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Kingdoms & Choosing

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Kingdoms & Choosing.

We all have to take our turn. No one can stand in for us when it comes to life. God has given us a tiny measure of what he has without limit. The ability to choose.

God said let us make man in our image and let them have dominion. Dominion is a kingdom word.

What is a 2 year old favorite word? NO! Two year olds are learning what it means to have a Kingdom

Kids in the back seat of a car draw a line. You can’t come on to my side. They are stacking out their Kingdoms back there. Then they start defending their kingdoms. Dad turns around. The car is his Kingdom & speaks, “Do you want me to come back there?” Sure Dad, you’re going to come back here while the car is going 70 miles an hour. Dad sends his hand like a snake into the back seat. The kids are no fools and retreat into the safety zones... How to get them out of their unreachable safety zones just tap the brakes and they come instantly around. Kingdoms are good when they are in control.

Our kingdom dies when we have no sense of control over our lives, then die as well. It is devastating to us when we sense that what we do does not matter Spiraling into depression. A learned helplessness.

Researchers did experiments on groups of dogs giving small electrical shocks Some dogs learned they could stop the shocks by jumping over a wall. Other dogs were given shocks at random.

 The 2nd group gave up and lied down and quit doing anything latter on they were given the chance to stop the shocks by jumping over the wall, but they never even tried. They had learned that they were helpless, or so they thought.

In POW camps. The difference of people making it or giving up were the ones that had a sense they had control of something

Same with Nursing homes

Those who had choices such as arranging their room or picking a movie made their health and emotional well being improve. It also made the death rate go down.

We are made to have choices. We have the power to choose If we don’t exercise that power it is depressing.

 We get learned helplessness

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