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Joseph,faithful in temptation

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Joseph, faithfulness in Temptation

Gen. 39:7-11  EBC   2/10/08

 Last week, we saw Joseph’s faithfulness in trials. This week we’ll see Joseph’s faithfulness in Temptations.

  Genesis 39 gives us one of the most instructive lessons on temptation found in the Bible. Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce Joseph into having illicit sex relations with her, but Joseph would not yield to her solicitations. From the conduct of Potiphar’s wife, we learn about some of the ways of temptation. But from the conduct of Joseph, we learn about some of the ways to successfully war against temptation. From the wrecked lives we see in churches it’s important that these principals be taught and heeded.

I. The ways of Temptation

  We can use these verses as a game film for the wiles of the devil.

  A. The temptation was visual (7)

    One of the most effective approaches to sin is thru the eyes.

    1. Gen. 3:6- Eve “saw”

    2. Gen. 13:10- “Lot lifted up his eyes”

    3. Joshua 7:21- “Achan saw”

    4. 2 Sam. 11:2- “David saw”

All these fell into deep sin because they didn’t guard the eyes. They allowed their eyes to feast on the forbidden.

    5. Many today fall into sin because they do not guard the eyes.

      a. There are many traps today:

        1. Billboards

        2. Television- we can hardly watch t.v today for 5 minutes without some mention or display of sex. We wonder why the craze.

        3. Internet

  B. The temptation was versatile – if the devil can’t seduce in one area he’ll try another area.

    1. The earlier entrapment of Joseph was despair this one is delight. If pain doesn’t get you he’ll try pleasure.

      a. The later is often times more effective. Persecution hasn’t hurt the church as much as popularity with the world.

  C. The temptation was timely – skillful timing adds to the effectiveness of temptation

    1. It came during a time of success-

      a. 39:3- work prospered-

      b. 39:4- promoted in work

      c. 39:6- popular

      The temper knows when to strike. Success can go to our head, puff us up and make us sift from temptation.

        1. 2 Chron. 26:15,16- King Uzziah – great king but his successes caught up with him

    2. It came during a time of secrecy(11)

      a. The wife waited until no one was around then she attacked.

        1. Many will do in private what they won’t do in public. Temptation strives in dark lonely places. Many have failed in this area by allowing themselves to be in places that are not healthy.

  D. The temptation was persistent (10)

    1. One drop of water will not wear away a rock but many years of it will.

    2. Oftentimes it is the persistence of temptation that gets us. We must never let our guard down.

    3. We must never conclude that once we’ve licked a temptation it will never bother us again.

      a. Luke 4:13-

Never do we have to sin so never give in to temptation.



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