading of scripture.

The Welsh revival was a mighty invasion of the Spirit; God's Kingdom radically manifested on earth. "The earnings of workmen, instead of being squandered on drink and vice, were now bringing great joy to their families. Outstanding debts were being paid by thousands of young converts. Restitution was the order of the day. The gambling and alcohol business lost their trade and the theaters closed down from lack of patronage. Football during this time was forgotten by both players and fans, though nothing was mentioned from the pulpits about it. The people had new lives and new interests. Political meetings were cancelled or abandoned. They seemed completely out of the question since nobody was interested. The political leaders from parliament in London abandoned themselves to the revival meetings. Judges were presented with white gloves because there were no cases to try the illegitimate birth rate was reduced by 44%. Mules in the mines had to be retrained because the coal miners no longer used profanity when giving orders. The man-made denominational barriers completely collapsed as believers and pastors worshiped their majestic Lord together."

 It spread to the US. On Jan. 20, 1905 the Denver Post head line read, “Entire City Pauses for Prayer Even at the High Tide of Business” In Portland Oregon, 240 department stores signed a covenant agreement to close their doors from 11:00 am - 2:00pm each day while their customers and employees attended prayer meetings. In Atlantic City, ministers reported that out of a population of 50,000, only 50 adults were left unconverted.

- What was his secret - he was willing to bow to God’s Sovereign purpose for his life

- Prayer (for months praying for 4 hours each day)

- His famous prayer - "Bend me, O Lord."

- Finally on November 7, 1904, the Moriah Chapel

         was filled to capacity for a prayer meeting that  lasted until 3:00 a.m.

- A young girl named Florrie Evans, who had only

been a believer a few days, rose and with a trembling voice said simply,

— "I love Jesus with all my heart." —

- The other young people's hearts were melted at this

         and thus began the revival.

Evan Roberts Message

1. Confess all known sin

2. Deal with and get rid of anything `doubtful' in

your life

3. Be ready to obey the Holy Spirit instantly

4. Confess Christ publicly

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