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A Heart of Submission 02-03-08

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The next few Sunday morning messages will show us how to have a heart for God in our Homes. There comes a time we must personally examine our own hearts. I believe there is hope for Okinawa. To find it, we must follow Gods Word. How do we have a successful relationship? In Ephesians 5, the Apostle Paul gives us 3 basic steps.

I. Submit to the Holy Spirit (vs.18)

  • H.S is a person who loves and comforts us
  • The Bible says in John 3:6
  • The Holy Spirit makes us alive spiritually.
  • Holy Spirit draws us to Christ
  • The Christian life is not based on experience, feelings or emotion./
  • The Christian’s body is the temple of God.

A. Empty yourself of other substances (vs. 18) and be not drunk with wine

  • Some are filled with anger; some with jealously, some just will not forgive.
  • Wine produces harm to our bodies.
  • Being filled with the Holy Spirit brings positive effects into our lives.
  • Daily submit yourself to the Holy Sprits leading.

B. Be filled with the Sprit

  • Filled – means to be controlled, we should seek to be filled continuously
  • Sometimes we just think of ourselves.
  • Is God controlling your life this morning?
  • Ask yourself these 2 questions:
  • What Controls me?
  • Who controls me?

II.  Submitt to your spouse (eph 5:21-33)

  • Submission does not mean being a doormat allowing your spouse to walk all over you
  • Jesus submitted to the will of the Father – Phil 2:10
  • We honor God by following His example.
  • Married Christian ladies should follow their husband’s leadership.
  • Husbands put away your own interest and care for your wife.
  • Happiness for one another is best.
  • A. Love your spouse in Three Ways:
  • Be willing to sacrifice for them
  • Make there well being your primary focus.
  • Care for them as you would for yourself.

III. Submitt to the Saviour (Eph 5:25)

  • After speaking of a wife’s submission to her husband (vv. 22-24)
  • Husbands are commanded; Love your wives just as Christ loved the church.
  • The word “love” (agapaō) means seeking the highest good for another person.
  • This is an unselfish love as seen in Christ’s sacrificial death in which He gave Himself up for the church.

何千人(なんぜんにん)かのカップルにアンケ(あんけ)ート(と)をとりました。もし貴方が、結婚(けっこん)をやりなおすことができるとしたら、( )貴方は 同(おな)じ人と結婚(けっこん)しますか?とききました。 85%の人は、いいえと 答(こた)えました。離婚(りこん)は答(こた)えではありません。同(おな)じ家(いえ)に住(す)んではいるが、別々生活(べつべつせいかつ)を送(おく)ることが答(こた)えではありません。 キリストに答(こた)えがあります。

ロスアンゼルスタイムズの記者(きしゃ)、その時世界(ときせかい)で一番(いちばん)お金持(かねも)ち の人(ひと)にインタヴュ(いんたヴゅ)ーしました。貴方の人生(じんせい)において何(なに)か求(もと)めていることがかなうなら、何(なに)を求(もと)めますか?と聞(き)いたところ、その人は言(い)いました。私は幸(しあわ)せな結婚生活(けっこんせいかつ)を送(おく)っている人がうらやましい。と答(こた)えました。今朝(けさ)、貴方の家庭(かてい)はどうでしょうか?,私たちの家庭(かてい)を大切(たいせつ)にしなく てはいけません。それが神様(かみさま)によろこばれことです。

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